Snack Stop in Radcliffe on Trent – Yet another bacon and egg cob

Snack Stop in Radcliffe on Trent is at 50 Bingham Road, it is a small sandwich shop providing hot and cold cobs, jacket potatoes, and some breakfast items. I popped in on Friday lunchtime just really because I saw the word “SNACK” in big red capital letters as I drove past, and not being affected by subliminal advertising I suddenly felt the need for a bacon cob or such like.

There was a basic chalkboard listing the usual suspects, bacon bap, sausage bap, bacon and sausage bap. I think that you may have the idea by now. You could also get a few other familiar options such as Chicken Tikka, Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo either on a sandwich, a bap, or a jacket potato. 

They were doing a fairly reasonable lunchtime special deal which was any sandwich that was £2.50 or less, with a packet of crisps, and a drink for £2.50. Sadly for me getting a bacon and egg bap pushed me just over the special limit at £2.60, but I really wanted that fried egg extra for 50p to add onto my £2.10 bacon cob, so I happily paid for my drink.

This is what it is, A bacon and fried egg cob with a little addition of some brown sauce. I know it wasn’t my healthiest option or possibly not even one of my finest moments but I really just needed that satisfaction that comes with each bite of such a glorious beast of a sandwich. I am not even sure that bacon sandwich should be legal, I mean I think that it might be addictive and quite possibly habit forming. If I wake in the morning and the first thing that I think about is a bacon sandwich then do I need to check into some sort of bacon sandwich anonymous?

No what I need to do is to find somewhere just like the Snack Stop in Radcliffe on Trent and order myself another bacon bap

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