Son of Steak – Checking out some ‘fast casual’ Steak and Chips in Trinity Square

Son of Steak in Trinity Square Nottingham near to the Cornerhouse is a recent addition to the dining scene in the City Centre. The name of the place probably gives away the type of food on offer.

I had read that this place has opened up and that they were serving reasonably priced Steak meals. We were in the area, were hungry for meat, so we came to try

Son of Steak is part of the Mitchell and Butler’s group and is apparently their latest concept to ‘explore serving steak in a fast casual environment’. Well if that is the case then plonking yourselves down in amongst the plethora of offerings in and around the Cornerhouse is probably a bold place to start.

They say:

“It’s time for a revolution – a revolution of doing things simply. A revolution of doing things properly.

We’re the next generation of steak. Forget all the fuss… focus on the flavour”

Well Let’s take a look then

The Board outside of Son of Steak told me everything I needed to know and offered me everything that I was looking for. Steak and Chips was the name and the game at this hour on Friday Evening. I promised my mate some steak and I was pretty sure that we had found ourselves in the right spot to get one.

Flat Iron Steak and Chips

I ordered the 8oz Flat Iron steak cooked medium rare with hand cut chips and a Flat Mushrooms in Garlic butter as my sides. I could have had one of their sauces to go with it for another quid, but I was keen to taste the steak naked to see if it was any good. I figured that if I needed anything to assist then I would mix it up with that garlic butter that I hoped was going to be all over my mushrooms.

As Steak goes it was a pretty decent effort. I like the flavour and I liked the cook on the meat, I needed to season to help it out a bit though. I would have preferred it to have arrive uncut on my ‘board’ as I wondered if I have lost some of the lovely steak meat juices as it was pre-cut. Although mine was just the perfect colour, my mate who ordered exactly the same had one that was a bit greyer. But hey you know we just wanted steak, we were here for ‘fast and very casual’ not ‘Michelin Man steak’ so we weren’t bothered really.

I liked the mushrooms quite a bit, I would order those again, and I quite liked the chips too, there were just about enough to make it a decent meal.

As Steak and Chips go I quite enjoyed the Son of Steak offering. If I want a really nice sitdown Steak Dinner then I am more likely to go to my other local favourite Soulville Steakhouse, but if I just want a quick bite at a reasonable price then I might come back here. You cant really go too far wrong for a tenner.

My usual complaint that it came on one of those bloody boards was left hanging in the air, as just for once it seemed to be a fitting vehicle to display my Steak 🙂

Menu Options

They were offering other Steak Options including a special of Rump, Lomita, Picanha, and Sirloin. My Favourite to cook back at home is the Rib-Eye. The Flat iron seemed to be the best value and our friendly waitress told us that it was her favourite of all their offerings.

Elsewhere on the menu it tells you that you can get Steak and Eggs for Breakfast  / Brunch for about a fiver which does seem great value.

Son of Steak also sell Burgers and Steak Bao, so there are few more reasons that might draw me back in through the door for a bit of a Steak themed Snack

Son of Steak replaces the old Harvester Restaurant in the square, which makes sense now as the Mitchel and Butler group also own Harvester, All Bar One, and Toby Carvery.

Located at 8 Trinity Square, Nottingham, NG1 4A

Check them out on their Facebook page and on their Twitter Feed

Kayal on Broadway, excellent Southern Indian Fare- my tagline “Five went to eat Thali”

Kayal in Nottingham

Kayal in Nottingham serves up classic Southern Indian fare, describing it as ‘Kerala Backwater Cuisine’. I do love this type of food and I have blogged once before about this place when I came here late one evening on one of those “works leaving do’s” – Read about that here ‘Kayal in Nottingham – Backwater Cuisine on the Broadway’

I kind of felt that even though we got a good taste of the place, there was a little bit of unfinished business, (if I am honest I needed to try their food sober.).

I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer at a more respectable hour of the day so I was delighted that we were heading back here.

Business Lunch at Kayal in Nottingham

We came here for a bit of a holiday season outing, a little bit of a lunchtime jolly with good friends from work, we had already read about the Business lunch for $5.95, which sounded to be great value, we knew that it included a choice from a couple of curries and a side dish, so we were expecting some kind of mini buffet situation, but we had no idea that it was a Thali, which was an excellent and most pleasing discovery!

This was pretty much terrific! haven’t used that word on a food blog post for a while, it was so unexpected a treat and so much in keeping with the moment and with the make up of our team.

There were five of us, and we all ordered the Thali, Four of us have been dining at the better and perhaps lesser known curry houses in the city for a while, one of us was from Hyderabad, two of us had lived in Hyderabad, three of us lived in places far and flung, three of us love ping pong (random fact of the day), we all loved this meal!

Lunchtime Thali at Kayal

Lunchtime Thali at Kayal in Nottingham

The plain dosa was excellent, it was both a ‘filler’ and a ‘dipper’, I do like a masala dosa when you get a bit of spicy potato inside, but to be honest I was able to mix my dosa with the lovely little bit of lightly spiced potato from pot number 4 so all was well in the world.

I also enjoyed dipping my dosa into the vegetable curry (pot 2) and the yellow lentil daal (pot 3). The vegetable curry was a bit on the thin side, perhaps a little watery, but it had a nice gentle warming spice hit, and a sweet peppery and tomato based gravy. There were bits of green bean, potato, tomato, okra and more in the pot, very simple and all of which worked well together.

I loved the yellow split lentil daal, it has become one of my favorite indian sides over recent times, it is not that spicy, but it is kind of creamy and mixes so well with the rice.

In those times when you have no cutlery and you are eating with your hands, it works perfectly.

Thali at kayal in Nottingham

The chicken curry was also pretty tasty, it was kind of a coconut green curry sauce gravy with a couple of cubes of chicken, it was really tasty.

I had quite a few Thali earlier in the year when I travelled across India and I started to love that clean purity from a vegetarian platter, so I had been a bit dubious about having one with meat in, as I was worried it might take over. I had no worries, it fitted in very well with the experience.

I was a bit uncertain about the potato dish, it had nice flavour, but I have had much better cumin potato or Aloo Jeera dishes on other Thali plates in the past, so I think part of me was hankering after something like that instead. Oh well I suppose I cannot get everything that I want, all of the time 🙂

This was a great meal and a great lunch, sometimes these Thali are too big in the UK and they try to pass it off as some sort of a sharing platter, here though at Kayal they know what they are doing as set you up with your own personal meal packed with all sorts of super tasty little treats and morsels.

Recommend to the max!

It was very, very good indeed! and I cannot help but think if people knew it was a Thali then the place would be mobbed out,

I mean £5.95 is great value (in the UK) for this type of lunch!

Kayal Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Kayal in Nottingham is located at

8, Broad Street
Ph: 0115 9414733



Red Dog Saloon – ‘Another’ American themed restaurant in Nottingham

Red Dog Saloon

Red Dog Saloon on Victoria street in Nottingham is another restaurant that has opened up in the city serving up American BBQ themed food and Burgers. I am not really sure that we need all of these places to be honest, but I thought I should try them out.

They say that they serve Kansas City BBQ which sounds great, the most famous element of Kansas City style BBQ is ‘burnt ends’ and I love ‘burnt ends’, Red Dog Saloon doesn’t serve ‘burnt ends’.  I didn’t order the BBQ.

Call me crazy for coming here and ordering a Burger but then please take a moment to consider the method in my madness. I had read that there had been some criticscm in the press of their burgers implying that they were not cooked properly or rather to be more accurate there had been some appalling reporting that they served their burgers pink. For god sakes man they should be served medium (slightly pink) at worst, medium-rare (pink) at best, cooking them ‘well done’ will ruin them.

I really just felt that I needed to come in and see for myself. To add a little context I have been working back over in the States for the last 3 months, a place that knows how to cook a burger, knows how to take fresh meat, grind it to order, and serve it ‘pink’ to all comers, That is what is expected in the majority of places, and that is what is sadly lacking in most burger joints in our fair city. It all comes down to the quality and freshness of the meat and the skills of the chef and the open mind of the customer.

Burger Menu

Burger Menu at Red Dog Saloon

It was just lunchtime so we were thinking ‘just get a simple cheeseburger’, and that was probably a good idea as that was probably one of the most reasonably priced items on the menu at £7.95, of course you know I didn’t get that, but maybe I should have?

I nearly got the ‘Black & Blue’ as I like the style of ‘Blackened Cajun’ and blue cheese is a worthy partner on a burger such as this, but I was a little uncertain or maybe unconvinced as to whether they could pull that combo off, so I decided to stick with the tried and tested combination of cheese and bacon as my toppings

I really just wanted a bacon cheeseburger, but the option of having a little bit of belly pork on top as well was too much to resist, so I ordered the Bacon Deluxe Cheeseburger, I was upsold by £2!

Bacon Deluxe Cheeseburger

Bacon Deluxe Cheeseburger

First thoughts was that it ‘Looks Good eh?’, I know that the truth lies in the bite and the taste, but it kind of helps that it at least looks nice to start with. The thick strips of belly pork were done quite well, they were just crispy enough to add nice texture and I liked the slightly smoky flavour. They were not as nice as the strips of belly pork we cook at home on top of the sunday roast chicken, but not bad.

The most interesting thing about the burgers here to me are that you get two thin 3 oz patties in the bun, which means that if you cook them too long you are going to be eating a dry chewy disc of meat. Happily even though these are not pink at all (anymore) these were cooked just about perfectly. I liked the meatiness of them and even though they seemed to have little fat in them, they were still a bit juicy. I have to say though that I like a thicker burger and I like ones where the juices flow out as I eat them.

There was not that much cheese on these to call them a ‘deluxe’ cheeseburger, it was a stretch to call them cheeseburgers to be honest 🙂 I think that is clear from the picture above.

The structural integrity of the burger could have been improved by layering the contents differently, too much juice seeps onto the bun so that after a few bites it falls apart in your hands.

Personally, I like to add a layer of lettuce leaf to the lower bun to hold all the juice in, shredded lettuce doesn’t work, the tomato needs to be above the burger as well as it just is too full of juice 🙂

OMG I am sure I never used to be so picky, but you did just charge me £10 just for a burger with no sides! It was ‘quite’ good, not good enough to be a regular burger on any burger munching circuit of mine, but better than a lot of other efforts masquerading as burgers in Nottingham at the moment.

Honestly I did like and enjoy this burger, I am not inviting it over for Christmas, but if I need to pretend to ‘like’ someone enough to get a lift to a New Years Party I might give it a call. No that would be unkind, I wouldn’t like to fuddle it with mixed metaphors 🙂

Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni Cheese Side at Red Dog Saloon

This looked the business when it arrived at the table, I was liking that it was topped with toasted bread crumbs as that is how I like to cook my own Mac ‘n’ Cheese, I also liked that I could see the sauce bubbling up from the pasta as that was making me believe that it had just been pulled out of the oven and brought swiftly to the table for our delectation.

Sadly that was all that I had to say in a positive note, it was to be really honest a sad insipid affair. It had no discernible taste of cheese and was basically just a bowl of elbow pasta in a yellow / white sauce. I could have been more accepting if it wasn’t for the fact that you have to pay for any sides that you have at Red Dog and we had already been served a bowl of basic fries that also missed the mark so badly. Hell man, I am not usually that critical but I really like Mac n Cheese and this effort just made me sad.

I have some great Mac n Cheese recipes, and if you, like me love this dish, then head over to Oscar and Rosie’s (best pizza place in the city) and try theirs!

I know that a BBQ restaurant should really be focussed on the meats, but having eaten at a lot of BBQ joints in the States, I know that they are also proud of their sides too. I kind of felt that the sides here at Red Dog are just a throwaway item, basically a chance to get some extra money onto the diners cheque, this seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment, and I don’t think that we as diners should take it. Just my thoughts, you may be happy with your lot and I might be an idiot, I just know what I like, this just made me a little bit grumpy 😦

So what about that BBQ?

Pit BBQ Menu at Red Dog Saloon

I would like to try the BBQ but it seems quite expensive and I am not rich enough to waste money on a whim. I am lucky enough to be located in North Carolina at the moment where they have shacks with real pit BBQ and places smoking meats for generations. When I read that places have imported smokers, I often say that I could buy a piano, no I cannot play the piano.

It will be interesting to see how Red Dog Saloon fares in the city in competition with the other BBQ themed places, I don’t think that it has too much to worry about as most people will never have had the opportunity to eat really good authentic BBQ so they will probably lap it up, just like they are already.

I hope that they do ok as I want every business to thrive,  but I think that they need to find a niche, and

They really need to get ‘Burnt Ends’ on the menu! 🙂

They need to be different.


Red Dog Saloon in Nottingham is Located at

20 – 22 Victoria Street
Nottingham NG1 2EX
0203 409 4803




The Real Burger Company – Serving Gourmet Halal Burgers in Hyson Green

Real Burger Company in Hyson Green

The Real Burger Company (RBCO) in Hyson Green is quietly cooking up some pretty decent burgers in this city of ours. It might be a little bit out of the way from the city centre to be noticed by everyone, but really it is just a short tram ride away from the Old Market Square to the Forest Recreation Tram Stop. That is like 5-10 mins, so nothing really.

Drawing inspiration from all corners of the world RBCO is the brainchild of a collective of passionate food aficionados. At RBCO we’re on a mission to create the realest burgers in town.”

It sounds bold and it sound brazen?

I think that we should head over to Gregory Boulevard and try them out!

What did we eat?

The ‘Meet me @RBCO’ burger

Meet me @ RBCO burger

I had the ‘Meet me @RBCO’ burger which seems to be their kind of signature house burger. It is described on the menu as “100% Beef Patty, Mature Cheddar Cheese, Curly Lettuce, Bicks Relish, Caramelized Onions,  Sweet Mayo, Tomato and Chips”.

I picked this combination as it seems to be the closest to a simple basic cheeseburger that I could find on their menu

I thought that this was a really good burger for the money. The meat patty is solid, firm, well seasoned, and was even a little pink (just how I like it). Plenty of tangy salty cheese, love the sweet mayo, and the salad was crunchy as promised. Loved the toasted bun and the bread was great.

The caramelised onions could have been cooked a bit more, but all in all, every bite was quite enjoyable.

Did I like it? yes I did! but it took a couple of bites to get with the program. I will get straight to it, the Bicks Relish was a surprise, it has an identity of it’s own, cucumber? gherkin? chutney, a poor mans Branston pickle? I am not sure that I like it. I will say right now that if I come back I will ask to have the burger without the Bicks Relish. I would go so far as to suggest removing it and leaving a squeeze bottle on the side with the ketchup bottle. It is weird. (just my opinion – I did get used to it though)

Having said that, it did make the flavour of the burger sandwich stand out a little from other burgers in the city that I may eat, so what do I know anyway?

RBCO in Hysen Green

The Real Burger Company is a bit of an intriguing beast with a pretty interesting take on the humble burger. Their menu that just a little different enough to make it worth a special trip over to Gregory Boulevard to try one.

Most importantly for their local crowd and many of my friends is that their food is all Halal.

For some of my other friends I cannot promised you a gluten free trip.

Located at 64 Gregory Boulevard, NG7 5JD,

RBCO is within 5 minutes walk from the Forest Tram Stop

  You can also check them out on their  Facebook page and on their Twitter feed

Beef Burger Menu

RBCO burger menu

We ordered one of the current deals which was “DEAL 2” That was 2 Beef Burgers, 2 Chips, and 2 Drinks for £10.99



The “Big Breakfast” in Morrisons at Gamston

The Big Breakfast at Morrisons

Today  I ate my breakfast in the café at Morrisons in Gamston.

I decided to take a chance. This is a very dangerous thing to do, especially on a Sunday, the day that the food God gave us to enjoy the best meal of the day at great leisure.

This is serious, I really went all out in my mission to find new and untried places to eat in Nottingham.

I have to explain a little further, I was up at a decent time of day just for once and was out and about thinking of finding something to eat.

I pondered, I ummed and erred, and then figured that I really had no time to pop into town to get a breakfast anywhere decent.

So I just thought ok just pop into the nearest supermarket and get some eggs and bacon and go home and cook it. I think we have all been there.


But then as I walked in and saw the café I thought hold on a minute, are you really going to buy a whole pack of bacon? you only need a couple of slices, and 6 eggs? you only need one, and you know that you will probably eat out all week and not eat the rest! What a waste of five quid that will be.

Then I saw the M café and thought why not let them cook it for me! So I did!

I ordered the “Morrisons Famous Big Breakfast” for £4,.35, but I was up-sold (quite excellently) at the till and encouraged to also add black pudding for another 70p, add a big cup of orange juice and it was nearer £6.50 than the £5 I was wasting. Oh well “in for a penny in for a pound six pounds fifty” as no-one says

The  “Morrisons Famous Big Breakfast” is described on the menu as ‘Dry cured bacon, tasty pork sausage, free range fried egg, mushrooms, beans, hash browns, finished off with fried bread & half a juicy tomato. No wonder it’s famous’

I think that the best way to describe this meal was ‘very good value for money – quantity wise’.

I left feeling very full and they was no way that I could have bought everything on that plate and cooked it myself for the same amount of money.

I have to be honest and say that I have had worse, but also I have had better


Apparantly in 2015 Morrisons won an award for the best breakfast.

(read about that here)

A good family friend also tells me that they do excellent Fish and Chips,

Secretly I think that the truth is that it’s only £4.55 and he can eat that while his wife does the shopping and it’s a trip out of the house 🙂

In all seriousness it was worth a try, it did the job I asked it to do, and I came away with almost 500 words that I didn’t have at 9am this morning and enough food to keep me going all day.

Morrisons M café is, I assume, everywhere in their big supermarkets.

The one I visited was at Gamston District Centre Lings Bar Road, Nottingham NG2 6PS.

I come here a lot

Café Pizza on Trent Bridge – just one of my late night secret rendezvous for a snack

Cafe Pizza on Trent bridge

Café Pizza just across Trent Bridge on the South Side is perhaps one of the spots that I shouldn’t be admitting on the blog, but then again maybe it is time to be open?

She is like a late night temptress and seems to have become part of myfoodhunting world on the way back from the bright lights of the city

Always available, just when I just need to slum it, with a down and dirty burger.

I have walked in here on the way back from the Football, and even on the way to the football and had the place to myself. I have even been in during daylight hours, however

More often than not it has been a late night occasion when I have dropped in on my way back from town!

Some nights it seems that almost the entire crowd from the Southbank Bar and the TBI are in there ordering food. It can be quite a scene 🙂

Half Pound Cheese Burger

 Double Cheeseburger at Cafe Pizza

What I like about Café Pizza is that they cook the burgers on one of those flat top type grills and so you get that lovely chargrill taste on the burger and also on the bun which they throw on the grill to toast a little.

It is a pretty basic affair, the patty itself is a really solid meaty bite, not too fatty, and really well cooked on that grill. Just right for my liking.

They describe their burger as being “Grilled American Style, all served with Fries and salad (lettuce and tomato)”. The burger and the salad is well worth the visit.

It is big, it is filling, it is perhaps not clever, but is really is very tasty!

You should come here instead of one of those chain restaurants! Keep it local!

Inside Cafe Pizza

Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t fallen that far, but they do a very good burger here at Café Pizza.

I have eaten quite a few, and I am pretty fussy even after a beer or two

It maybe not be all fancy and  gourmet, but they know what they need to do in order to get people to come back.

Whatever time I have been pretty happy with my lot and have ended up walking back home along the embankment with my ill gotten food gains

Burger Menu

Cafe Pizza Burger Menu

Café Pizza is located on the South Side of Trent Bridge at 3-4 Trent Bridge Building


+44 (0) 115 981 1811

They are open from 5pm til late

They do as their name suggest sell Pizza

Which to my recollection are not bad at all

You can even order by email and text!


07401 126766


The Angel Microbrewery – A nice pint and a rather interesting burger

The Old Angel Microbrewery

The Angel Microbrewery on Stoney Street is the reincarnation of the Old Angel Pub which has been on this corner since the 1600’s. I will admit that I hadn’t been in here for at least 25 years, I used to come in in my polytechnic days when we were happy to slum it. We liked the rough and ready edges, the rock, and of course the legendary toilets.

When I came back to Nottingham it seemed that I had just grown away from that scene so we never seemed to come here anymore. It was like a distant memory.

So roll on to 2016 and the place closed to be reopened as a cleaner more sanitised angel with a yet to appear microbrewery attached. Maybe it has lost it’s edge? It seemed a bit too clean when I came in last week, and worst of all the toilets are really nice and pleasant! 🙂

Ok yes you may guess that I am taking the piss a little bit and also pandering to my friends who are already moaning that it ‘just isn’t the same’.

However, I will be honest and say I like it more now and I found myself sitting in the corner, drinking a pint of local beer from the local  Black Iris brewery, and thinking “this is nice I might start coming here again

Bit of the Menu

Old Angel Microbrewery Menu

So I like a nice pint of local beer and I also like a nice bit of food so it was predictable that I would be reaching for the Menu to find something to eat.

The menu at the Angel microbrewery  is split into two sides, one for the Herbivore and one for the Carnivore. It is probably the only place I have seen in the city where there is an equal split for the vegetarian with a matching dish for the meat eater. This should be no surprise though when you find that the new owner, Benjamin Rose, is also the owner of the excellent and highly rated vegetarian and vegan Alley Café on Cannon Court just off Long Row

I honestly did consider that maybe I should choose something from the herbivore side, just in case the chef had never seen meat before, but I didn’t I ordered a burger from the Carnivore side


Old Angel Microbrewery Burger

So I ordered the ‘carnivore’ version of the Burger which was described on the menu as;

“A 6oz beef patty, made to our house recipe with back bacon, creamy blue cheese and homemade plum chutney.

Served with our organic hand cut chips, homemade burger relish and a side salad.”

It looked rustic, and it looked to be very much home made, this had the ‘Alley Café’ written all over it only with a touch of meat added. At this point I have to be honest, I am still not sure what I think about this burger. It was so kind of so ‘rough and ready’ that it felt unfinished, but it was tasty, well at least tasty in the interesting sense. Visually the burger patty is a mess, it looks like someone grabbed some meat, rolled it around a bit in their hands to form some kind of patty and bunged it on the grill. You know just how I do at home every weekend myself on my backyard barbeque.

It was kind of refreshing to get something that I might have been served at my mates house when he was being all like ‘look at me, I  made my own burger’ but at the same time I was thinking is this for real? texturally I am still not sure, it was a bit chewy it must be the way they ground the meat. It had a good taste but also a weird taste, perhaps that was the combination of plum and blue cheese?

Burger at the Angel Microbrewery

The best thing to do at this point is to just transpose what I wrote down as I ate this burger;

“Interesting! Flavour wise I am getting a little smoke, a little bit of gentle plum, it is almost perfume like, subtle but very different. In a good way?

I cant decide if this was good or the worst. It is tasty. The burger was so crumbly not sure if it was genius or just plain wrong.

The chips looked like the dirtiest greasiest things I have been served for ages BUT I actually really liked them.

They might be organic and hand cut but they also looked and tasted like they had come out of your Grandma’s chip pan on a heavy day.

Was it nice? well yeh it kind of was.

Summed up by someone else walking out ‘It tasted better than it looked’  


I am looking forward to see what they have on tap when the microbrewery arrives

and next time?

I will probably order the vegetarian version of the burger which sounded pretty good on the menu;

The Caramelized Irish Field Mushroom Burger;

“A Homemade patty made from roasted mushroom sourced from ireland blended with fresh garlic, thyme, sea salt and black pepper, topped with our homemade basil pesto.
Served with organic handcut chips and a side salad” 


The Angel Microbrewery and Freehouse is located at 7 Stoney St, Nottingham NG1 1LG

You can also follow them on their Facebook page and on Twitter

The Frame Breakers – Excellent Pub Lunch with Great Food and Beer in Ruddington

Frame Breakers Pub in Ruddington

Frame Breakers on the High Street in Ruddington is a right proper pub serving up in their own words ‘Great Beer and Good Food’. It is part of the Nottingham Brewery Family,  the same group that have the Ned Ludd in the City Centre.

The last time I came into this pub it was called the Bricklayers Arms, the name change apparently links it to the Ned Ludd  named after the Luddite leader and the Framework Knitters Museum in Ruddington which is just a few hundred yard away on Church Street.

I often drive past the pub on my way out to Gotham via Clifton, it is one of the busier junctions in Ruddington, and each time while sitting in the traffic I looked over at the pub and the people sitting out back in the beer garden and felt both  thirsty and hungry.

This week I persuaded a couple of mates from work to join me for a pub lunch, basically a ruse so that I could try the place out.

Before we came I had been looking online at the menu and I had pretty much already made my lunch selection. I had been really keen to try the “Drunken Grilled Cheese Sandwich” – ‘American style grilled cheese and beer-caramelised onion sandwich’ as I really love a proper US grilled cheese, it is one of the things I really miss from the States.

That had been the plan anyway, but that wasn’t what happened!

When we walked in I hadn’t even thought that there would be a ‘Today’s special menu’ that would turn my earlier thoughts and choices upside down

Todays Specials

Specials Menu at Frame Breakers Pub

But there was and it captured my attention in an instant, held it, grasped it a little bit more, and won my heart with the words;

“Beef and Chorizo Burger topped with cheese and chilli mayo, served in a Brioche bun with baby gem lettuce and tomato with a scoop of chips”.

Lots of my favourite food friends in a bun, what could be better?

Oh yes, the value at just £6.50!

I was pretty tempted to try the “Rio inspired Brazilian Sausage” that was ‘served simply with drunken onions and a chilli mayo dip’ as that really sounded good!

But you know what? that was never going to happen once you told me that there is a homemade beef and chorizo burger to be eaten!

 Beef and Chorizo Burger with a ‘scoop of chips’

Chorizo Beefburger at Frame Breakers in Ruddington

The Burger arrived in one of those red plastic trays just like you get in the classic American Diner. My first thoughts or salivations were all about that molten cheese oozing out of the bun and dripping down the side of the burger.

I really do not know how I was able to control myself long enough to take a photo. It was looking rustic and it was looking just as promised ‘home made’, it was looking like a winner!

Alongside the burger was that ‘scoop’ of chips, mentioned oh so casually on the specials poster.

I was only expecting some sort of  basic chip garnish, so I was delighted when it turned out to be a big freshly cooked mound of delightful potato bites.

They were really well cooked, freshly cut, nicely thick, crisp casing and fluffy potato filling, almost perfection.

But what about the burger that you were drooling all over a moment ago?

Beef and Chorizo Burger 

Burger at Frame Breakers in Ruddington

The Beef and Chorizo Burger was really quite delicious, it is the sort of burger that you just cannot stop eating. It was a good job that it was not twice the size because trust me I would be stuffing it into my mouth all day long .

The burger patty was quite the star, crumbly beef with chunky pieces of sweet and spicy chorizo sausage are blended together in an almost perfect ratio, perfect for me anyway. The beef was moist and really well seasoned, it was the perfect compliment to the chorizo by balancing out the sweet spice. Honestly each bite was a delight.

The whole burger sandwich was really well constructed, they have the layer of crunchy lettuce on the base on the bun to stop all the juice escaping into the bread, now it might sound a bit daft to mention, but it is attention to detail like this that can make or break a burger, as it helps to stop a soggy bottom layer which all too often is the reason so many pub burgers fall apart in your hands.

The top and bottom bun had a layer of really quite awesome chilli mayo spread upon them. It was a kind of spicy thousand island dressing with more heat, more tang, and more creaminess.

The cheese on the top was just about perfect too, it was a mature cheddar (I think) and it gave that tanginess and sweetness that you really needed to cut through the spice from the mayo, the sweet chorizo, and those lovely meat juices, that dribbled out of the burger bun with each bite.

Did I like it? Hell yes! I have used all my favourite burger words 🙂

What else have they got?

The Nottingham Pie

Nottingham Pie at Frame Breakers in Ruddington

The Nottingham Pie sounded pretty interesting “Homemade beef brisket served upside down in a filo pastry case topped with mashed potato, crumbled Stilton cheese and crispy bacon bits, plus a healthy portion of minted peas”

I was intrigued!

Fortunately one of my companions, Antony, ordered it and really enjoyed it, so much so that I took advantage and asked him for a quote (luckily it was a bit longer than “It was really nice”)

“The Pie was a lovely homemade mash sprinkled with bacon bits and stilton cheese on top of tender (fall apart) brisket encased in filo pastry. Came with tasty gravy and minted mushy peas. A bargain and a wonderful combination of ingredients”

I have to say that it did look darn good on his plate, the open pie was quite unusual looking but I could see that it was packed with potato, brisket and chunks of stilton cheese.

When it arrived those fresh green mushy peas topped with a drizzle of thick mint sauce looked so vibrant against the white tin plate.

I could smell that lovely aroma of peas and mint drifting across the table, it was a good job that my burger arrived moments later!

Note to self: Come back and try the pie

Inside the pub

Inside Frame Breakers Ruddington

The Frame Breakers is a really great pub, I really like what they have done with the place, it is very relaxed inside, bright and airy.

The staff were really friendly and the locals were pretty chatty too it all felt very welcoming

There was some really great food on offer as well (which I may already have mentioned) and I understand that they source a lot of the produce locally with the meat coming from the local butcher.

Beer wise they had all the Nottingham Brewery classics and a few guests as well, they post any events on their social media such as last week when they posted that “Its International IPA day today so come and celebrate with our fantastic range of IPA’s and EPA’s.”

I am pretty sure that we will be back for another visit

This place has ‘Friday Lunchtime Spot’ written all over it!

Next time Maybe I will eat that Grilled Cheese Sandwich? or maybe I am secretly hoping that they still have that Beef and Chorizo Burger on the Menu!

House Specials Menu

Frame Breakers Menu Ruddington

Ooh I just remembered that they have a ‘Breaker Burger’ on the menu – 2 burgers with cheese and chilli, yum maybe that has to be added to the list too!

Frame Breakers in Ruddington

The Frame Breakers pub is located on the High Street in Ruddington at the cross roads with Kirk Lane and Church Street. NG11 6DT

They do have a  car park and there is also a good bus, the NCT 10, that runs from the City you can catch if you have no designated driver and fancy a good session on those Nottingham Brewery ales

Check them out too on their Facebook page and also on their Twitter Feed   



The National Videogame Arcade Toast Bar and Garden – all sorts of Toasted Snacks while you play


National Videp Arcade Nottingham

The National Videogame Arcade is the home to many an arcade machine and retro game system classic. It is a great place to hang out for kids of all ages and many people I talked to hadn’t been in because they think that you have to get a ticket to go in. Well you do need one for the museum but it seems that a little known fact is that you can go into their café; The Toast Bar for free!

That is what I have found myself doing on occasion, and apart from chomping on some great ‘toast’ themed snacks, you can also play quite a selection of arcade and video games all for free too! When I was last in a group of kids were playing Mario Cart on the Telly and some slightly older ‘kids’ were playing some other retro games a bit more quietly.

Tuna Melt

Tuna Melt at the Toast Bar

At the Toast Bar there were a lot of different toasted sandwiches ‘Toasties’ to try out. I was pretty keen to try the “Rarebit” which was a combination of cheddar cheese, crème fraiche, mustard and onion chutney. Initially I ordered that for £3.50 but unfortunately they had run out of chutney so they offered me a swap, no problem I wanted everything so I swapped for one of my other all time faves the Tuna Melt on Sourdough bread.

This was pretty good, so I didn’t mind the swap out, that is how life rolls sometimes!

The sourdough bread had toasted well and had that lovely beer taste (I know that it’s the yeast that makes the flavour, but beer taste makes me happier).

The bread was toasted just enough to make it crunchy but not to much to make it hard. I love the mix of soft tangy melted cheese and slightly salty tuna that you get in this particular sandwich. This effort at the Toast bar did not disappoint!

What else was there on that menu? Well there was one called The Pizza, and another called The Reuben which was “pastrami, mozzarella and sauerkraut with Russian dressing.” I could have easily ordered that too as I love me a Reuben.

You could have “The Roast Dinner” which is apparently, as you might guess,  basically Roast beef and gravy! another one on the list was The Nacho described as being “Cheese, Tortilla chips, jalapenos, sour cream and salsa“. I was assured that it was was just like having nacho’s, but I don’t like Nacho’s so I was happy to be having the Tuna Melt!

Ooh I’ll have a Latté

Latte Coffee at the Toast bar in Nottingham


I am not a massive coffee drinker but I was in the mood for a Latté and since it photographed so well I just though I would mention that 🙂 also I can then mention that they are also a great supporter of the local producer with their coffee being supplied by the Damn Fine Coffee Company, and by Lee & Fletcher, both local independent businesses!

So what else was there on that ‘Toastie’ menu? Well there was one called The Pizza, and another called The Reuben which was “pastrami, mozzarella and sauerkraut with Russian dressing”.

I could have easily ordered that too as I love me a Reuben!

You could also have one called “The Roast Dinner” which apparently basically Roast beef and gravy! or one called The Nacho described as being “Cheese, Tortilla chips, jalapenos, sour cream and salsa. I was assured that it was just like having nacho’s, I don’t like Nacho’s so was happy to be having the Tuna Melt

The NVA Toast Bar and Garden sign

The Toast Bar menu was not all just about Toasties, they have plenty of other Toast related items for our delectation. I really meant to come back in to try their ‘Scrambled Eggs on toast’ one Sunday morning, and I still do plan to. You can also have ‘beans on toast’ both for £3.

If you just want some Toast?

You can get Two slices for £1.50 and they have plenty of toppings such as peanut butter, nutella, honey, sliced banana, or jam (raspberry / strawberry) and marmalade that you can add for 50p.

It is just one big world of Toast isn’t it!

They are Located at

The National Videogame Arcade
24-32 Carlton Street

Just thought I should also mention that

The Bread comes from a local artisan producer; Hambleton Bakery, and they get their cakes from Homemade which is just up the road Hockley way


You can check out Toast Bar and see their up to date menu on their website and you can also follow them on Facebook and on Twitter too


Watson Fothergills – Ale Battered Haddock Fillet (aka Fish and Chips)



It was a Friday so it was once again time to get my hands on a plate of Fish and Chips. We headed up the hill past the castle, through the hordes of Pokémon Go hunters by the Robin Hood Statue over to Watson Fothergills to see what they had on offer.

The food at Fothergills is always excellent and they usually have a really good selection of local beer so we were pretty hopeful

Ale Battered Haddock Fillet (aka Fish and Chips)

Fish and Chips at Fothergills

We were in luck, ‘Fish and Chips’ was on the menu, although they made it sound a little bit fancier here by describing it as;

“Ale and citrus battered haddock with minted pea pureé,

chips, and homemade tartare sauce

I really do favour a nice piece of Haddock when choosing my fried fish and this beast on my plate lived up to my hopes and expectations. The fish inside was moist and held it’s shape in solid flakes as you cut it open. Interestingly they had taken the skin off the fish, which was a nice touch but not typical for a battered fish in Nottingham.

The batter is a lot darker in colour and quite a lot crunchier than you might expect to find if you were in a chip shop. I did like the crispy coating, it did have, as suggested from the menu description a little bit of a lemony twist and a bit of a malty taste from the beer. They had sprinkled mine with sea salt and flakes of parsley which was a little bit old school.

The well cooked chips were hidden beneath and there were just about enough of them to keep up with the chowing of that fish, you know what I mean, forkful of fish, couple of chips dipped into mushy pea, back to another forkful of chips, sip of beer, and continue ad infinitum until plate is empty.

The homemade tartare sauce was quite pleasant, it had a good depth of creaminess and a tart tang as one would hope. I really quite liked the minty pea puree, it had a really fresh and minty taste. I do though really like a proper pot of mushy peas so was kind of thinking something was a little amiss in my world. I would have like the minty puree with some sort of lamb dish.

Fish and Chips at Fothergills

All in all this was a really good plate of food and I really enjoyed my somewhat upscale Fish and Chips Friday.

I have found that the food at Watson Fothergills is always pretty good and this matched all my previous experiences. It was a good decision to pop in!

Watson Fothergills is located

 Situated up by the Castle at 5-7 Castle Road
Nottingham NG1 6AA
Tel: 0115 9588195

it is a 5 minute walk from the Old Market Square Tram Stop.

You can follow them on Twitter for more up to date news, or check them out on Facebook

Other visits we have written about may have involved more beer:

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Pokemon Sign at Fothergills

They were encouraging the Pokémon Go hunters

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