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The Parlour

The Parlour in West Bridgford has been open since April and looks to be a welcome addition to the area. I know that there are a lot of bars and cafés on the strip now, but I much prefer to see a more original offering as opposed to just another one of those generic coffee shop chains. I first read about the place in the Nottingham Post back in April and since then I have walked past quite a few times while wandering the Avenue.

Over the past few days while the sun was shining I found myself strolling past and I just fancied popping myself down in their patio garden for a spot of lunch and a cold drink.


Sandwich Menu

You probably know by now that I am a total sucker for a Club Sandwich and when I am trying out a new place I will quite regularly base my opinion and decision to return based on that places ability to prepare one.

Here at The Parlour I was happy to see one on the All Day Menu at the top of the ‘Our Tastie Sarnies’ section.

The menu described the ‘Browns Club Sandwich’ as ‘Our Signature Sandwich with Layers of Bacon, Juicy Tomato, Crisp Lettuce, Roasted Chicken Breast, Cheddar Cheese and Boiled Egg‘.  Well it sounds like it has everything in there that I was hoping for and expecting, and it was only £6.25.

Brown’s Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich at the Parlour


Ten minutes or so later it turned up and as the waiter walked over with my plate I was getting excited ‘Right then “let the dog see the rabbit”. This was a BIG sandwich, the footer on the menu section chirpily trilled ‘Why not add on a bowl of our fresh made chips for £2.50’. Some how I felt I would not have to take them up on that suggestion

This is an excellently constructed Club Sandwich, with two well balanced layers in a toasted double decker. In the top layer you have their ‘secret sauce’ (its sort of home made tomato sauce), Roast Chicken, Boiled egg, Cheddar cheese and some ‘crisp’ lettuce. In the bottom layer was the thick and solid bacon slice, fresh tomato, and more lettuce, plus I seem to recall a little bit of mayonnaise. Just the right combination.

As much as I liked all of the individual ingredients, I loved them even more in combination, and the toasted slices of bread had just the right amount of char to make them a part of the dish and flavour.

I liked this sandwich and I had only one complaint, and that was that the way it was cut in half which meant that it was a bit more difficult to eat.  I struggled to get my mouth around the sandwich to take a bite. I ended up with quite a bit of sandwich adhering to my chops and cheeks, but you know ‘that was half the fun’. I learnt my lesson quickly and cut the next half into quarters and then it was the perfect size. ‘I know’ I can be fussy, but that is why it is the ‘Club Sandwich Test’.

What else can we eat?

The Main Event Menu at The Parlour

If you wanted something that was even more substantial (not at lunchtime for me) you could select one of the options from the main event section of the menu. There was a whole load of things that I was tempted by, all with those words that just get my juices flowing and my taste buds tingling

‘…Pork Belly…Tuna and Chorizo….Macaroni and Cheese….Braised Beef…um yum!’

I am about to totally surprise myself though and see past all of those staples on the menu. The dish that is calling out to me for my next visit is the ‘Salmon with Courgettes’ for £12.99. This is described as ‘Grilled Salmon and Brioche Coated Courgettes, Water Cress, Salsa Verde, Tomato Salsa and our own Candied Bacon’. Not my usual sort of choice but it sounds great for a summer time outing. Perhaps next time?

The Parlour café is located at 48 3/4 Bridgford Road in West Bridgford  at the city end of the strip. It’s near neighbours include the Stratford Haven, Fire and Ice and the Pearl Bar. The café and bar lounge is part of a small set of outlets that include Brown’s Café, and Browns Bistro and Bar in Mansfield and Newark.

Check them out on Facebook or just pop in for a sandwich or a drink.

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