Pulled Pork Sandwich at the Broadway Cinema café

Broadway Cinema Cafe Bar

The Broadway Cinema has a café bar which I did not know about until this week, which is a bit dim of me considering that as you walk past there is a big orange sign in the window telling you. OK so I know that you have to walk by to see it, but I am down this way a lot heading to the Brew Dog bar which is next door.

To get to the café you walk through the main entrance past the cinema entrance and through the automatic door into the café. When I walked in there were quite a few people eating and drinking and it was quite a mix of people from office workers, to students, to little old ladies drinking tea.

In terms of the décor I think that are going for something between student union and art centre but I also thought it was a bit leisure centre too, I was half expecting to see someone walk in from the pool with their water wings dripping as they headed to the bar for a coke and a twix.

The room has quite high ceilings so it felt a bit echoey and it was a bit drafty as well. Having said that, I didn’t come for a night out or a posh lunch, I had just come in for a quick snack and I kept my coat on.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich at Broadway

There were quite a few interesting things to eat on the café chalkboard, but the one that stood out for me was the “Pulled Pork Cob” described further on that board as “Shoulder of pork, slowly roasted in whisky BBQ sauce served in a soft bun with potato salad and garnish”.

I was pleasantly surprised when my plateful arrived, the salad garnish turned out to be the largest garnish I have seen before outside of the states. It was glistening with dressing and for a moment I was slightly concerned that it was going to be greasy but it was just about OK (it was just the lighting) the oil had a lightly lemon taste which worked well with the slightly bitter leaves.

The potato salad was also huge it must have had about 3 large potatoes in it, plus a whole lot of mayo and some chopped herb. Looking at the plate both sides almost made the sandwich look quite small on the plate but don’t be fooled there was plenty of sandwich and it was actually a decent size.

I liked the shredded pulled pork filling it was mixed with not a bad BBQ sauce a little bit sweet and sticky which did detract slightly from the taste of the pork, but it was a good effort. I don’t usually like my sauce mixed into the meat but this did work OK. I do prefer to add mine myself though that way I get to find out how good and tasty the meat is.

I liked the sandwich and I even liked the accompanying salads as well. It was about a pound more than the standard prices I am seeing around these days at £7.50. I thought that was good value though so I was quite happy at that price point

I have heard that it can get quite busy in the café but I had no trouble finding a table and there seemed to be plenty of seating. If it is a nice day you can also sit outside at the front of the cinema entrance.

Broadway Café bar is located at 14-18 Broad St  City Centre, Nottingham NG1 3AL . The nearest Tram stop is probably about 5 minutes walk away at the Lace Market.

14-18 Broad St  City Centre, Nottingham NG1 3AL

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