The Royal Oak – More Moleface Magic? Yes!

The Royal Oak in RadcliffeThe Royal Oak Sign

The Royal Oak ‘pub & kitchen’ in Radcliffe on Trent is another member of the Moleface Stable of pubs in the Nottinghamshire Region. I have always had an enjoyable and memorable dining experience with Moleface at the Larwood & Voce in West Bridgford and I was hoping for more of the same from the Royal Oak.

the Royal Oak chalkboard

Mag 7 Menu

In common with the L&V the Royal Oak has the ‘Magnificent 7 deal’ where you can get a main dish for just £7.77 at certain times of the day including 12-2 at lunch. I have taken advantage of this deal before, but today I have to be honest that there was nothing there to tempt me, well not for lunch anyhow. If it had been dinner time then I may well have opted for the “Slow cooked sage & onion stuffed pork belly”, but they don’t exactly sell it on the menu, I would be making the pork belly the highlighted section, Slow cooked sage, sound like I am eating a wise old man with a wispy beard! Who didn’t do a proper QC check on that menu item 🙂

Royal Oak Lunch Specials

Instead I was checking out one of the lunchtime specials which I figured should really be a little lighter for the time of day. That was before I enquired what the ‘Kitchen Pie of the day’ was, and then when I was told it was Guinea Fowl then I was kind of sold on having that pie for my lunch.

Guinea Fowl and Root Vegatable Pie

Guinea Fowl Pie

The Kitchen Pie was a Guinea Fowl and Root Vegetable pie, with mashed potato, curly kale, and it came in a bowl with some nice gravy. The really tasty and not that gamey meat was housed in an excellent pastry crust. There was plenty of that sweet meat and just enough of the root vegetables to add a little earthy variation into each bite. The kale was crunchy and firm and actually a little bit bitter, but you kind of needed that to cut through the richness of the pie. It was a little bit too large a bowlful for a lunchtime snack, but I manned up and worked my way through it. All in all Moleface did us proud once again with a good pie at a great price.

The Royal Oak is located on the main stretch through Radcliffe on Trent on the Main Road and it is ‘one of five establishments owned by The Moleface Pub Co. The others being: The Wollaton Pub & Kitchen, The Chesterfield Pub & Kitchen, The Lord Nelson Pub & Kitchen and The Larwood & Voce Pub & Kitchen.’

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