Ye olde trip to jerusalem sandwiches

ye olde trip to jerusalem

The Trip or the ‘ye olde trip to jerusalem’ is one of the classic ‘go to’ pubs in Nottingham for your visitor in search of some historical pub action. It certainly has all the attractions for the tourist with cavernous rooms, the cursed galleon and the chair that if you sit on it you supposedly become pregnant. As a Nottinghamian I view it as a beloved place that I dream will be always good but often it lets me down on the beer front so I don’t come here as often as I feel that I should. When I have been here and blogged about the place it has been when I have had out of town company often from overseas such as “Trip to Jerusalem – Testing the burgers with an out of town American” and “Fish and Chips at the oldest pub in England”

Just for once though we found ourselves here looking at a couple of decent local brews on the pumps and at that point in the evening when we were going to need some food to assist with the nights imbibations.

Trio sandwich menu

We didn’t need a massive meal so we restricted ourselves to perusing the sandwich section of the menu.

I think that this menu was written by two different people. First we have someone telling us that ‘nothing beats a good sarnie’, then we have someone offering us a ‘British Ham Hock & Gruyere Toastie’ and a ‘Farm-assured Chicken & Streaky Bacon Club’. I know whose side I am on, so I marched (or sauntered) up to the bar pointed at the bar pump of choice and ordered ‘Two pints, a ham and cheese toastie, and a club sandwich’. The barman knew what I was saying. Club Sandwich

The Club Sandwich or do I have to say “Farm-assured Chicken and Streaky Bacon Club” was a solid affair. Nicely toasted multi-grain bread was a little healthier than necessary but made a nice difference to a white toasted effort. It did look good and tasted good, the only criticism was that all the meat was in the same layer and the bottom layer was just salad. Not sure if that was planned but if it was then basically you just have a stack of two co-joined sandwiches, a chicken and bacon toasted sandwich fused with a toasted salad sandwich. In that case I just want the top layer … with mayonnaise.

Ham and Cheese Toastie

The Ham and Cheese Toastie also known as the “British Ham Hock & Gruyere Toastie” is a much smaller affair, but just the right sized snack to fit in around a few pints of beer. Essentially it is a Panini roll that has been lightly toasted and filled with melted cheese and bacon. In all honestly it does deserve it’s more advanced name, but not for the ham and the cheese components, the real star in the flavour world within the sandwich is the Tiptree honey and beer mustard, that gives it a really Moorish bite. I would have like much more sandwich for my buck, but then again I needed room for beer so it was probably just right. At £5.45 there is not much to complain about, it is reasonable value for the size, but good value for the overall sandwich and its components.


The Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is located right beneath the Castle Rock at the Brewhouse Yard. The Trip to Jerusalem is just on the fringe of the 5 minute walk radius from both the Station Street NET stop and the Old Market Square NET stop. Personally I would walk there from the Old Market Square, it is the closest spot and if you ask a local they can point you in the right direction.

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