Canterbury’s Delicatessen and Sandwich Bar in Keyworth

Canterburys in Keyworth

I have been to the Canterbury’s in West Bridgford on Melton Road a number of times, but this was my first visit to Canterbury’s in Keyworth. It was a little bit smaller inside and without any seating area, but that was OK I didn’t have time to hover I was just getting a sandwich to take away. It was just as busy at lunch as the Bridgford location but they were making those sandwiches pretty quickly at the counter.

Meat Feast at Cantrburys

I ususally order the pastrami with rocket, but instead today I went for the Meat Feast in a fresh white baguette. The filling was a three meat combination of grilled chicken. country ham, and sliced salami. I opted to have a decent smear of mayonaisse added as well, just to help things along.

Meat Feast Slice from Canterbury

It was another decent combination of fillings from Canterbury’s, the ham and the salami were really good, but while the chicken was good perhaps there was a little bit too much (not often your here a moan about too much) and I did think that without the mayo it might have been a little dry. I suppose it would appear churlish and somewhat ungrateful to comment that perhaps there was a little bit too much meat and filling in the sandwich, after all it was described as a meat feast! I did enjoy it and the fresh baked baguettes that they use at Canterbury’s are some of the best in the area, they really make the sandwich rock.

Coronation Chicken Slice of Coronation Chicken

A couple of days later I popped back over to Keyworth and got my hands on another sandwich, this time getting another regular favourite filling of Coronation Chicken. The bread roll was just as good as it always is, the Coronation Chicken salad was delightful, thick, creamy almost dreamlike to the bite. It was paired up with some of their mango chutney which added a mild spicing to the sandwich. It was such a creamy sandwich filling that I was worried about spillage so I opted for some high class dining options by consuming it off my car bonnet in a nearby layby. I didn’t really care what any passer by was thinking I was just too much in love with my sandwich.

I could probably eat one of Canterbury’s sandwiches everyday, but if I did then there would be no space left in my heart to give my food love to the other great delis, cafés and resturants in the county. Having said that, everytime I get a bum deal or a half arsed attempt at a sandwich passed to me, I do occasionally wonder if it was time to rethink.

Canterbury’s in Keyworth is located at 4a Main Street next to the rather decent Village Bistro, you can follow them on Twitter and if you are lucky to may see their sandwich van driving around your office complex. Where I work we like them as they don’t beep annoyingly and they also give great service with a smile, even in the rain.

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