Grannies Tearoom and Gift Shop – A nice light lunch

Grannie Tea Room

Grannies Tearoom and Gift Shop is in the village of Cotgrave. It is close to the The Manvers Public house and All Saints Church  next to the small Sainsbury’s supermarket. The tearoom is housed in a long cottage building which was larger inside than expected, it is quite quaint with an open ceiling with exposed rafters and plenty of shelves covered in nic nacs. There are lots of wooden tables in that old english tea room style, comfortable with an old school feel.

Grannies Tearoom Specials board Grannies Quiche Special

Today’s specials all looked good and they were sitting on the counter top begging us to choose one. I only came in for a cup of tea and a scone, but once we had seen the specials the lunch was going to be expanding, the challenge now was to do that without expanding the waist. There was an drool inducing steak and ale pie on offer in one of those trays where they cut you a slice out. That was almost the choice, but really I only wanted a light bite so I opted for the “Brie and Bacon Quiche” which came with a small side salad.

The quiche was quite light and not at all stodgy like some can be, in highly untechnical culiinary terms I can describe it as being quite eggy. The bacon added a little saltiness when you got a bit but it did need quite a bit of seasoning added as it was quite light in flavour. I did not get too much of a cheese taste but that was Ok for me as I am not a massive Brie fan, the salad was a simple affair but even without any dressing it was just about right for the dish. Overall it was as hoped, a light lunch that leaves plenty of room for later.

Located at 3 Bingham Road, Cotgrave. It is open Mondays to Saturday  (9.00am – 5.00pm) you can park in the shared local supermarket car park adjacent to it free for 1 hr.

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  1. Claire GRIMES says:

    It was terrible. I have never seen such a disorganised place. She laughed at me when she told me my sausage cob hadn’t gone through to the kitchen after waiting 20 minutes for a take away.

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      I haven’t been there for 9 years so might be different people now

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