Bon Appetit in Netherfield- A Favourite spot for a Roast Pork Cob

Robinsons Butchers in Netherfield

About 10 years ago I flirted with being a house owning grown-up and bought myself a small terrace house in Netherfield. Just around the corner from that house was a really good local butcher called Robinson the Butcher and inside that butcher was decent and honest sandwich counter called ‘Bon Appetit’. I often popped in and over a couple of years I worked my way through a large chunk of their menu. They serve up all the classic cobs, ham, cheese, egg mayo and the such. They also do a good selection of basic hot food such as chilli con carne, curry, and casseroles served up with mash, rice, jacket potato. They had pretty large portions, the sort that you could eat half for lunch and save half for tea.

Mince Beef CasseroleHalf Way through Mince Beef  Casserole

This is a prime example, I asked for a tray of their Mince beef Casserole, and it is like so much more than a tray of mince beef, they really pile it in. You will struggle to see what is in it from the photograph so let me break it down a bit, kind of like I had to do as I tucked into the tray. On the top yes you can see a lot of mince beef, then peeking out you may see some carrot and some peas, as you dig down you will find a good portion of each, and some mashed potato and the odd roast potato. Ten minutes or so later you will uncover a Yorkshire pudding into which more mince and a big chunk of stuffing had fallen, oh and some more roast potatoes, I believe that they were at least six! What is more I recall that I only paid about £3 or £3.50 for the whole lot. As I suggested earlier enough for a small family, I don’t have a small family so I ate it all myself.

Now Lets get back to the real reason for coming to Bon Appetit at Netherfield

The Roast Pork Cobs

Roast Pork Cob

Inside Roast Pork Cob

These are also on the large side and filled with a plentiful supply of well cooked Roast Pork carved off the joint to order. There is nothing fancy about this bap, don’t expect some gourmet apple sauce or special recipe stuffing. What you should expect is a lot of slices of good roast pork, enough for two but enough for just one as well. You can get crackling and stuffing and sauce, but I recommend just having the pork. It is without doubt one of my favourite places to get a Roast Pork cob in the city. I know plenty of people who live nowhere near Netherfield who will call in when they are passing. They will tell me that they were in Netherfield and without asking I will know where they have been. I will warn you that you have to get here early to make sure that you get one. When I say early I have been here at just after 12 on some days and they have already sold out. That is how good and how much in demand they are.

Bon Appetit Sign

As I said at the top, Bon Appetit is inside Robinsons the Butcher, which is located at 52 Victoria Rd, Netherfield, on the main route through the area. Good solid food, friendly people and you can also buy your bacon, sausages, and other meat as well while you are waiting in line for your cob.

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