Lady Bay Cafe is well worth a look – “It’s a wrap!”, a chicken wrap that is.

Lady Bay Cafe

This week I was driving through Lady Bay in West Bridgford on a lunch time food hunt and I found the Lady Bay café on Trent Boulevard, number 147 to be exact. There was not a lot of easy parking outside, but there was plenty on the side streets. Outside there were a few bench type picnic tables and as it was a sunny lunchtime I pondered sitting outside alfresco, but in the end I was in a bit of a rush so I went inside to seek out a take away option.

If this had been a day when I was exceptionally hungry or perhaps one when I was slightly worse for wear following a previous evening on the town food hunting then I might, and I just stress might, have opted for “The Full Monty” for £5. The printed menu on the wall by the counter, tells us that this is a plate comprising of ‘Two slices of bacon, sausage, two eggs (I assume fried), mushrooms, hash browns, black pudding, beans, tomatoes, all accompanied with a choice of toast or fried bread.’ On another day and with an empty stomach I may well find the desire to return to partake of this particular plate

Inside lady bay cafe

So what were my other options? I ‘could’ have chosen one of the well priced general options from the lists of Jacket Potatoes, Toasties, Omelettes, Burgers, or Chip options. Just to give you an idea of costs, ‘chips and beans’ is just £2, ‘chips and two eggs’ is £2.20, a ‘plain jacket potato with butter’ just £1.80, or with cheese or beans you will need to stump up £2.60.

In hindsight and after some contemplation I felt that I should have tried one of their egg based dishes. Why? well it had a lot to do with a small chalk sign on the counter top that related the story of the provenance of the café eggs. I should have taken a picture, but instead I will paraphrase and tell you that all their eggs come from a local supplier, a chicken farm, free range, organic, and woodland based. I should have just had a fried egg on toast. Sadly to my own personal detriment I did not take up that chance. Perhaps another day.

Lady Bay Cafe Specials Board

In the end and despite all of my considered thoughts I took a glance, a long lingering glance, at the Lady Bay Café Specials Board. I always like to take a chance on the daily special, even though I know that these are usually the lost leaders, or a way of using up the items that you cannot shift. Today though I was taking a leap of faith, I liked the chalk work with each item surrounded with a cartoon thought bubble. I also liked the sound of all three items on the board. I did for one moment consider ordering a ‘Fish Finger Sandwich’ for £2.70 and admit to being a big kid at heart, but I did not. I could have been really safe if I ordered a Roast Pork Cob for £2.90. But instead I went for the chicken, already working in the tagline ‘It’s a wrap’ to the post.

Chicken wrap

I really have to be truthful and say that I was not expecting too much when I ordered the Chicken Wrap but I should have had more faith. It had everything that I needed, some lightly spiced crispy coated chicken, tomato and lettuce with mayo, and a big well filled wrap. You got plenty of bang for your buck and even though it was a big beast of a wrap, it felt pretty healthy and well balanced. From the first bite to the last you got a bit of everything with each mouthful. I am quite glad that I made this choice

As I noted at the top the Lady Bay Café is in Lady Bay, West Bridgford at  147 Trent Boulevard. The menu is more in line with your standard greasy spoon, but I give them extra points for the whole back story on the egg front and I know that I will be coming back for an omelette, a fried egg, possibly some scrambled eggs or something similar. ‘What came first? The chicken or the egg?’ well today it was the chicken, tomorrow it may be the egg.

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