“All Hail the Ale!” The Ye Olde Trip Real Ale Festival

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Over this weekend the Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub in Nottingham is hosting a Beer Festival featuring 23 different beers and a few ciders from a number of the local breweries. Notable inclusions from Nottinghamshire are from the Nottingham, Magpie, Milestone, Mallard, Maypole,  and the Blue Monkey Breweries. Together with other offerings from a little further afield from Allgates, Tunnel, Grafters, Burton Bridge, Holdens, Ossett, Whim Ales, and Clare.

Beer Festival BarrelsMarmoset Beer from Blue Monkey

The beer barrels were set up in the inner courtyard area and were priced at £3 a pint. There was just a barrel of each so the Brewmeister was rationing out which beers were going to be available on each day. The beers that we sampled were the “Marmoset” from the Blue Monkey brewery which is a ‘highly hopped citrusy session beer with a delicious dry finish‘. It is a ‘Pale malt, bittered with magnum and flavoured with Citra hops’. and the “St Georges Ale” from the Nottingham brewery which is one of only two seasonal brews regularly produced by the brewery described as ‘a traditional, old fashioned session-bitter’ .  Both were very good, but then again I expected nothing less.

Olde Trip Signolde trip

The “All Hail the Ale beer festival” is at the Olde Trip To Jerusalem Pub in Nottingham located at the Brewhouse Yard
Nottingham NG1 6AD. It is an easy five minute walk up from the Old Market Square Tram Stop

Full List of Beers and Ciders that were available

Ale Hail the Ale list

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