Hot Diggety, looking for a Hot Dog – The Trent Bridge Inn sorted me out with some sausage in a bun

There are moments in my life when I just want a doggone down and dirty hot dog. When that moment comes I just pray to the food Gods that they make it a day that I am back stateside where I know that my desire can be fulfilled.

This time though the Gods had deserted me and I was bereft of hope, I was a wandering soul in need of a sign, something to guide me on my quest.

At that moment I found myself in The Trent Bridge inn (The T.B.I),  the gateway on the river to West Bridgford.  I looked to the sky for divine dogintervention.

Praise the lord, Wetherspoon’s is not my religion of choice, but these days I will pray at any door that welcomes me across the threshold with open arms and a licensed bar selling alcoholic beverages at reasonable prices.

So it was and it came to pass that when I really needed that Dog, the minister from Wetherspoon’s had left me a note on my table asking me to take solice with one of their Hot Dogs.

This grand old lady can still throw up the odd surprise.

Classic Hot Dog with Chips

The Hot Dog flyer had offered me a ‘Classic Dog’ with an alcoholic drink for £5.75, I could have had one with a soft drink for £4.75. There was no option for just the dog. Now considering that I had a pint of the excellent Trent Bridge Inn Bitter which is at least 3 quid, I was getting a pub meal for about £2.50-£3.00.

So anyway the Classic Dog was a ‘Pork Hot Dog, Brioche Bun, served with chips’. I was pretty dubious when I ordered it, but based on the fact that I needed something to eat prior to drinking a lot and the fact that it did seem to be pretty good value, I was prepared to go along on this ride.

The Promise

Ok now look, I did find that this meal did what I hoped in filling me up, so I have no complains on that front. I had a nice pint of beer to wash it all down with, another expectation fulfilled.

Is it a real ‘hot dog’ though? It was probably pretty good for an Englishman that thinks a hot dog is a sausage in a bun (probably one out of a tin), and one that has never eaten a hot dog from a cart in Central Park, or at a Ball Park in Wrigley Field, or any random bar anyway in the states. I liked it, but it ain’t no Hot Dog, and it ain’t no “Classic”

Things to like – The actual dog itself was quite alright, it was more of a Frankfurter in style. It had no discernible snap to the bite, but it did have that wet salty taste and texture that you get from a classic dirty water dog from a street cart. I liked that part well enough.

Bun wise, a brioche bun might have been OK, I think I had more of a poor mans French stick, so there was way too much bread to dog ratio. I love yellow mustard on my dogs, all they had at Wetherspoon’s was Coleman’s which is totally wrong for this type of snack as it is too strongly flavoured. I apologise for adding ketchup which is a Federal Offence in the States past the age of 13.

All in all, for the price I was happy with what I got and I had a decent ‘value’ meal.

In the tagline I say that this sorted me out mainly because I was expecting little more that a Bonfire night / Hamburger cart (UK) effort and I actually was served something quite a lot better than I honestly expected.

The Full Offer

I am going to keep on gainfully hunting for a proper ‘USA style’ Hot Dog in Nottingham for a while, until I give up forlornly.

I probably will not pay the sort of prices that they expect for something that only costs a couple of bucks, but I will be game for an opportunity! Let me know if you have a genuine lead.

Trent Bridge Inn

I like the Trent Bridge Inn in West Bridgford. It lies on the South Bank of the River Trent at the edge of West Bridgford as you cross into South Nottinghamshire. It is world famous for being adjacent to Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, home of the County side and occasional home of England Cricket Team.

It is a classic pub to drink at and it is probably one of those destination pubs for any sporting fan coming to the city

I like to drink here before any Twenty-twenty match for Notts Outlaws, an England game (if I get tickets), before the Pies play, and whenever it is raining and I am waiting for a bus 🙂


You can Follow Wetherspoon’s on their Twitter Feed and on their Facebook Page




A Fish and Chip Friday at the Frame Breakers


It was Another Friday, another trip to the lovely Framebreakers in Ruddington, and another MyFoodHunt for a plate of Fish and Chips down the Pub.

When it comes to the fish options at the Framebreakers, you get the two pub classics, fish and chips, and scampi and chips, and then the somewhat more substantial “Fishermans Basket”

I have already tried out the “Fishermans Basket” on a different visit and I quite enjoyed my “Beer battered cod goujons, calamari & tempura prawns with chunky chips and homemade tartare sauce”.

It was good, but to be honest, when it comes to fish in a basket, just give me classic pub fish and chips everyday! So that was what I ordered 🙂

Large Fish and Chips


I ordered the ‘Large’ Fish and Chips for £7.95 with a Pint of Framebreakers Beer. As always it turned out to be very decent pub lunch and another good entry onto the Fish and Chips Friday in Nottingham must eat list.

Even though I am sure you can see this in the photo! 🙂 I was presented with a plate of “Beer battered cod served with minted peas, homemade tartare sauce and chunky chips”

I am happy to say that both the Fish and the Chips are both really good in this pub classic, just as one hopes you really need them both to step up on the plate. I like the cod here, nice juicy white flesh inside a soft beer batter. The fish is big but thin, perhaps it swam around a lot before being caught. I normally like a crispy batter, but this one that was a bit softer was just as good a treat.

The chips I like as they seem to be cut in a rustic manner that doesn’t ruin them, they have a decent solid crisp bite with a soft yet moist fluffy filling inside the casing. You get some big fat ones, some thin once and some crispy almost burnt bits, I like that.

The mushy peas are great, green and vibrant with a really super minty sauce that made the whole dish sing a little tiny bit. I could eat them all day long.

That tartare sauce was pretty good too, simple and effective.  I know not everyone likes it but for me it is almost a must have addition to any plate of Fish and Chips.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips Friday is becoming a rather habit forming weekly activity, a jolly good one to boot, and one well worth the effort.

I really like everything that the Framebreakers have to offer on their pub food menu and so perhaps I am becoming too much of a regular to be objective.

Nah I know good pub food, I know value for money, and I know what I like and I hope what you will like 🙂

Their Fish and Chips is well worth a go!


The Frame Breakers pub is located on the High Street in Ruddington at the cross roads with Kirk Lane and Church Street. NG11 6DT

Check them out too on their Facebook page and also on their Twitter Feed   



Rabbit Ragu at The Lincolnshire Poacher – Excellent plate of food washed down with great beer


The Lincolnshire Poacher up on Mansfield Road about 1o minutes walk up the hill from the Victoria Centre is without doubt one of the best pubs in the City Centre. Great beer, excellent food, and a warm welcome are just three things to bring you here.

On the Castle Rock website they ponder that “The Lincolnshire Poacher has been part of Nottingham’s real ale drinking scene for so long that it’s easy to forget that it only opened in the late 1980′s”.

It is true, I think it has been a constant in my real ale boozing life as I have come and gone from the city over the years, the Poacher has been an ever present welcoming me home each time, cheers 🙂

If you are planning a pub crawl, a proper pub crawl where you go to drink proper beer in real pubs, then this will, or should be on your list! There is a great beer garden, and super selection of proper beer and a lot of nice normal people quietly enjoying a pint, pub nirvana 🙂

I met my mate Martin up here for a pint (well several pints) and a bite to eat.

The beer was as always spot on and the food was pretty damn good too

Rabbit Ragu

I always love looking at the Daily Special board at The Lincolnshire Poacher as you can always find something a little different. Today my eyes were drawn to the offering of a bowl of Rabbit Ragu with homemade Tagliatelle. This was described, as I recall, as being served in a sauce of tomato, garlic, carrot, rabbit. (there may have been more stuff in there but, sorry I forgot to snap the food chalkboard)

Who cares anyway, all we care about is how good it tastes! I can tell you it tasted pretty amazing! If some of you had been served this at a fancy restaurant in town I would be hearing you bang on about it for ages, it was that good it cannot be described as merely pub food 🙂

I was just expecting a bolognase type affair with some minced up rabbit bits, but I got so much more. The ragu was packed with big chunks of rabbit, plentiful enough to tell you who was star of this sauce show.

The sauce was sweet from the carrot, garlicky enough to keep the vampire away but not garlicky enough to scare your girlfriend away, and just tangy enough from the tomato sauce to make your mouth water a little bit and ask for a sip of beer.

The pasta was much thicker and wider than I expected, I would have described it as being closer to a pappardelle. It was also al dente’ on the side of chewy, which I was loving! it made for a right  meaty feast! All in all, I really liked it. It held its own on the plate and was the perfect vehicle for that joyous rabbit ragu!

My only downer was that I really needed a spoon to help me eat this with a modicum of decorum! I splattered myself with flecks of juice as I forked it up into my big fat gob with much gusto and little aplomb 🙂 Most excellent! (note “I could have quite easily gone and asked for a spoon”) 🙂 #mybad

The irony of a rabbit searched by a ‘Poacher’ was not lost on me 🙂

The Lincolnshire Poacher on Mansfield Road is a true stalwart in the family of Nottingham pubs. If they gave out awards for best proper pub in Nottingham? Well it would be right up there on my list. It is a pub that I like to take my American friends to, so that they can see a real pub, after I have taken them to all the ‘must see tourist ones’. Luckily they all like beer and pubs.

The last time I wrote about this place I was chowing down on another excellent chalkboard special back in 2015 when I posted “Lincolnshire Poacher – Great Beer, Good Food and Today a little ‘Meatball Mania’”

That was also a mighty fine evening out!

The Lincolnshire Poacher is located at 161-163 Mansfield Road

Check them out on their Facebook page and on their Twitter Feed too

For the record Martin had the Burger of the Day

He ate it before I arrived but he said it was nice 🙂

I like the look of those chips!

The Goose at Gamston, a surprising decent stop off in the hunt for Fish and Chips (on a Friday)

The Goose at Gamston is located on the edge of the housing estate just off the A52 on the roundabout where you cross into Morrisons. I guess that does not sound that glamorous but it is accurate. It is part of the Eating Inn group and so is one of many pubs in that chain serving up the same menu and fare up and down the country.

I am not a fan of the chain pub, but I am a fan of pub food and so when it was suggested that we hit the nearest pub for a quick bite of food I was not going to turn down the opportunity to stuff my face. I might be a food snob, but I am a bad one and like to eat like the honest man about town.

I drive past the Goose a lot at the moment as it is pretty close to my office, each time I see billboards advertising a breakfast deal, sometimes a lunch deal, and it always seems to be calling out to me to come in. Today though it was Alison’s choice, so I suggested going to the Gamston so that I could get some Fish and Chips, so I guess it was my choice, but I did let her drive me there (and erm pay) 🙂

Cod and Chips

So as it was a Friday, we know that can only mean one thing ‘Fish and Chips!’ which I ordered!

I asked for the “Hand Battered Cod with seasoned chips, tartare sauce, and your choice of peas or mushy peas” from the seafood section. Now I will admit that I did not read the menu properly I just said I would have “Fish and Chips”

It wasn’t my turn to pay for the MyFoodHunt lunch, so I left that to Alison to navigate the bar situation, and judging by her opinion of my stomach’s ability to consume I ended up with the “Large” portion. That was fine as I got a massive great big bit of excellent fish. Sadly it meant that I was not able to eat all the chips (such sacrilege)

I also made a mistake in not asking for the correct peas, there was a choice of peas or mushy peas, I should have asked for mushy 😦

Catch of the Day?

The huge piece of Battered Cod was the star of the plate, I was so pleasantly surprised at how good it was: ‘I usually like Haddock, I normally despise eating in a chain pub, and I feel guilty about eating Cod’. Despite all of that I am going to say that the Battered Cod at the Goose at Gamston is well worth ordering. In fact I would like just a piece of Fish, leave all the other stuff off the plate.

It was so well cooked, the batter is light and crispy (a phrase often overused), the flesh of the fish was firm to the bite. moist, light and shiny white. It was really quite decent.

Even though it was huge I made sure that I ate it all in deference to any opportunity to scoff chips.

There was nothing wrong with the pot of heated up frozen peas on my plate, but I will never know if the mushy peas were worth coming in for and that makes me somewhat sad.

The chips were OK at best, the menu said seasoned? I had to add loads of salt and pepper and tramp juice (malt vinegar) to make them anywhere close to verging on exciting. I didn’t eat them all and felt no guilt leaving them.

All that was missing was a slice of bread and butter and a cup of tea. Well a man can dream, cannot one?

Seafood Menu

There was a lot to like about the Fish and Chips at the Goose especially when you consider that this is part of a chain, a fact that often twist the knob upwards on my “being a snob about it dial” 🙂

I can be a sanctimonious arse about stuff like that, but when I am hungry I will eat anywhere, and if I can squeeze a blog post in about that place even better ( I am so food shallow when it comes to copy)

I almost went for “The ultimate fish and chips” which was way more than just the name, this was billed as “Battered plaice fillet, battered scallop, wholetail scampi and breaded prawns, served with seasoned chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce”. My comment was that we were a long long away from the sea, so I wasn’t paying (or asking someone else to pay) £11.29 for a bag of stuff that I could get from Iceland or similar 🙂 or 😦

I am not really much of a fan of the chain pubs, but you know what, on occasion they can throw out a little bit of a surprise. It just goes to show that there is no need to be too much of a snob about these things and everyone and everywhere has it’s place in mine and your MyFoodHunt worlds 🙂

That Battered Fish was tasty, I am still thinking about it, so that has to be a good thing, does it not?

The Goose at Gamston is located at

Nottinghamshire NG2 6NA

It is part of the Eating In group

Sunday Lunch at The Roundhouse – Roast Beef with all the trimmings! Mum’s 70th Birthday? no pressure then!


This weekend we were out in Nottingham on St George’s Day looking for a ‘proper’ Sunday Lunch, an English Sunday Lunch, one hopefully featuring Roast Beef, Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Puddings and lots of veg with copious gravy!

It was hard work to find a decent one, harder than you would think, but finally we found one at The Round House, no surprise as I find that they do excellent food.

Before I start the review or rather the story (as you know I don’t do reviews I just eat stuff), I just have to say that when it comes to Sunday Lunch we all know how it is no-one cooks a better Sunday Lunch than your Mum does!

As it happens 🙂 I was here with my Mum, AND it was her 70th Birthday, we were celebrating her youth, So it had to be a good one! (No pressure then to the Roundhouse )

Sunday Lunch Menu at Round House

There were a good selection of options on offer, we had it in mind to get Roast Beef and we had been all over the city hunting for a plate of said dish. It was good to see a wide selection that included all options; beef, lamb, pork and chicken, and even some veggie thing (I have friends who will love that and slaughter me for commenting)

You have no idea how hard it was to find Roast Beef to eat, we trawled all over and maybe that should be a MyFoodHunt story all of it’s own

Anyhow the lovely lady at the Round House walked over and asked gently if we had had a chance to look at the menu and if we were ready to order.

I am not sure if she had a chance to draw breath before we proclaimed “We want Roast Beef please!” (*and some beer and prosecco)

Roast Beef at the Round House

This is one ‘proper Roast Sunday Dinner’ and one fitting of the occasion. [editorial note 🙂 its not as good as Mum’s (I have to say that) but still great]

I love that I, or rather, we had a proper dinner, a proper plate packed with everything that you expect when you order a Sunday Lunch of Roast Beef.

I have to say that there is no messing around at The Round House when you get a meal. It is a real meat and two gravy place, but, with added decorum and plenty of class, and substance!

So you get plenty of thinly sliced and rolled beef, enough beef for a normal man I guess, if you are greedy like me, well you want more. We would get more at home 🙂

The meat was good, pretty tasty and pretty well cooked, except I personally would like mine thicker cut and a bit more pink. It was so thin though I think that the pink would have fallen out

Veg wise it was all the classics and almost everything that I wanted on my Sunday Lunchtime plate. Potato wise there were a handful of small but nicely done Roasties, and buried deep beneath is all there was a small pile of creamy mash too.

There were two roasted parsnips that I really liked and I am not usually a fan. the carrots and cauliflower were cooked just perfectly for my liking. They are cooked to be still pretty firm without being raw, and you did need to use the gravy to help with the eating. Even the cabbage was good and I normally feel sad when I have to eat it. 🙂

I am usually a peas, carrots, and broccoli man, but I was happy enough with my vegetable lot on this plate.

The two huge Yorkshire puddings did their best to take over as they dwarfed everything else on the plate, but as good as they were they couldn’t beat that tasty beef.



It was a most enjoyable afternoon in the Round House, as well as Sunday Lunch, I had two pints of Shipstones Bitter and Mum had a glass of Prosecco, all dispatched swiftly.

At the beginning I mentioned that no-one does a better Sunday Lunch that your Mum does and when you are taking your Mum out for Sunday lunch on her 70th Birthday! It is a tough call.

They did a great job and they didn’t even know that there was a job to be had, we were just two more punters looking for dinner, and we were treated really well, just as we would hope.

“Can we have more gravy?”…” no problem at all!”

I would have liked to ask for more meat, but as I wasn’t at home I figured it was best not to chance my arm.


The Round House is located at


You can check them out on Facebook and on Twitter

Check out the last review I wrote back in 2013. “The Roundhouse in Nottingham – Excellent Food and Beer”

Time has passed by but happy to say that the place is just as good now as it was then!





The Crafty Crow – A right proper boozer with Pub Food and Real Ale – Another Fish and Chips Friday

The Crafty Crow in Nottingham up by the entrance to the Castle is one of those pubs that you really should go to more often. I myself am an infrequent visitor even when I am in town, but I feel that I do not do, or have not done, this place enough justice with the count of steps I have made across the threshold 😦

It is one of those places that has a really great beer selection! An ever rotating list of ales is one of it’s most endearing features. I always have to try something new, as all too often the familiar and safe is not present on the bar when I peruse the offerings of the day.

Some Menu Items

When it comes to Friday evenings and when it come to pub food, I find myself to be a one Or two trick pony (not even sure that is a real saying? but we are rolling with it). More often than not I would be sitting there ordering their burger, but at the moment I have a bit of a downer on British Pub burgers as I have been spoilt with glorious burgers in the States for the best part of 6 months.


Fish and Chips however is a totally different beast (both literally and factually) and I found that a MyFoodHunt in the USA was an often fruitless exercise for this delectation, I have now decided to dedicate my end of week day to the joy of “Fish and Chips Friday!” (note: don’t worry there will still be many burgers consumed for the purposes of the blog 🙂 )

Fish, Chips, and Mushy Peas

The Fish and Chips at the Crafty Crow is a bit of a mixed bag, a bit of a work in progress. They looked the business on the plate, but I am sure that you are far more interested in the story of the eating than the vision 🙂

The Fish itself is encased in a very lovely crisp beer batter coating, it had a great bite as you crunched your way through it. Inside the fish was solid, perhaps a bit grey, and perhaps a bit too wet. It did have good flavour though, meaty would be a good word. I could not tell you what sort of fish it was.

The chips are not really my sort of thing, they are a bit too ‘steak fries’ and not really chip shop chips or even pub chip shop chips. I did get a decent portion though so I shouldn’t complain too much. I wasn’t that bothered, but having said that they are ‘half’ of the “Fish and Chips Story” so should get equal billing on the bill board.

Mushy peas are also something that always excites me, I like to think I am quite the connoisseur 🙂  I love making Americans eat them! The ones that they serve here at the Crafty Crow are a little bit different. I really liked them but I am not quite sure what is going on. I found them to be a bit dryer, a bit more paste like, or even spreadable, than your traditional mushy peas.

I like to think that was intentional and I am going to hold that thought until I next try them. I could make a great pea and ham sandwich spread with them, but if you want the real thing go to Goose Fair 🙂

Overall I liked and enjoyed eating my Fish, Chips and Mushy peas at The Crafty Crow, they were very filling and great as pub food, but I am not sure that I am quite infatuated enough to declare my love. If you are here and fancy some, then why not chance your heart?

The Chalk board outside the Crafty Crow focuses your mind on beer, principally Real Ale and Craft Beer. On their website it is a similar story where they tell us that ”

We are Magpie Brewery’s tap house but you’ll find a lot more than just our own beers. In fact we are only dedicating three of our ten handpulls to our beers, the rest of the real ale selection will be on constant rotation and come from a wide range of interesting micro breweries from all over the country including of course several local breweries.  Our aim is simple, provide the best independent food and drink we can find”

Pleasingly they also serve that food until 9pm which is a bonus of those of us who have to get from work all the way into town.

As I said up at the top I do like the Crafty Crow and need to come here more often.

One of my earlier blogs back in 2014 when it was just opening can be found here on the blog “The Crafty Crow – Real Ale and Craft Beer and Local Food”

I also came back and wrote about one of their breakfasts last summer “Breakfast at The Crafty Crow – Great Pub, Great Food

Looking back at both gave me as much pleasure as the days I came in to sample and munch 🙂


The Crafty Crow is located at 102 Friar Lane about a 5 minute walk from the Old Market Square Tram Stop.

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to see what they are up to


Pub Lunch at The Framebreakers in Ruddington – Today’s Special was Homemade Lasagne

I always have to check out the Daily Specials board when we pop into The Frame Breakers for lunch, just to see if there are any ‘food nuggets of joy’ to be scoffed.

Today we were in luck as they had one of my favourite pub lunches the classic lasagne on offer, I was having some of that!

They said that their Homemade Beef Lasagne contained some ‘not so’ secret ingredients of Chorizo and Cottage Cheese, er ok, well I am still game for a try. It was listed as being served with a simple side salad all for just £5.95. I added in a side of ‘chunky chips’ for another £1.95,

Well why not it was a Friday and I like to treat myself on occasion (well quite a lot to be honest)

Homemade Lasagne

Nice and rustic is probably the most favourable description of how the Lasagne looked on my metal camping plate. It certainly looked home made, I mean it was not entering any lasagne beauty contest, and if it was, it was probably entered in the knobbly knees group as opposed to the catwalk swimsuit section 🙂

Having said that, lets be honest we are more interested in how it tasted, are we not?

I liked it a lot, it was all pretty simple and just what you hope for from a lasagne. There was an equal amount of meat sauce to go with the sheets of pasta, the top was nice and crispy but not crunchy. The addition of the cottage cheese was a bit of a weird one, but then it reminded me of the type of lasagne they serve up back in the USA where they add a lot of ricotta cheese. It kind of makes the sauce a bit creamier with just a bit of a tang.

I am not sure that I noticed the chorizo too much, which was probably a good thing as this was billed as a Beef lasagne, you did however get that little bit of spiciness and that hint of garlic. I think it maybe made the meat sauce just a little bit richer. Whatever it did, the sauce was certainly most tasty.

The side salad was a simple affair of chopped up leaf with diced up peppers, tomato, cucumber and ‘other stuff’. I added a load of hellmans onto mine and it worked a treat. The chunky chips also enjoyed bathing in that same mayo, and their joy made my eating of them most pleasurable.


I had a pint of the lovely Frame Breaker beer from the Nottingham Brewery to wash all my lunch down. It was an inspired choice, even if I do say so myself (and I do). I understand that it is brewed just for the pub and it is best described as an easy drinking English bitter with a light malty taste.

It is your basic session ale and a good choice if you are eating something that you don’t want to ruin the flavour of. It sorted me right out.

I really like The Frame Breakers in Ruddington, they have a really well priced menu and you can find some really nice treats at a great value.

Check out one of my other reviews from last year: “The Frame Breakers – Excellent Pub Lunch with Great Food and Beer in Ruddington” where I rave on and on about their burgers 🙂


The Frame Breakers pub is located on the High Street in Ruddington at the cross roads with Kirk Lane and Church Street. NG11 6DT

Check them out too on their Facebook page and also on their Twitter Feed   

The Dorset Arms in Compton Acres – A tasty but pricey lunch, Morrocan Lamb Wrap

The Dorset Arms is the new kid on the block in Compton Acres taking the place of the Old Colonial Pub. It ‘sells itself’  as having “been completely transformed into a Mediterranean restaurant with a large open plan dining room enlarged by a conservatory built where the outside tables used to be. The decor is light, airy and very contemporary with pine floors and comfortable seating. Now primarily a restaurant rather than a pub”.

I have to say that when we came in I was very pleasantly surprised, if I am brutally honest I always felt that the Old Colonial was … well it was a bit of a shithole. Sorry for that assessment.

Lunchtime basics

On this visit we were just looking for a spot of lunch, hopefully something quick, something tasty and something reasonably priced. That was the plan anyway.

The wraps were sounding good and I figured that we shouldn’t have to wait too long to get our chops on one of these babies. I ordered the Moroccan Lamb Wrap, Alison, my partner in crime ordered the Roasted Vegetable Wrap (I have nothing else to say about their meal except that she said it tasted really good!), all I have to say is about the Moroccan Lamb

Moroccan Lamb Wrap

The Moroccan Lamb Wrap at the Dorset Arms was described as “Spiced lamb kofte, peppers & red onion with minted Greek yoghurt, rocket, & skin on fries”

I did my best to take the ‘aerial’ picture view so that you can see what you are letting yourself in for when you take a chance on one of these. It is laid out well, but you know what? I just wanted a simple wrap with some chips, this was pushing the limits just a little or perhaps cynically adding a few more quid onto the cost 🙂

OK all jesting aside, I liked most of what I saw and I really liked what I got. I love rocket so I was happy to get a great big mound of it on my plate. I am not a massive salad person, I do try to include it in my diet, but often I fail, the ‘one saviour in my green leaf world’ is that peppery rocket! I can eat it all day!

The chips were really good too, once they were laid out on the actual plate and they had been taken out of that stupid pretend deep fryer wire basket, they looked ‘much’ better and they were much easier to eat. We both spent time banging on about that 🙂

But this is all fluff and frippery (maybe that should be the name of a blog?) the only important thing to talk about it the wrap itself!

Moroccan Wrap

The Moroccan wrap filled with that kofte sausage meat, sweet peppers and red onions was extremely tasty and pretty damn good. I could eat two or three of these in one go, actually I could eat them until I was so full I could burst!

If you just gave me a plate of the sausage I would be a very happy bunny. The lamb kofta is packed with flavour, more flavour than I expected, I was very pleasantly surprised. Maybe this is why I was paying basically 9 quid for a wrap, (9 quid!).

Now don’t get me wrong this was really a very tasty meal, I just had a concern that it was too much money for lunchtime, we had two wraps and a couple of cokes, and after I left a reasonable tip I had spent £25. That is a lot, even for the Bridgford Set!

More Menu



When we walked in and saw what they had done with the place, I really wished that it had always looked like this, but then I remembered that it is a pub and maybe it should be a pub, and that maybe all of our local pubs should actually all be for the local. Perhaps I retract my ‘bit of a shithole’ comment, I have no problem with a pub for the people, a place to go get a pint, watch some footy and eat some basic cheap pub food.

It is nice though now, perfect for the Bridgford set, but no good for the common man (and woman) who just want to get a pint in ‘their local’ I do worry that it may fall foul of the same thing that is happening to the Wilford Green (formerly the Maypole), sometimes people just want to go out for a pint!

Now I also read that this pub serves 2 regular beers, one of which is the Caledonian Deuchars IPA. This is one of my go to beers, whenever and if ever I can find it. This is a very good thing!

You see Beer is king in a pub, in all honestly I will just treat this place as a restaurant and forget that it was a pub, but I cant afford to come in too often for this level of food. It is kind of pricey


Located at

8 Compton Acres,
West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7RS

and within 5-10 mins of the Compton Acres Tram Stop!


StreetFood Revolution UK in Hockley – Very Tasty Glazed Chicken, Awesome Couscous Salad all on Turkish Flatbread

Street Food Revolution in Hockley is located in a sort of alley alongside Rough Trade on Broad Street. I read about it a little while ago while I was out of town in the local rag where they ran a story called ‘Street Food served from a former disused alleyway in running for best experience in Nottingham

I had scoped it out at the weekend as I was out stomping around Hockley and it looked pretty good, so as I had an extra day of this week, I made a plan to stop by on Tuesday to see what they had on offer.

It was one of those days when it was trying to be sunny and that seemed enough to draw a small crowd of people to the alley and the seats outside Rough Trade, all looking to get some lunch from them too.

I felt that I was in good company, and the friendliness of Suki at the counter made us feel like we were very welcome. Top marks for the casual and trusting attitude when we ordered and I started fishing cash out of my pocket, it was like ‘don’t worry just pay afterwards or whenever you are ready’, ‘sit anywhere and I’ll bring it over when it’s ready’.

I really like that and the friendly chat about what we were up to in town, even though they were clearly busy, it was as if we were their most valued customers. That is how to do it, and how to get regular repeat custom.

You see I haven’t even talked about the food yet and I am already full of it, and full of praise, that was how we felt as we sat down, we just had a feeling and knew this was going to be a good choice.

The Daily Menu


I had checked out their Facebook page to see what was going to be on offer before we left and was happy to see what they had:

“Today’s lunch at Streetfoodrevolutionuk we have glazed chicken, Halloumi or BBQ Jackfruit with delicious homemade salads & sauces on Turkish Flatbread”

They had a sample plate of what was on offer so that you can see what you are going to get, and that looked just as good and the same as the pic on Facebook (it was probably the same plate – Doh! I just figured that out as I am writing).

Anyway I like it when they do this so that there is no confusion as to size and content, and it usually helps me to choose one place over another. I usually like it as I get to take a photo of said food, although this day it was an epic fail as I forgot to 🙂

Glazed Chicken

I had the Glazed Chicken sandwich which was essentially a large skewer of chicken with a couscous salad filled with ‘pomegranate, radish, roast carrots, pear and coriander’ on top of a large Turkish Flatbread bread. It was looking delicious, vibrant and basically pretty amazing when it arrived at our table, all this for just £6! surely there must be some mistake?

I was asked if I wanted it spicy and I said yes, when it arrived I could already see a whole load of sliced jalapeno on the sandwich and a few drops of what I suspected was going to be a spicy sauce. I was happy though to see a huge swathe of what looked like a tzatziki smeared on one slice of that flatbread, I figured it was going to be OK 🙂

Glazed Chicken Sandwich

I turned my open faced sandwich into a proper sandwich basically so that I could stuff all this awesome looking food into my mouth, hopefully with greater ease and possible slightly more aplomb.

It was a good decision as then I was able to increase the odds of getting a bit of everything with each bite. It worked! although, there was so much bread and salad that I think I might have just needed a touch more chicken to carry out that plan (or am I being greedy?)

The grilled skewered chicken was lovely, it was kind of a honey glaze (I think) with a hint of heat (but I am probably wrong). I loved the bread it was fresh and airy, you can see the air pockets in the profile.

I really liked the couscous salad and in true Masterchef ingredient challenge fashion I tried to work out what was in it. I had picked out Cilantro (or rather Coriander as we call it over here), cucumber, celery? jalapeno, pomegranate, and radish. It was left to Suki to tell us that it also had Pear and Carrot in it, I think I did well enough to replicate in one of John Torode’s challenges (#maybe).

Menu wise apparently the food on offer changes daily, One of the owners Suki told us that other days they have had lamb koftas, a pork fennel and apple burger, even a BBQ JackFruit (which sounds quite different and intriguing).

We didn’t get to chat to the main man Robbie, but to be honest I kind of shy away from talking. I just like to eat, and if it’s good I love to tell you all about it 🙂

I am quite taken with this place and I hope that they get the recognition that they deserve!

Located at

5 Broad St in Hockley
Tel: 07445 218973
Check them out on Facebook

The Big One at The Poppy and Pint – A most excellent English Breakfast

This weekend we stopped off at the Poppy and Pint in Lady Bay as we found ourselves in a breakfast situation. We were at the start of a road trip up north to Manchester for a family gathering to celebrate Mum’s 70th. On trips like this you are never quite sure when the next meal is coming from so we were taking no chances and were filling up on breakfast before we left the city limits 🙂

I last blogged about this pub back in 2012 when I was in the early days of writing The Nottingham Food Blog, you can read that post here “The Poppy and Pint – Community and Beer“.

I just did and it made me recall just how super the food is here at the Poppy and Pint, it also made me realise just how remiss I have been in not coming back more often!

Anyway you can catch up on all that at your leisure, lets have a gander at the breakfasts that we managed to get our hands on!

Full English Breakfast – The Big One

We took stock of the options and basically let greed take over as we ordered the largest breakfast that they had on offer: “The Big One”. It arrived on the largest plate that I have ever been served a single meal on. It was huge and took up at least a third of the table, when they use the word ‘big’ they take the literal meaning quite seriously.

If I am honest this was way too much food, but as I said earlier this meal had to keep us going all day and we really needed to fill up before we headed ‘up North’

This somewhat over-facing plateful of breakfast goodness contained Two fried eggs, Two sausages, Two slices of bacon, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, hash browns, mushrooms and two slices of toast. It was priced at a fairly reasonable tariff of £7.95 which was great value when you consider it also came with a tea or coffee. Luckily it was not priced by weight!

The Big One – from a different perspective 🙂

It was all cooked pretty much the way that I liked, the eggs were nice and runny, and just about perfect for me. I enjoyed the sausage which was crisp, meaty, and firm. I do like my bacon to be a bit crispier, but I didn’t ask them to do that, so that was my fault (next time I will ask)

The hash browns were pretty good too, often these sit on the plate as filler, but these were nice enough that I might actually choose them another time. Nice soft potato, with a hint of onion and a crispy coating. Beans are beans and the mushrooms were a bit over fried for my personal liking, but you cant win them all.

I am not normally a fan of grilled tomato, but the ones that they served me here at the Poppy and Pint were some of the best I have seen for a while. They were cooked all the way through and were full of juice to mix into my meal.

The tea was good (well hot and wet) and there was plenty of toast available to mop up my bean juice, tomato, and egg yolk.

If I am honest there really was probably too much food and my eyes were most certainly bigger than my belly on this occasion 🙂

This is probably the best pub breakfast I have had for quite some time!

Breakfast Menu at the Poppy and Pint

All things considered I would definitely come back to the Poppy and Pint for a breakfast! Sadly they do only serve the breakfast from 9.30am to 12 noon, but then again that makes it more of an event and more of an excuse to get down the pub earlier to read the paper and eat some joy.

The ‘Big One’ was great value and a great feast for £7.95, the ‘Regular’ at £5.95, which is a tiny bit smaller with just the one egg and the one sausage, would still probably be more food that I really need.

For the sake of my expanding girth I think though that next time I will be much more restrained. I think that I would downsize to the ‘Mini’ which is ‘sausage, bacon, beans, free range egg & toast’ for £3.95. It doesn’t come with a tea or coffee, but I would probably come in a bit later on maybe about 11.30am and get myself a lovely pint of Castle Rock beer instead to wash it all down! 🙂

Sound like a plan to me! Come over and try one yourselves 🙂

Apparently the Poppy and Pint have been named or as they say ‘crowned’ Nottingham Camra Pub of the Year 2017. That is not bad going since it is only April! 🙂

It really is a very good pub though, great beer from Castle Rock, some quite excellent pub food, and it trumps it all with the way it acts as a hub for the local community.

If this pub was right on my doorstep I would probably cross over the threshold on a pretty frequent basis! Probably be back next week for a work pub lunch if I can persuade the chaps 🙂

The Poppy and Pint is located on Pierrepoint Road, Lady Bay, West Bridgford.

You can get there via public transport by taking the Green Line 11 loop bus from the City Centre and then walking about 5 minutes

Check them out on their Facebook page and one their Twitter Feed