Gonalston Farm Shop – A little peek into the English country shop

For the next month I am going to be over in the UK mostly in my home town of Nottingham. So there will be very little hunting along the el line but I shall still share my ‘off track’ food experiences.

One of the first ports of call is to the Gonalston Farm Shop which is just outside of the city of Nottingham in the rolling countryside where they have cows and sheep, a lot of rain at the moment and some excellent local produce served locally to local people (and any passers by).

Inside there is fruit, veg, meats, fish, cheese and all sorts of locally produced tasty goodness. You have to be careful as you can easily buy much more than you can eat.

So what did I actually buy then? Well I had to get a Scotch Egg from the deli counter and some traditional sausages from the meat counter. I had a Leon Scotch Egg from the “Handmade Scotch Egg Company” for the princely sum of 2.75, one of 40 choices that the company makes although Gonalston was offering a choice of four on this day. The Leon was basically pork, tarragon & loads of garlic. It was true it did indeed have a lot of garlic in it. Totally scrumptious.

Next stop was the sausage counter for breakfast sausages and some more tastier options to go with mash and gravy. They was no disapointment here. I got some ‘lamb and mint’ sausages, and also some ‘steak, onion, and guinness’ sausages. The breakfast sausages were thin lincolnshire ones which turned out to be quite herby.

I also got some italian meat balls which were converted into a Jamie Oliver style meatball carbonara.

In the end I walked out with a diet sized wallet, and enough good meat to keep me going for the next week or so.

Gonalston is located just along the A612 en route from Nottingham at Southwell Road, Gonalston, Nottinghamshire, UK. They have a website and are on both facebook and twitter.

website:  http://www.gonalstonfarmshop.co.uk

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