Staffordshire Savoury Eggs

Staffordshire Savoury Eggs

Savoury Scotch Egg Stall


I have managed to get my hands on the Scotch Eggs from the Staffordshire Savoury Eggs company on just two occasions, both times in Bakewell at the monthly Farmers Market and at the Bakewell Food Festival.  I wish I could sample their delightful wares more often but the circuit that they follow is just on the fringe of my normal everyday food hunts.

That is probably for the best anyway as you can sometimes have too much of a good thing?

Duck Eggs

The Savoury Egg that I have chosen on both occasions is the Duck Egg wrapped in Black Forest Ham. This had an incredibly yellow yolk which was really creamy and quite a large yolk as well. The pork meat surrounding the egg was well seasoned and still moist, probably helped by the layer of salty ham in which it had been wrapped before being covered in the sage and onion wholemeal bread coating. I like the meat in the Staffordshire eggs as it is still a bit crumbly and loosely chopped so you get a great bite which is texturally good, this is in stark contrast to many other scotch eggs where the meat is sometimes too dense which sometimes makes then feel processed (even the gourmet ones).

Cracked Black Pepper Scotch Egg Black Pepper Egg

The other Savoury Egg that I have tried is their Cracked Black Pepper coated egg. You can see the flecks or is it flakes of peppercorn in the sage and onion bread coating and this gives the egg a really strong, almost spicy peppery bite. It really has to be tasted to get the full sensation. You still have an excellent pork shoulder meat encasing and enveloping the soft creamy egg, but for this savoury egg creation it is the black pepper that is the star of the show. If I was in the market to start making my own scotch eggs, then this is the egg that I would be aspiring to match.

Staffordshire Savoury Eggs

Staffs Scotch Eggs Business Card


They are based out of the Woodlane Farm in Stanley Staffordshire and appear regularly at the Markets in Bakewell, Stone, Stafford, Belper, Newcastle, and Leek. The dates on which they are there is on the back of their card.

Apart from following the Scotch Egg circuit to locate them, you can also follow them on Facebook



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  1. Yvonne says:

    Bought the pig pudding scott egg today amazing will buy more next time in Newcastle yummy to die for

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