“Butter Fingers” in Basford, is actually a ‘safe pair of hands’ foodwise

Butterfingers in Basford

When I set out to search for food along the Nottingham Tram Line I had not realised what a food desert it is out there. Once you leave the city centre you really are struggling to find places near enough to the Tram Stops to make it worthwhile using the tram system for food hunting. However having said that it only needs one decent place to make it worthwhile and up at the Basford tram stop just across the road is that place; the Butterfingers Cobshop.

Butterfingers Specials

It was quite small inside with just the counter and a couple of stools if you wanted to sit inside. It has all the usual suspects lined up on a big chalkboard. Cold and Hot filled rolls, toasties, jacket potatoes, salad boxes, and a few daily specials. You can get a breakfast box which is 2 bacon, 2 sausage, Egg mushrooms, Beans and Tomatoes, with 2 slices of toast for just £3.25. Or the same thing in a baguette (minus the toast) for the same price. Today’s specials were either minestrone soup for £1 or a Hot Pork and Stuffing cob for £2.80

Roast Pork Cob

I opted for the daily special ‘Roast Pork Cob with stuffing’. It was a soft bap filled with some nice thick slices of meat which were not dry and actually quite juicy. The stuffing was OK a bit soggy, it could have done with a bit of crackling in there for some crunchy texture. I could have had apple sauce as well, but I declined the offer thinking that the stuffing would be enough to add flavour. Nothing really too wrong here a pretty decent effort.

If you are looking around the Basford Stop for food, well this is pretty much the only place to go to, there is nothing else out there. I like to think that is called ‘butterfingers’ ironically as they did not seem to drop anything making my cob.

Butterfingers is at 420 Nottingham Road, Basford and is just about 2 minutes walk away from the tram stop.

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  1. ann flynn says:

    I have NEVER had a worse breakfast box in my life. I’m sorry. I have been using butterfingers for many years as I live just around the corner. I ordered a sausage cob (£1.85), a bacon and mushroom cob (£2.20) and a breakfast box Inc toast (£3.50). The quiet but polite young man served and I presume also cooked (warmed up) the food in the back as I didn’t see anyone else. The cobs I will pass as ‘ok’ but the breakfast box was something I can only describe as disgusting. One sausage, half a piece of bacon 5 small slices of mushrooms, tablespoon of mushrooms and the same baked beans which were very peppery. NO TOAST. For £3.50. The ‘box’ was almost empty. I will never use Butterfingers again and I hate saying that as like I said earlier I have been going there for many years.

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