Sausage and Mash – English Comfort Food

It is nearing the end of  my first full week over in the UK and it has rained nearly every day. I guess that I did wish for some rain when I came over as I do miss the English rain. But now to be honest I am bored of it and I could do with so nice cool Chicago spring weather. With the miserable weather I was in dire need of some comfort food, and what better to have than some sausage and mash. Last week we went off to the Gonalston Farm shop and so some of the sausages we captured there were about to meet their end sacrificed to the  greater good of my rumbling stomach.

For those about to be consumed we had some Lincolnshire sausages which is traditionally pork with thyme, sage, and parsley. We also had some Lamb and Mint flavoured ones as well. Once cooked the Lamb and Mint were much darker. To go with the sausages some standard fare of mashed potatoes, processed peas, and red onion gravy were the accompanying players.

The Lincolnshire sausages were very herby, slightly overpowering on the sage front, I am not sure if you can taste pungent but that would be the closest description to the sage flavour. The Lamb and Mint were really minty and since I like mint sauce on my Roast Lamb that was totally fine with me. We spent quite some time debating how these could be served at Frank ‘n’ Dawgs in Chicago, I would have probably served them with some sort of pea puree and soft slowed cooked red onions.

Either way they both succeeded in their roles as Comfort food and my body and brain were satiated.

Interestingly Lincoln sausages are a little like Champagne in that you can only call them Lincolnshire if they are made within the county of Lincolnshire . I am assuming that you can only call Lamb and Mint sausages “Lamb and Mint” if they do actually contain both ingredients.

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