‘Yummie Tummies’ Cob Shop in Hucknall

Yummie Tummies Hucknall

Yummie Tummies was the first place that I found to eat when I headed up to the end of the Nottingham NET Route 1 tram line to Hucknall. It is a bit of a walk from the train station to what I assume is Hucknall’s main shopping area on the High Street. Yummie Tummies is just around the corner at 6a High Street and it is your standard sandwich and cob shop. Inside it has a couple of tables to sit at, but principally seemed to be doing take out trade. While I sat there everyone who came in were greeted as locals by the friendly lady running the place, they seemed to know her and vice versa, so it was good to see they have a regular trade. There was a good selection on the chalk board ranging across the standard Panini, Cob, and Toasted Sandwich options. They were offering a Roast Cob of the Day which I might have chosen if it had been a Roast Pork one, but sadly (for me) it was Roast Chicken when I was there.

Yummie Tummies Sandwich Board

Chicken, Bacon, Cheese Panini


I hummed and erred and then decided to get a Panini, the most tempting on offer was the Chicken, Bacon, and Cheese combination so I ordered up one of those and sat down to relax. I needed a drink but didn’t really want to pay out too much, so was happy to find a small carton of apple juice in the fridge for just under 40p which I thought was pretty well priced. As I was waiting for my Panini another customer came in and ordered the same sandwich filling as I had done, declaring that since she was picking up the office lunches that day that she would get what she liked and that was the best combination. I felt good about my choice now, and even more so when it arrived and I got to eat it. Even though it was a simple affair, it was quite a good Panini filling, there was plenty of it and it was quite tasty. Ok so the chicken was a bit lost, but there was plenty of cheesey goodness (or is it mild badness?) and a good amount of bacon (could have been a bit crispier). I could have had a side salad, which I declined, but I thought afterwards I should have had it, not for the healthier aspects but quite sadly I thought it would have made a better photograph (Yep that is blog sadness at it’s best). Not too bad a little snack and what was better was that it was only just over £2.

Yummie Tummies Flyer


I rode the Tram along NET Route 1 to the Hucknall Stop to get here. It was about a 5 minute walk to Main street to find the shops following the brown tourist signs, without which I would have been wandering in the wrong direction.

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