19th Hole Food Focus – Several Lunches at Edwalton Golf Course

Edwalton GC Entrance Edwalton GC

The past couple of weeks I have been popping on occasion to the 19th Hole Bar at Edwalton Golf Course for my lunch. It felt quite like home in some ways as I used to play golf here when I was a teenager back when it first opened in the early 1980’s. Inside the bar it hardly seems to have changed over the years the only was that it all seems a bit smaller, or perhaps I have got a lot bigger.

Quiche and Salad at Edwalton Edwalton Quiche and Salad

Today’s lunchtime special from the board was Quiche with salad and new potatoes for just £3.50. This was really good value and actually quite a decent almost healthy lunch. I came thinking about something like a Lasagne with chips, or a comforting breakfast plate of eggs and bacon, then I saw the specials board and it all changed for the better. It was a lot larger than I was planning but as there was a fair bit of good stuff on the plate I didn’t feel too guilt ridden. For my £3.50 in gold and silver coins I received in return two slices of quiche, a large pile of new potatoes with butter, a good amount of coleslaw and a lot of fresh salad. The quiche might have been a quiche Lorraine, but if not it was essentially one of bacon, cheese, and onion. It needed a little seasoning to help it out, but as I have said on numerous occasions that is fine with me, I am all about adding my own, when and IF it needs it. There was plenty of crisp salad, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, red and yellow bell pepper to keep it healthy, but that was kind of ruined by the rapid consumption of about 10 boiled new potatoes. Still it was worth the ruination they were quite nice.

Tuna Mayo Baguette at Edwalton

Another decent lunch at the nineteenth hole at Edwalton was one of their toasted Tuna Mayonaisse Baguette with salad garnish for £3.85. I find it pretty heartening whenever I get a baguette like this, but I am also saddened when I think of all those people standing in line at your corner chain sandwich shop like a subway. Why get a $5 footlong, when you can get a freshly prepared baguette like this for practically half the price. It may be hard to tell from the picture but I ended up cutting this baguette into 4 decent sized sandwich portions. It was filling enough to have been my main meal of the day. As it happens it wasn’t, but in theory it might have been (well in some sort of parallel myfoodhunt universe where my counterpart at the end of the wormhole is not that interested in food). Freshly toasted, filled with salad and creamy tuna mayo it was well worth every penny.

Egg Mayo with Salad Cob

They also do some simple and basic sandwich options at the Golf Course. I had one of their egg mayonnaise cobs for just £2.50. It was a good sandwich if a little bit messy with a bit too much egg mayo for the bun. It was oozing out all over the place and I had to grab a fork to eat it all up. The only thing wrong was too soft a bun, and too much filling, but if that was all that was not working out for me on this occasion then there was not too much to worry about. If I had this again I would get it in one of those crusty baguettes, even then I expect I would still end up with egg mayo all over my chin.

Edwalton GC

Edwalton Golf Course is on Wellin Lane in Edwalton and it is incredibly well signposted from the main road. It isn’t full of golfers although there are quite a few lurking about and they welcome anyone in to eat there lunch, it really is not stuffy or pretentious at all.

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