Cafe Hockley – I just can not walk past a Daily Specials board!

The Cafe Hockley Daily Special Board

Walking through Hockley this week I was not even aware that I needed a sausage bap until I passed by the Café Hockley and saw their chalkboard advertising a sausage cob and a mug of tea for £2.50. Maybe I am a easy lay when it comes to succumbing to the temptation of a breakfast bap or maybe I am just easily drawn in by such adverts (probably both).

Sausage Cob

Although there were plenty of other, perhaps more exciting, options available on the Café Hockley menu I did just what I said I would and ordered the daily special. It was quite a nice day and they have a small fenced off area outside with tables and chairs so I sat outside and waited for it to arrive. It was cooked to order so that was one good thing and it took about 10 minutes to arrive. Sliding the bread cover to one side for a moment, I could see that there was plenty of sausage inside, probably about three slices in half lengthways. It looked on first inspection to be quite a decent sausage, I could see a lots of herby flecks inside the meat. On taking that first bite I was to find that is was quite a soft sausage, not as meaty as I thought it was going to be, but then again what was I really expecting for £2.50? A cheap and cheerful breakfast cob, and that is what I got. It tasted nice anyway and that is all that counts in the end isn’t it?

I saw some of the other food coming out to the tables, some jacket potatoes and some paninis, and it all looked fairly decent to me. If I was not such a sucker for that sausage cob deal I would probably have chosen something like that. Maybe next time I will, although chances are, if I am totally honest with you, it will be a bacon cob next time.

Cafe Hockley Sign

Other signage claimed the best hangover cure in Nottingham. I did not even have a hangover but now I feel like I want one, or should get one just so that I can come back again for another breakfast sandwich. At least that will make a valiant excuse for a night around town drinking a couple or several pints of real ale.

Café Hockley is at 3 Heathcoat Street about 2-3 minutes walk from the Lace Market Tram stop down the hill into Hockley

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