Baconfest at the Gourmet Grill Truck Stop on the A606

Gourmet Grill on A606 Gourmet Grill Van on A606

There are days when you just need a fix of bacon and when that day comes I usually find that the best place to find that fix is from a van in a layby alongside a busy road.
A few weeks back while driving along the A606 towards Newark on a food hunting trip I had seen one such van parked up just before the roundabout where you pick up the A46 and I made a mental note to return next time I needed that bacon fix.

This was to be my first encounter with the Gourmet Grill Food Van

large bacon cob at the Gourmet Grill

I ordered up a large bacon cob which meant that the girl on the grill had to haul a big mound of bacon out of the fridge from which an unfeasible number of slices was pulled and placed on her flat top grill.

It was all grilled up freshly and it was grilled to be super crispy. The sandwich was not quite a footlong sub but it was as big as my shoe so you could probably say that it was a ‘footlong’

Close up of Bacon Cob

This could only be described as a “total baconfest”

I asked for some brown sauce (as one does with a bacon butty) and I was treated with a rather large smear of the stuff on my roll, luckily I quite like brown sauce and I had forgone the butter in firm hope and expectation that the bacon grease would be acting as the key lubricant in each mouthful of this guilty treat. “Hold on mate, what are you talking about guilt for?” There is no guilt in eating one of life’s true pleasures the bacon butty, a snack so powerful that the mere whiff in the air has been known to turn the “odd” vegetarian into a dribbling carnivore.
As bacon butties go, this one was a bit of a class act. I cannot remember the last time I had one that was so super crispy and satisfying.

Cold Roll menu options at Gourmet Grill

It is not just all about bacon butties, or sausage cobs at the Gourmet Grill truck stop. They also can provide a somewhat healthier snack with a small selection of cobs with a salad component too. If one is so inclined.

Truck Stop Location

The Gourmet Grill Van does not have an address as such.

The lay by near the junction if the A606 with the A46 is the best I can manage. I have added a map with the location marked on with a red star to help.

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  1. Jo says:

    The worst experience with places like that in my life. Lady in a van was rude and abusive. It was like : you want that!!!! I said : now, not that much… And she blow… Pms? Strange… If you like this kind of customer service that’s a place for you. Local attraction

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      That’s a shame. I haven’t been there for ages and not even sure If the same van is in that lay by. I will have to pop over and try then out again.

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