Oscar and Rosies – Continued Pizza Excellence

Oscar and Rosies Sign

Oscar & Rosie’s is the place to go if you are looking for a great slice of pizza in this fair city Nottingham. I have been a long standing champion of their awesome pizza as they have grown from the pop-up in the Picnic Basket on Carrington Street, to the kitchens at Das Kino, and now to their very own restaurant on Thurland Street. I have been in a few times since they have openend and loved every bit of food that I have eaten each time. In the new place it is not just great pizza that they have on the menu, but also a whole lot of comforting pots of quality Macaroni and Cheese.

Here are just a few things that we have been eating, and plan to continue eating whenever we get the chance!

The Meat Sweats

The Meat Sweats Pizza at Oscar and Roises

The Meat Sweats is my personal favourite of all of the pizza that they sell at Oscar and Rosie’s. I fell in love with this combination of toppings the first time I ate a bite back when Olly was just starting to serve up the pizza magic back in the Picnic Basket when he was just there for a couple of nights a week as a pop-up restaurant.

Ever since I have forgone many opportunities to order something else in favour of having a slice of this pizza topped with ‘award winning meats’, pepperoni, smoked streaky bacon, fennel and black pepper pork on Oscar’s tomato sauce. They casually forget to mention that awesome cheese that they use, and the crust so good that you just eat every bit of, even the bits with no topping.

For the record I have eaten many of the other combinations, but if I had just one choice left for the rest of my pizza eating life? well then it will be the Meat Sweats.

The Magic Mushroom

The Magic Mushroom Pizza at Oscar and Rosies

Even though I do love that Meat Sweats Pizza, I have found myself championing (or should that be champignon) the Magic Mushroom Pizza which is one of the latest creations at Oscar & Rosie’s. Even though it is a pure vegetarian offering, you lose nothing of the meatiness with the chunky slices of portabella mushrooms that lay on that awesome crispy base sliding in and out of the bubbling cheese. It might sound to be quite simple, but it really is ever so good

The Brooklyn Sausage Party

The Brooklyn Sausage Party Pizza at Oscar and Rosies

So what do you order when you walk in just before 10pm and they have no bacon, or chorizo left, AND even though you tell them that the Mushroom Pizza is a must eat dish, your dining companion refuses to eat mushrooms?

Well it isn’t hard when there is such a great menu list to choose from so on this occasion it was time to order the Brooklyn Sausage Party which is another classic offering on the menu. Ordering this was a no brainer as it was also another one of my favourite pizzas here at Oscar & Rosie’s.

Mac and Cheese

Mac & Cheese at Oscar and Rosies

As I suggested at the top of the post, Mac and Cheese has grown up at the all new Oscar & Rosie’s and has started to fight for its right to be on that menu alongside all those glorious pizza combinations. It is only a problem if like me you want to have it all and eat it all. Heck times are tough but a man has to do what a man has to do

Mac and Cheese Menu at Oscars

Getting my Mac & Cheese on at Oscar and Rosie’s

More Mac and Cheese at Oscar and Rosies

It is too easy to fall into a routine, and lately that seems to be ordering Mac and Cheese as a ‘side dish’ to go with my pizza. It is no side dish, it is an enormous bowl that can feed two hungry people or more sensibly at a push 3-4 less glutonous beasts. On the last couple of visits the combination of choice has been the Mac & Cheese filled with ‘fresh ham hock and smoked mozzarella’

This is very simple but also very very good, the ham hock is bountiful and has a lovely gentle smoky taste, it mixes so well in with the cheese and pasta to make a super comforting bowlful that fills your heart with joy and also seeps into every inch of your belly filling up those cracks that exist purely to be filled with yumminess.

It really is very good indeed and you really do need have an order of it to go with your Mac N Cheese.

Other Mac n Cheese options I have tried and recommend are the Serrano Ham which is mixed with dovedale blue cheese and smoked paprika, and also the Mac N Cheese combination of ‘thyme roasted flat & wild mushrooms, taleggio cheese, and fresh tarragon’. That last one is so good you may not be able to stop eating it after you first bite, so be forewarned make an extra notch on your belt buckle if you order that one!

Oscar and Rosies Chalkboard

As always at Oscar and Rosie’s you can rely on a Fantastic Quality Product made up of some of the best ingredients that you can find, but the one ingredient that abounds cannot be bought and that would be the pizza love of the owners and the chefs in the kitchen, that is why this place is and will continue to be so good and to serve the best Pizza in the city.

Osacr and Rosies Flyer


Check them out on their Website, on Facebook, and on Twitter, but most importantly find some pizza love in your heart by popping along to eat some fantastic food

Jerk Station at the Nottingham Beer Festival

Jerk Station

Jerk Station are at this years Nottingham Beer Festival for the first time. I bumped into them on opening night as I was hunting around the grounds of Nottingham Castle for something different to eat. I had seen them last weekend at Goose Fair but had not managed to sample any of their food in between fairground excitement so was pretty keen to have a taste when I saw them in amongst the vendors on the path up towards the main beer tent.

On this first night of the festival they were just serving up their Jerk Chicken wraps, on the other days they will also be serving up their Mutton Curry with Rice and Peas.

I am looking forward to sampling that when I come back for the weekend, but for now I was being content with trying the Jerk Chicken Wrap.

Making the wrap

Making my Jerk Wrap

As I was waiting I watched them make up my wrap spreading mayo, lettuce, tomato, and their special Jerk Sauce onto a soft tortilla wrap

Jerk Station Chicken Wrap

Then they were grilling up a whole chicken breast to put in the wrap. I mean “Look at all that Chicken”. This was going to be one hearty spicy feast. One that pile of chicken was added onto the wrap, even more jerk sauce was added on top before it was rolled up and passed over ready for me to eat! Yum!

Jerk Station Chicken Wrap

I walked off into the dark clutching my Jerk Chicken wrap and to find a seat to pause for a moment to wolf it down before my next sample of beer. It was a really good sized wrap, I was initially a little hesitant when I saw the price of £6 for a wrap , but for all the chicken that you get it was actually good value.

It was also pretty goddam tasty! I loved their special spicy sauce, it was tangy and had enough heat to make it worth the name of Jerk sauce, but not so hot that you lose the flavour. I am thinking that there might be some roasted cumin in there somewhere? Maybe I will try and find out what is in it when I go back for my mutton curry!

The only downside is that there is so much awesome flavour, you might need to waste a third of a pint of beer washing the spice away before you get back to some serious beer festival sampling.

So If you fancy something a little different while you are at this weeks Beer Festival then I recommend that you try out the Jerk Station.

And if you are not at the Festival and see them somewhere else in Nottingham, well don’t walk past, stop and try them out!

Stop by and say hi to ‘Uncle Wayne’  @jerkstationuk

Nottingham Beer Festival 2014 – A great day of beer and food


We are really looking forward to the Nottingham Beer Festival which starts this Wednesday evening at the Castle. So much so we looked back to what we found last year. I can’t wait!

Originally posted on The Nottingham Food Blog:

Beer Festival Brochure

Nottingham Beer Festival or to give the correct name “The 2014 Nottingham Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival” is one of the highlights of the Nottingham year in our calendars. It features much of which we love in this city Good Beer and some tasty Food. This year we took the day off on Friday and headed over on an early bird ticket (entry before 1pm) to sample as many of the beers that we could manage while attempting to also remain responsible members of sobriety erm I mean society. Located in the grounds of Nottingham Castle this was apparently the seventh Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival held there and the 39th Nottingham beer festival held in the City. I can remember attending the festival when it was held over at the leisure centre near Sneinton Market, it was much smaller then than now, but was just as good an experience…

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Lady Bay Fish and Chips Shop – Now we are talking about Fish and Chips Friday!

Lady Bay Fish and Chips

Lady Bay Fish and Chips on Trent Boulevard is a little bit of a hidden gem. Over the past weekend they came up in a conversation about Fish and Chips south of the river

We were talking about the line outside Georges on Melton Road almost every night, and discussing what the newly reopened …. was like,

Then someone said

“Have you tried the one in Lady Bay?”

“They cook everything to order”

“The chips don’t stick together”

Well I hadn’t, but after listening to their tales, well I was kind of intrigued.

So I mentally added it to the list for #FishandChipsFriday


I popped over for a little bit of a “Fish and Chips on Friday” myfoodhunt to find out if all of the hype was true. The first story was true, as I walked through the door one of the Chinese couple running the counter asked what Fish I wanted, and my small haddock was slipped into the fryer as I pondered what else I wanted with it.

I stuck to my usual

“a small Haddock, small Chips, and a small pot of Mushy Peas please”

 which was to set me back just under a fiver, £4.70 to be exact (£2.80 + £1.20 + 70p).


Then it was just a case of waiting 10 minutes or so for my small bit of Haddock to cook

Small Haddock Chips and Peas

I am impressed! I have spent quite a few weeks trying out different places for local Fish and Chips and when I drove into Lady Bay to try them out, I did not expect to find somewhere this good.

Not sure why I was so sceptical Everyone I had spoken to had told me that they were ‘better than Georges’ but I was not going to take that on face value until I had tried them out for myself.

In the end though, it was all good, all elements of my Fish and Chips plate were very good and worked in harmony.

The freshly cooked haddock fillet was presented inside a super crunchy and crispy light batter. The fish inside was moist and flaky and just tasted of nice fresh white haddock meat. The taste of the fryer was not a feature at all. It was interesting that the skin had been taken off so this was essentially a Yorkshire Style piece of chip shop fish which is kind of how I like it as I find that  a skinless haddock fillet cooked in light batter sticks to the fish and cooks all the way through the fish fillet, whereas the skin on fillet can make for a soggy inside to the batter as it tends to ‘steam’ inside as it cooks. Yeh this is good fish!

The chips were also great, even though I had taken my meal away all wrapped up in paper, they were still crisp and crunchy. They had not stuck together and there was no sign of any nasty fryer grease. These were so good that I would actually come here just to buy a portion of chips, they are some of the best I had had for quite a while.

The mushy peas were pretty good too, nice and green and creamy, almost sauce like and well cooked. I do like a portion of ‘good’ mushy peas with my chips, and these were a pretty good addition to my plate.

Yes all in all very good indeed and I most certainly recommend this place. You have to try them!


The Lady Bay Fish and Chip Shop is Located at

108 Trent Blvd, West Bridgford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire County NG2 5BL


Inside my Fillet

Haddock Flakes at Lady Bay Fish and Chips

I just included this close up picture of the Haddock so that you could see that ‘glistening’ firm white flesh of the fillet.



Goose Fair in Nottingham – Sampling a few fairground and street food snacks


Is it really a year since the last goose fair? Looking forward to going again this weekend, so was looking back at what we found last year and makes me even more keen and excited

Originally posted on The Nottingham Food Blog:

Goose Fair Profile

Food at Goose Fair Martin at Goose Fair

From a distance Goose Fair assaults your senses with a blanket of noise and a sea of light, once inside, walking along the paths between the food stalls and the rides, your senses are assaulted by the smells and sights of the food. As you duck to avoid bags of pink candyfloss or other sugary sweet snacks hanging from the eaves of the stalls, you can see the hotdogs and burgers grilling, the onions are frying, and kebabs are turning on the coals. Pots of mushy peas bubble away and hot steaming sugary donuts are pulled from the fryers. It is difficult to know where to start the eating and also where to stop.

Mushy peas Sign Mushy Peas Signs

So you may have guessed this blog post is  about some down and dirty trek looking for Fairground Food and other assorted Carnival Snacks. It could be an entire post about Mushy peas of which the…

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Mr Tea Too – Breakfast Butty on Queens Industrial Estate

Mr Teas Van

Mr Teas Too Van is located over on the Queens Drive Industrial Estate just off  Longwall Avenue.

You may have seen a white board on the junction of Queens Drive, Crossgate Drive, and Robin Hoods way pointing down Crossgate Drive towards this van?

No? well I did and I needed a cup of tea and a bacon butty so I pulled off and parked up to see what they had.

Bacon and Egg Cob from Mt Teas

The Egg and Bacon from Mr Teas Too Van

It is your most typical van serving all manner of cobs filled with the usual suspects such as this Bacon and Egg effort. Not too bad at all, not trying to be gourmet, just trying to be tasty

Sausage Bap from Mr Teas Too Van

They also do a big sausage sandwich filled with three herby cheap sausages, that are pretty much what you expect from a van.

It’s not big and it is not that clever, but they do a decent breakfast and a tea for a few quid.

Smoked Kitchen at the Malt Cross – Sampling the New Menu

Malt Cross Chalkboard

This week the Smoked Kitchen at The Malt Cross on St James’ Street is launching it’s new menu, taking locally sourced meats, smoked on the premises, combined with locally sourced produce.

They very kindly invited us along to have a taste of some of the new menu items, meet the chef, and some of their suppliers; the excellent Owen Taylor & Sons Butchers, and The Fruit Basket

A selection of dishes from the Menu

The Official Menu Picture at the Malt Cross

This rather beautiful picture was the official press release photograph of the food on the new menu. I am not sure of all the official menu names but basically what you see here from top right to bottom left was as follows.

Top Right is the ‘Smoked Double-Dipped Pulled Brisket Sandwich’ and Top Left is the ‘Smoked Pulled Pork Hotdog’.

On the bottom right you have the ‘Malt Cross Pulled Pork Hash with a Fried Hens Egg’, Bottom Centre was the House Salad with local stilton, walnuts, sun dried tomato and mixed leaves, and Bottom Right was the ‘Nottinghamshire Pulled Pork with Bramley apple’

Everything on the boards, plates, and bowl looked great visually but I expect that you want to know how it all tasted?

‘Smoked Double-Dipped Pulled Brisket Sandwich’  and the ‘Nottinghamshire Pulled Pork with Bramley apple’

Menu options at the Malt Cross

The ‘Smoked Double-Dipped Pulled Brisket Sandwich’  is described as their ‘take on the classic American French’. They take their ‘signature pulled beef brisket’ and pile it high onto a brioche bun with sliced gherkins and onions. It is ‘drenched in its own cooking juices’. This is served with skin on fries and a dressed side salad. That beef brisket was packed with a nice well balanced smoke. This was a pretty big sized portion and that bun was huge, you might need to approach this with a decent appetite in hand.

The ‘Nottinghamshire Pulled Pork with Bramley apple’ was a very simple dish with the Pulled Pork served on a nice bit of crunchy toast. It was served with a nice salad of mixed leaves and a really nice tart and tangy Bramley apple sauce. That apple sauce was really good, but the pulled pork has quite a subtle and light smoke so it might over power. I say might that could just be my take on the dish

Malt Cross Pulled Pork Hash with a Fried Hens Egg 

Hash Brown with Duck egg

The ‘Malt Cross Pulled Pork Hash with a Fried Hens Egg’ was described as a ‘Hand-shaped smoked pork has cake pan roasted to a crisp golden brown and topped with a fried egg’. Visually this was one of the most striking dishes on the table.

I am a bit of a slut for a fried egg on anything. I think I would even enjoy a fried egg on top of another fried egg. It is something about the way that a soft runny egg yolk makes such a great natural sauce when it oozes over whatever it sits upon. This dish is no exception.

I liked the soft hash cake, and the smokiness from the pulled pork was subtle and slightly understated. This would be a pretty good brunch dish when you are caught in the moment when you are too late for the all-day-breakfast but still need something in that family to comfort you.

‘Smoked Pulled Pork Hotdog’

Pulled pork on sausage sampler

Malt cross food

The ‘Smoked Pulled Pork Hotdog’ was actually not a bad Hot Dog at all. I am quite fussy when places try to pass off a regular sausage as a Hot Dog. This one was actually pretty close to the sort of ‘dogs’ I was used to eating in the States. They described the dish as  ‘In-house smoked hotdog topped with our pulled pork, served with skin on fries, pickles, and homemade coleslaw’.

You basically got the ‘snap’ you expect from this sort of encased meat in a tube combined with a good smoky taste, the sausage is topped with more of that pulled pork. Not sure if you need both, but I suppose that its kind of a 2-4-1 deal if you cannot decide what you want. All I have to say is please don’t put ketchup on this hot dog, as that would be a crime.

Malt Cross Classics

Now I know that we do not always want to have pulled pork or the such like when we go out to eat at the pub. So it was good to see that they will also be serving some of your pub classics, like ‘Fish and Chips’, and ‘Sausage and Mash’.

The menu also has Chicken and Chips and one of your classic build your own burger options too.

If you can get out of bed and into town before 12 you will be happy to know (well I was) that they will also be serving up a good traditional breakfast in the mornings.

I quite liked the flavours of the Smoked Kitchen and will be in to try them out for real, but also very keen to try some of their pub classics as well.

I am often in the Malt Cross on a Friday night drinking their beer and I always bring friends from out of town here as well to drink the beer.

Perhaps next time I will suggest that we have something to eat.

The Malt Cross is located at 16 St James’s St, Nottingham NG1 6FG, just a short walk from the Old Market Square and also down from Maid Marian Way

Check the Malt Cross out on Twitter and Facebook

Check the Smoked Kitchen out on Twitter  and Facebook

Just for the record this sampling of the menu was complimentary

but I bought my own beer.

The Clifton Fish bar for Fish and Chips Friday

The Clifton Fish Bar

It is Another Fish and Chip Friday and another ride down the Tram Line towards Clifton South to seek out some lunch, this time visiting the Clifton Fish Bar on Farnborough Rd in Clifton. This Fish and Chip shop is just a few minutes walk away from the Tram Stop at Summerwood Lane.

On the web they are described thus “Clifton Fish Bar is a well established family run fish and chip shop that has built up an enviable reputation over many years. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide quality fish & chips using only the best ingredients.

Haddock, Chips, and Mushy Peas

Haddock Chips and Peas from the Clifton Fish Bar

I popped in to get a takeaway of Large Haddock, Chips and Mushy Peas. On this particular lunch time there was not too much on offer in the Fish department, I only really wanted a small piece of fish but sadly I had to make do with a really massive portion instead. Oh what a shame :-)

As per usual the amount of food I walked away with was way too much for one man to consume on a lunchtime, so good value or a bit of a waste of food? I suppose that depends on how much of it you do manage to eat.

At first sight the Fish although large did not seem to be that good looking, the crispy batter seemed a bit thin and patchy, but it was deceptive. The actual haddock fillet itself was moist, juicy and plentiful. Huge great big white flakes of meat falling off as I cut into it. I quite enjoyed the foot long piece of fish.

The mushy peas looked the part, nice and green and vibrant looking, but they seemed a bit crunchy so maybe needed to be cooked out a bit longer for my preference.

The chips were also pretty decent, I liked the way that they were cut, thin and wide almost into rectangles. They were a good solid effort but I was only able to manage to shove about half the bag down into my ever burgeoning stomach.

All in all a pretty decent effort for a Fish and Chips Friday, and worth popping off the tram line to pick up a bag for your supper.


Clifton Fish Bar is located at 640 Farnborough Rd, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 9GU



Oscar and Rosie’s – The night before the pizza magic starts again


oscar and rosies

Ollie at Oscar and Rosies

Today was one of those days when I was so happy that I started writing The Nottingham Food Blog. About two years ago I first met Olly at the Picnic Basket where he was testing his pizza dream on the people of Nottingham, it was love at first sight and taste….for the pizza, and it was the start of a beautiful friendship with the man who makes that pizza.

Tonight it was the night before the doors to the all new Oscar & Rosies restaurant opens, and I felt so privileged to spend it sitting on a table with some of Olly’s friends sharing a couple of pizzas and drinking a couple of bottles of wine. It is so rare to meet and make friends with a man with such passion for making great food, and every time I eat one of his pizzas I can feel the love for what he does in that food.

The as of yet unnamed Mushroom Pizza

New Mushroom Pizza at Oscar and Rosies

The first of two new pizzas that will be coming onto the menu was one that was essentially just quite simply your regular Cheese and Tomato covered with slices of Mushroom. Now when I say ‘regular’ that was a description so far away from the reality. I don’t want to get too far down the road of using awesome too early on, but I fear that I may have to peak too soon and succumb to the temptation.

In theory this pizza is just so simple, I mean it is just mushroom, but that is the beauty of it! From the first mouthful I was sold, the mushroom gave it a really meaty and earthy taste. It has no name yet and it does not need a fancy name. Lets keep this one quiet and just between ourselves?

The as of yet unnamed Garlic Pizza topped with Beetroot and Goats Cheese.

Goats Cheese, Beetroot and Garlic Pizza at Oscar and Rosies

The second new pizza that we ate was a variant on one of the original menu items; The Frenchman which is a pizza topped with Goat’s Cheese and Beetroot on a Rocket and Basil Pesto base. This new pizza replaces the pesto with garlic and herb, and you know what? It is even better than the original.

I was so surprised that they have managed to create another vegetarian pizza that I am in love with. For me I think it’s better that the Frenchman, I love the addition of the garlic, you know it is there, but it is kind of hidden in plain sight, we all know it is there and we are going to be loving it.

Now I will be honest and say that I am in love with the Meat Sweats Pizza, but both of these will end up on my Oscar and Rosie’s buffet of pizza life.

In fact I actually have a craving already for the new Mushroom Pizza! OMG, I might have to take the day off tomorrow to queue up to get another one!

Inside Oscar and Rosies

So roll on to Friday 18 September when the doors open officially at the All New Oscar and Rosie’s Pizza Restaurant at 7-9 Thurland Street, Nottingham, NG1 3DR

I look forwards to sitting around one of the tables at the new place eating even more of the best Pizza in Nottingham and many of the other new items they are planning!

It really is a lovely room filled with recycled / up-cycled tables and chairs, pictures yet to be hung, each hand selected, and each with a story (or maybe pulled from a magazine page).

We or rather I look forward to coming in for real and spending all of my hard earned dollars on this most Awesome Pizza

PS. They have some really great new Mac and Cheese dishes and Salads coming onto the menu, but I was not allowed to tell you about those…ooops! :-)

The Hungry Pumpkin, a deli and café in the Lace Market for lunch

The Hungry Pumpkin

Today I rode up on the Clifton South Tram line from the Embankment stop to pick up some lunch at the Hungry Pumpkin deli café in the Lace Market.

This delightful café is located just next to St Mary’s on High Pavement. From the Lace Market Tram stop just head towards the Cathedral past the Galleries of Justice, or slip along Broadway past all of those lovely converted old buildings.

Hungry Pumpkin Chalkboard

Their chalkboard is quite understated telling us that you can get an All day breakfast and Fresh Sandwiches, however once you enter inside you can see that they seem to be a ‘cut above the rest’.

They are a bit bolder on the menu where they tell us that they are “A unique, family owned Café deli, serving freshly prepared food with locally sourced ingredients.”

I arrived a bit late in my food day for an All Day Breakfast (I already had a Sausage sandwich from the catering van on the estate at work), so I set my sights on looking for something tasty in the realm of the sandwich.

The Menu gave me plenty of options in that genre with offerings in a Roll, a Ciabatta, in a Wrap, a Panini, or in one of your good old fashioned sandwich.

Sandwich Menu options at the hungry pumpkin

Looking back now and reading the menu that I took away with me from the Hungry Pumpkin, perhaps I missed an opportunity to try out their Club Sandwich for £4.50 which they describe as “bottom layer chicken, lettuce, tomato, mayo. top layer bacon, brie and mayo” but then again, the brie puts me off a little and I like turkey in my club sandwich. God I can be so fussy!

More Sandwich Filling Options at the hungrt pumpkin

As I stood waiting for my order I heard someone walk in and ask for a Fish Finger sandwich, a what! ? Oh my! somewhat dismayed in my mind I tried not to read the menu again where my eyes were now alighting on that item!

a “Chunky Fish Finger, Tartare Sauce, and Lettuce” for £4.50. I had to look away before my jealous eyes burnt a hole in the paper.

I had already ordered and I had chosen from the following section, and (gritted teeth) I was quite happy.

So what did I choose from the Panini Menu?

Panini Menu at the Hungry Pumpkin

So as it happened I had decided to pick something from the Panini section of the menu just to stray a little bit from my usual lunchtime selections. I quite fancied something in the hot sandwich world and I do like a nice toasted and crunchy Panini.

I almost took the chance to get my hands and chops on a nice gooey ‘Tuna Melt’ for £3.50, but that had seemed to be too safe a choice. For a brief moment I had flirted with picking the last item on that section of the menu list which was the ‘Pastrami, Mozzarella & Wholegrain Mustard” filled Panini for £3.95, but it was not to be!

Chorizo, Goats Cheese and Peppers Panini

Chorizo Goats Cheese and Peppers Panini

OK I will admit that when I said I was going to pick something a bit different I didn’t stray that far from the norm. My final decision was the “Chorizo, Goats Cheese and Peppers Panini”.  I know, I always seem to pick chorizo, I could say I don’t know why, but that would be untrue, I do it as I just love that spicy and salty meaty sausage treat!

This was a really tasty Panini, the soft delicate creamy and somewhat decadent Goats Cheese pairs well with the slices of salty and spicy Chorizo sausage. The mixed peppers (red and green) were soft, flavourful, and added something extra to the bite. The lightly toasted Panini bread was just about right and was a perfect holder for that well balanced combination of ingredients in my lunchtime snack.

If only every lunchtime meal could be as easy and successful as this one was!

Some Breakfast Options at the Hungry Pumpkin

Some Breakfast Options at the Hungry Pumpkin

Now just for a moment, just for my recollection, and for my own personal predilection towards all things breakfast shall we take a look at the All Day Breakfast section of the menu? They have loads of great stuff on offer, the standard menu has at least 12 items, not including the 3 and 4 egg omelette section. Way too many to talk about?

If I was partaking I would have to try out their Pumpkin special for £5.95 which is “2 Chorizo sausages, eggs (I fancy scrambled), mushroom, peppers and toasted ciabatta”, my only problem is that I would want to throw some black pudding and some bacon onto that plate. I might not be able to stop :-)

Hungry Pumpkin Menu

The Hungry Pumpkin looks to be a pretty nice café to put on the list for when you need a decent place to take someone to for a leisurely lunch. It was quite busy while I was there, with people just like myself, coming and going to collect orders, but there was also enough room inside to find a table if you wanted to take your time and dine with a friend.

Located at 38 High Pavement in the Lace Market it is set in a nice quiet spot just away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, it is well worth seeking out just to get that warming relaxed welcome.

As I stood waiting and watched the interactions with the people coming in and out, I felt as though I was in some sort of extended lunchtime family. I will be back.

You can also check them out on their Facebook page and on their Twitter feed