Murat Food Centre – It is big and green and full of ethnic treats.

The Murat Food Centre is in that green big green warehouse in Sneinton Market that you see a mile off as you pass by. It says international but it seemed to cater for Polish, Turkish, Indian, and Pakastani palates more than anything. It was not that extensive a selection in terms of spices, rices, and pastes. I think that you could get more variety and bulk buys up on Radford Road or in that general Hyson Green area. but having said that this place is easier to get to walking from the city, just stroll down to the end of the road from Hockley and the Lace Market Tram stop.

On the right hand side as you walk into the Murat Food Centre is the vegetable section. All of the basic items you need are there and it has one of the best displays of chillies that I have seen for some time. A really good selection, almost picture perfect at the post card level.

The meat section is next to this area as well. There was not too much on display, but the guy behind the counter was cutting up the lamb and mutton to order. It all looked quite decent and with good prices as well.

The bakery section looks good as well, some tasty looking baklava (a rich and sweet layered filo pastry filled with chopped nuts) and other pastry treats. More of your polish and turkish items than your indian sweets. It did look interesting and worth getting a small bag full to munch on.

I could make a more detailed list of what you can find in the store, but instead you can check out the Murat website, which is one of the most interesting store websites I have seen in Nottingham so far, in that it has a walk through video of the store, that I thought was quite good. I would have loved to have narrated that video.

Murat Food Centre is in unit 2 on Gedling Road in Sneinton Market.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Owner is probably the rudest man I’ve met!

  2. Peter Vorb says:

    They are currently over pricing cleaning products to rip customers off and so bottle of Dettol £19.99 which would normally relatail for less than £3.00. Despicable profiteering, people should remember

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      I agree thats outrageous, on the flipside if it was normal price would some greedy fucker buy everything and either sell it on or keep it for themselves.
      People should also judge if they are stockpiling food and other goods when they don’t really need to and then driving up prices and presenting opportunities for people to profit. Bit of a nightmare at the moment is it not

  3. James Wilks says:

    Greedy scumbags shamelessly & massively overcharging people for disinfectant in our hour of need, boycott this store they would have your eyes out!!!!!

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