The Cheese Shop Deli and Cafe – “Seriously Tasty Sandwiches”

The Cheese Shop deli and cafe

The Cheese Shop Deli and cafe is in the Flying Horse arcade and specialises in lots of good quality English and Continental cheeses and meats. It is a family run affair, owned by brothers Webb and Rob Freckingham. If you have not been here for a while you will note that it is now located in a much larger space within the Flying Horse Walk and now has a largish cafe area where you can sit and eat one of their daily specials, whatever goodies you just bought from their deli counter, or just sip on a cup of tea or coffee.

Although there were just a small selection of sandwiches on offer, after all this is primarily a purveyor of quality cheeses, I thought that was a good thing. Personally it meant that I have less time to pontificate over my choices and less regrets when I cannot really decide what I want and then end up regretting my choice or even (as often happens) end up mentally salivating over the sandwich being eaten on a nearby table. It also mean that one can concentrate on just putting out a few really good quality blockbuster sandwich combinations.

Blush Tomato and Mozzerella Roll

I chose one of the two daily specials which was a blush tomato and mozzarella sandwich with balsamic vinegar on a granary roll. I think that this could have been the best sandwich that I have eaten this month. It was incredibly tasty and that was by no small means due to the quality of the ingredients used to make it. It was a perfect combination of flavours and textures, peppery and crunchy rocket, juicy, soft and sweet blush tomato, creamy mozzarella all placed together in that soft and nutty pocket of granary bread. It was well seasoned and there was just enough and not too much of the sweet and tangy balsamic to elevate the flavours. At first when it arrived I thought that there was too much tomato and that it was going to be a bit acidic, but I was totally wrong. In fact I could have had a whole lot more, they were both sweet, and slightly chewy while still soft at the same time, a perfect compliment to the cheese and balsamic. I really liked the bread as well, even though it was quite thickly cut it was so soft that each mouthful was like a gentle cushion blow to the mouth.

I entered the shop thinking that I would be walking out with some cheese, but instead I walked out with the memory of a truly excellent sandwich. I cannot say enough that it is well worth visiting and sampling one of the offerings on their daily and specials boards.

Flying Horse at Flying Horse walk

The Cheese Shop is located at 6 Flying Horse Walk, which is the upmarket arcade that runs through the length of the Old Flying Horse Hotel building. The most convenient tram stop is probably the one in the Old Market square, walk up past the right hand lion past the Council House and look out for the lovely wired framed horse above the gantry of the entrance.

You can check out the range of cheese offerings that they have on their website, or instead you can just go into the shop and oggle at the array behind the counter (much more fun)

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