The Sandwich Bar – A nice ‘bacon butty’ by the tram line


The Sandwich Bar is a tiny little cob shop just next to the car park by the Moor Bridge Tram stop. It was a case of one in one out when I chanced upon it. There were two people inside getting their food and one had to step aside to even get the door open. I was quite glad though to find the shop as there really does not seem to be that many places to eat next to some of these tram stops.

IMG00114-20130313-1345 Bacon and Mushroom Butty from The Sandwich Bar

As you walk out of the tram car park and turn right along Hucknall Lane towards the derelict Swingers Pub you hit the Sandwich Bar straight away. A sign board outside suggests that they have the “Best Bacon Butties”. OK so I am not that much of a sucker to be drawn in by such claims, but I did suddenly fancy a Bacon Butty. It was not too bad, the bacon was already cooked so they had to heat it up, and the cooked mushrooms came out of a plastic container so nothing was being cooked to order. I asked for some brown sauce to accompany the sandwich and I saw quite a larger splodge being added to the cob. Despite everything it was quite alright, the bacon was crispy and a bit chewy, the bread was nice and soft, the mushrooms were somewhere between wet and juicy, and of course the brown sauce made everything safe and solid. It was a good lunchtime filler for just £2.50. The hot food basically was a combination of bacon, sausage, and egg. A plain bacon cob was £2 as was a plain sausage one, add 20p for an egg, 50p for some mushrooms, and somewhat bizarrely in the cost combination sausage AND bacon is just £2.50 as well.

To be honest we only got off the Tram at Moor Bridge because we had just seen a pub called ‘The Swinger’ as we raced by on the Tram back from Hucknall and we thought it would be funny to stop in there just for the name. Sadly we were to find out that the pub was now closed and had a hand car wash in the cark. I was even sadder to find out via google that the origin of the pub name was due to the buses using the corner to ‘swing’ around on their journey. Spoilsport naming police! Forget Swingers what about The Sandwich Bar?

The Sandwich Bar is a nice little local cob shop at 32 Hucknall Lane, in Bulwell, just 1 minute walk from the Moor Bridge Tram Stop

Sample Menu

Sandwich bar menu

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