Truly Scrumptious in Tollerton

Truly Scrumptious

I knew that there had to be a café or deli somewhere in Tollerton, so I spent a couple of lunchtimes driving around the place trying to find one, it took me a while but I finally tracked one down when I found one called Truly Scrumptious tucked away up on Burnside Grove in a small group of shops opposite the Air Hostess Public House. It was a bit ironic that I found both the Air Hostess and Truly Scrumptious at the same time. I just had to choose which one I would eat at first, Truly Scrumptious won.

Truly Scrumptiuos Eat In Menu

There was a homely looking Chalkboard Menu hanging up on the back wall, I say homely as four of the dishes were listed as being homemade, the lasagna, chilli, bolognase, and the soup, I thought that looked promising.

Club Sandwich

I am always looking for a good Club Sandwich, especially around lunch time, and I like to use it as my test dish to see if a place is any good or not. I saw that they had one on the board, so by default I ended up ordering one. To be honest I was not really using it as a test, I just really wanted one. I was not disappointed, it was really good, nicely toasted bread, plenty of well seasoned filling, a bit of bacon, and bit of meat, some salad leaf, basically everything you would expect in a classic club sandwich. It came with a nice simple plain salad, of lettuce, cucumber, and tomato. All very simple but all very good as well. A pretty decent dish for just £4.25

All day breakfast

On the basis of my first visit, a week or so later while looking for some sort of all-day breakfast situation I decided to pay another visit to Truly Scrumptious to try their Full English Breakfast. A plate of Bacon, Fried Egg, Beans, Tomato, Mushroom and a couple of sausages with toast for £5.25. The plateful did the job that it was designed to do filling me up with comfort food and happy satisfaction that only comes with a traditional English Breakfast. Sorry to the serial cereal eaters, you may feel smug with your healthy breakfasts, but for me you just can’t beat egg and bacon.

Truly Scrumptious Take Out Menu

I also really quite like the look of some of the options on the Take Out menu, in particular the Coronation Chicken which I really find hard to resist, and the Hot meatballs & cheese which I may well have to pop back one lunch to get my hands on.

In a bonus moment, as I had a chat with the lady behind the counter, I found out that they  also have a proper pizza oven that they fire up on Fridays, but it is best to ring up first to place an order as it takes a while to fire up.

Truly Scrumptious Van

You can find Truly Scrumptious in Tollerton at 36 Burnside Grove, right at the very top of the road.

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