Trip to Jerusalem – Testing the burgers with an out of town American

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

The Olde Trip to Jersusalem  lays claim to being the oldest inn in England and is a destination pub particularly for overseas visitors to Nottingham. I nearly always bring my American friends here, even those that do not like beer. I am not going to bang on about the history of the place you can find all of that on their website and really all we need to talk about is the food isn’t it?

The Pig Board

Homemade Scotch Egg

I really quite fancied getting my hands on the “Pig Board” option which is a platter of “Home-made Scotch egg & Old Spot sausage roll, breaded belly bites, sticky Gloucestershire sausages, Tiptree honey mustard, Colman’s English mustard, HP sauce, and Bramley apple chutney” for £11.45. That wasn’t going to be the table choice on this occasion but I did order a sneaky plate from the sharing tapas section of one of those “Home-made Suffolk Pork Scotch Egg with HP sauce and watercress” for £3.50. That was really very good indeed, it was freshly cooked and came warm with a crisp breaded outer casing of sausage covering a warm cooked egg with an almost runny egg. It might have set on it’s way from the kitchen to our table. I would have loved a bit of creamy yolk though. If nothing else it heightened my resolve to come back for that whole “pig board”

Bacon and Cheese burger

BBQ burger

In the end it was all played quite safe and we each had one of their ‘Hand-pressed burgers’ described as a “Prime steak burgers in a brioche bun. Baby gem, beef tomato, red onion, gherkin, burger relish, and skin-on chips.” I opted for the “Smoked Streaky Bacon & Cheese Burger” for £8.95 you could get this with either Devon Cheddar or Shropshire Blue cheese, I had it with the Cheddar. Mike my American friend had the “Slow-cooked BBQ Beef Topped Burger” for £9.95 which was accompanied with Crème fraîche, and coriander” . Mine was good, well cooked, very juicy meat patty and the cheese topping was quite nice, but I kind of liked the look of the Slow-cooked BBQ Beef topping on Mike’s burger more. Having said all that, I still regret not getting that Pig Board!

Overall my American friend Mike declared that the burger was not too bad. I thought that mine was OK as well, but as I said I would have had that pig board and to be honest if I was having a burger in Nottingham I would go to Annie’s Burger Shack (Why didn’t we? It had stopped serving)

Check everything out at their website

They are located right beneath the Castle Rock at the Brewhouse Yard. The Trip to Jerusalem is just on the fringe of the 5 minute walk radius from both the Station Street NET stop and the Old Market Square NET stop. Personally I would walk there from the Old Market Square, it is the closest spot and if you ask a local they can point you in the right direction.

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