The Hutt Inn at Ravenshead – King John stayed here and I ate here

Today the Nottingham Food Blog welcomes a Guest Post from my long time Food and Beer Hunting companion Martin.

Hopefully the first of many contributions!

Martin The Hutt

This week Marcus (aka myfoodhunt) persuaded me to write up one of my own personal food hunting adventures. In the past I have been one of the ‘companions’ on the MyFoodHunt trips eating and drinking our way through Nottingham. This weekend after another epic Friday night food hunting extravaganza I was taking things a little steadier with my better half as we visited The Hutt near Ravenshead.

The Hutt Inn is located on Nottingham Road near to the main entrance into Newstead Abbey. It has a very pleasant exterior reminiscent of a country house which is not surprising considering it’s History. The Hutt was built in 1400 and was part of the Newstead estate. In later years it was owned by the Byron family from 1540. It has quite a lot of history, apparently King John stayed here when it was first built and it used to be known as the Royal Hutt. These day it is owned by the Chef and Brewer group who also locally run the Wheatsheaf Inn at Burton Joyce, The Travellers Rest on Mapperley Top, and the Ferry Inn in Wilford.

Inside the HuttThe Hutt main entranceThe Hutt Interior

Inside it is a nice space, the staff were very friendly and we were seated straight away. So good start to the meal.

Basic Hutt MenuHutt fish and chips

I had the fish and chips from the deals menu. I believe this deal is for Mon – Sat between 12:00 and 5:00.

It only took 10 mins or so to come and I was very impressed with the food, the fish was a good size, the batter was crisp and the fish itself was nice and moist and not dry. There was an ample portion of chips which were slightly too soggy (maybe I’m being a little too picky) and the peas were fresh and crisp. It was accompanied with a little pot of creamy mayo sauce which was a nice additional extra I wasn’t expecting. Very good value at just £4.95

Hutt Chocolate pudding

I decided to order the chocolate fudge cake (which included a caramel filling) with thick creamy chocolate sauce, again good service it only took a couple of minutes to come. I had it hot with ice cream, but I could have had it hot or cold with ice cream or with whipped cream. There was also a drizzle of caramel near the ice cream, which was another little unexpected bonus. It was very well presented and was as delicious very tasty and moist.

The Hutt Specials

In addition to the basic menu there were a number of interesting seasonal specials if you fancy something more expensive.

The Hutt is one of a number of pubs within the Chef and Brewer Group. In my opinion it gives good value. The staff were friendly, the service was good and I enjoyed the food. I was very pleased with both the portions and the price, a bargain at just £6.95 for two courses.



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