The Silly Sausage Cafe – A not so greasy ‘Greasy Spoon’


While I am in the UK. I am spending my time ensuring that I promote a stereotypical or is it a ‘rose tinted’ view of what this country has to offer foodwise by portraying my English Culinary horizons. To ensure that plan of attack I just had to seek out a traditional Greasy Spoon cafe, and I found one in the middle of the old Cattle Market in Nottingham in the fantastically named “Silly Sausage Cafe”.


“Silly Sausage” is an endearing greeting that one in England might give to someone who has been a bit daft, its not rude and is quite charming in its own way as a greeting such as ‘ooh you are a silly sausage’ .

Typically these cafes are safe bets for anything in the egg, bacon, and sausage department. They are also good for ‘builder’s tea, which is a very strong cup of tea that you could stand your spoon up in, if you were so inclined. Pretty much anything breakfast related is available and ‘Bacon butties ‘ and ‘Sausage Baps’ are the mainstay fare

I went for  a sausage, bacon, and egg sandwich on white sliced bread for the bargain sum of  1.80GBP just a couple of dollars. It was not too big, the sausages were actually not bad they were a bit herby and not your usual cheap supermarket rubbish. It was pretty clean inside and there were copies of all the tabloid English newspapers to read as well.

I don’t know if it is just me, but I can barely look at the picture of this butty without salivating. Apart from all the inner goodness, the plain sliced factory bread in which it is enveloped is just so much simpler and less fussy to me than all your fancy baguettes and rolls. You also don’t need to worry about cracking your teeth or rubbing up your gums with something too crunchy, rock hard or full of massive seeds. Apart from that, when I am eating something that in principle is unhealthy, I don’t need some healthy wholewheat grain getting in on the action trying to mask the gluttony, no the honest white bread is doing a great job and is fine for me.

The Silly Sausage is in the middle of Nottingham’s old cattle market in sight of the famous Meadow Lane stadium home of Notts County ‘the oldest league football team in the world’ so it is perfectly located.

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