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Porco Streetfood

Have you tried

I was walking across Slab Square on Friday after work when I saw this chalk board sign asking passers by ‘Have you tried our amazing Porchetta and Pulled Pork Sandwiches or Boxes??”. I looked to my right to see the lovely Porco Streetfood stall and mentally said ‘Yes I have and it was jolly good as well.!!

My stroll was thus interrupted and I was drawn towards the stall with the aim of acquiring a small snack of Porchetta to sustain me on the rest of my stroll towards the pub.

Porco Menu

I have met up with Porco on a number of occasions and I have never been disappointed. The first time I met them was also in the Old Market Square and I wrote about that meeting last year on the blog back in July 2013 (Read More here). The next time I told you all about them was when they were at the launch of the Nottingham StrEAT in November when they were one of the featured traders at the evening Bistro event (Read about that here).

I was so excited and delighted at the same time to get my hands on that Porchetta sandwich that I felt implored to Tweet it out!


The next day I was feeling peckish and as I knew that they would be in the square I popped back to get another Porchetta sandwich and one of their Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches. I concede that may well have been slightly greedy of me, but I had one for breakfast and one for lunch. OK so maybe I did eat breakfast and lunch at about the same time. You really cannot blame me for this as their sandwiches are just so goddam good, it is almost a crime not to overindulge at any reasonable opportunity.

Porchetta Sandwich


I love Jez Poyser’s Porchetta so much that I had to go back again as already noted just to eat another sandwich. I have talked about this so many times now I fear that you may think I am on the Porco Streetfood Payroll. That isn’t the case at all, but I will admit that I would love to find myself behind that counter dealing that joy to the local Porchetta fans. Some time ago Jez told me how he makes the Porchetta and I have already posted that last July but just because I can I will post it again

“I take a whole middle – belly and loin (Free range Duroc from Woodside Farm, Wellow) and remove the spine and ribs, leaving the rib meat attached. Onto the meat side I add maldon sea salt, a toasted spice blend of fennel seeds, black pepper and a smidgen of chilli flakes. Then I sprinkle with finely grated lemon zest and finally layer generously with a paste composed of rosemary, sage, thyme, garlic and olive oil. I roll, tie and leave to cure overnight before running it through with the spit on the market square the following morning and letting the rotisserie work it’s magic.”

12 Hour Smoked Pulled Pork Shoulder

BBQ Pulled Pork at Porco

I honestly am torn as to which of their main offerings I like the most. Their 12 Hour Smoked Pulled Pork Shoulder which they say they cook in ‘true Texas style, slow cooked over hickory chips until it falls apart into moist strands of smoky, juicy, melt in the mouth gorgeousness.’ does exactly what it says in the description. It is very succulent, has a nice smoky flavour and really is very juicy in the most gentle of ways. They offer a choice of having it served with their own home made slaw, BBQ sauce and a choice of house pickles (cucumbers, red onion, shiitakes), either in a box  or piled onto a fresh white roll. I had mine on a roll. In the past I have never been much of a fan of ‘slaw’ or of ‘pickles’, but I tell you this much. Their slaw is to die for and as for the pickled shitakes? they are something else altogether. They are so good that they sell them on there own for £2.50, and if I hadn’t just eaten two sandwiches I would have bought a box of those as well!

For upcoming events and more information about Porco Streetfood check out their website and Follow them on Twitter

In the near future you can find them at the newly refurbished Star Inn in Beeston where they will be feeding the folks at the Ale & Cider Festival on the 29th June, and they will be at the Taste of Rushcliffe event on the 5th July in West Bridgford on Central Avenue.

You can find them alongside the Lions in Nottingham’s Old Market Square at the Nottingham Regional Fine Food Market on the 3rd Friday and Saturday of each month. Just like I just did in June

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