White Rabbit Tea House II – tempted by some “Scones with Clotted Cream and jam”

White Rabbit IIWhite Rabbit Signboard

As you walk along Bridlesmith Gate you may spot a sign for the newly opened second branch of the White Rabbit Teahouse in the covered alleyway called Bridlesmith Walk that runs between Bridlesmith Gate and Fletcher Gate (if not then please look harder!). I have often alighted from the tram at the Lace Market stop and walked down this covered passageway bemoaning the fact that it has no decent café or tea shop as it was the perfect hidden location for such a place. Now happily the White Rabbit Teahouse has opened a second location right in the midst of that space with what I believe is excellent potential for success. Their other location is on Houndsgate almost a stones throw away for a truly skilled pebble tosser, and I like to imagine a small white rabbit skipping between the two cafés carrying small treats of cake, biscuits, and chocolate fondants and perhaps messages related to the possible needs and desires of the joint customers for scones, buns, and other such baked items.

White Rabbit Menu CoverScone with Clotted Cream and jam at White Rabbit

Anyhow I popped in and having just partaken in lunch, really I was only in need of a cup of tea or perhaps a latte? and maybe just a small cake (or other such treat) to satiate a small sweet tooth that was vying for my attention at that particular moment. As I perused the menu inwardly I was cursing myself for having already had a sandwich as there were quite a few items that I fancied. On the more spicier front I was drawn to the panini filled with ‘Chorizo, Jarlsberg & Jalapeno’s but that seemed a little deviant for this kind of establishment, perhaps a ‘Free Range Egg Mayonnaise’ or ‘Cream Cheese & Cucumber’ sandwich would be more appropriate. If I was with company I would love to spend my lunchtime taking my time to enjoy savouring the delights of one of their “Teas for two” served on a tiered cake stand. That would have been my choice from their menu, any Tea plus ‘One sandwich per person from the following options’; “Tuna & Sweet corn, Cream cheese & Cucumber, Egg Mayo, or Ham & Tomato” add to that a couple of ‘Scones with Cornish clotted cream & Raspberry jam’ and then as if you need any more sustenance, they note it is “Finished off with a tasty cake each” Yes that is going to be one epic yet delightful lunch.

In the end, despite myself, I was restrained (but not really I have, lets not forget, already eaten) and so I just opted to partake of a scone with clotted cream and jam, and a small Latte. Perhaps wise, if I am to shake off any suggestion of being a glutton. I have not had one of these for a while and this was just perfect, a really nicely baked light scone, some clotted cream (always good) and nice raspberry jam to pile on top of it all. It was really very nice indeed, I honestly do not eat that many sweet things, but this is one of those special treats that I am happy to drop my savoury guard to enjoy and delight in. Having said that believe me I am coming back though for that “Tea for Two”!

As you may have already realized there are two White Rabbit Tea Houses in Nottingham. The first and original is at 12 Houndsgate in Nottingham. This second and recently opened house, which I visited today, is at 5 Bridlesmiths Walk. You may see their offerings on their website and you can see the latest on their Facebook page. It is well worth visiting!

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