Entering the Wildwood Resturant to track down a Wild Boar and Chorizo Burger

Wildwoood In Nottingham Wildwood in Nottingham is located just up from the Old Market Square on King Street. It sits nicely in amongst a number of other restaurants near to the Brian Clough statue in the ‘Leisure Quarter’ in what is becoming known as ‘Nottingham’s Restaurant Triangle’. It is just over the road from the recently opened Bills restaurant and across from the ‘soon to open’ Georges restaurant. Barburrito lies just up the road selling Tex mex wraps and Tropeiro sits nearby on the corners serving up Brazilian BBQ.

So what food does ‘Wildwood’ offer to the diner? I wasn’t sure at all when I first saw the place. As I peered in through the window I could see the flames from a large pizza oven at the back, but then on the boards I could see burgers and pasta dishes.

Well that tiny bit of research standing in the doorway was to prove to be spot on.

Their website said “Whether you choose from the grill section, stone-baked pizza or our freshly prepared pastas, our passion for high quality dishes is the main focus across all of our restaurants”.

So a bit of everything then.

Daily Specials Menu

Wildwood Specials Menu I did briefly peruse the specials menu which I thought would have been good if it was a 3 course for £15 type of menu,  and I was almost tempted by the Goats Cheese and Chorizo Pizza for £9.10. Then almost again by the Mussels, but a quick glance at the main menu and the burger section completed side-tracked my attention towards some sort of meat filled sandwich. They did have a tempting meat ball starter and even a spicy meat calzone pizza filled with chicken, bolognase, meatballs, mushroom and chilli. I very nearly had the Wild Boar Salami and Burrato Cheese Pizza, but it was not to be, my heart was already heading in one direction and there was no turning back although that Wild Boar was to get a look in.

Wild Boar and Chorizo Burger

Wildwood Burger Plate I was easily tempted into ordering one of the Wildwood Burgers to be more specific I was to found myself salivating over the prospect of getting my chomps into the ‘Wild Boar and Chorizo Burger’. This came with jalapenos, mayonnaise, relish and a pot of fries. When I had ordered I hadn’t realised that the jalapenos, mayonnaise, and relish were all going to come on the side, but I was very happy that they did. This gave you the chance to customise the heat of the burger by slipping in as much or as little chilli as you so desired. I ended up eating half with jalapeno and half without (just because I could). The fries came in one of those metal pots and although they were quite plain, I did like that they came with a generous sprinkle of sea salt on the top and a little rosemary leaf. Close up of Wild Boar and Chorizo Burger Lets get a little closer and have a look at this beautiful burger. It was well presented on the tray, the meat patty was well marked almost branded with a blackened criss-cross char. The burger itself was a little too big for the toasted bun overlapping the edge all the way around. This was to lead to a very meaty mouthful with each bite. There were a few crispy onion rings on the top as well providing a small sweet tang. Burger half at Wildwood Lets get inside this beast! Ok so now we are getting down and dirty with this burger. The meat patty of the Wild Boar and Chorizo was really juicy. The chorizo sausage was not too spicy and was almost crumbled into the Wild Boar meat so you got a really well made burger. The meat kind of melted in your mouth on each bite. The bottom layer of the burger had a thin layer of lettuce, tomato, and mayo between burger and bun adding a nice creamy and juicy element to the burger sandwich. This was I have to say an excellent burger sandwich. Everything about it was working for me, the patty was fresh and well formed from the Wild Boar meat and the Chorizo sausage. The accompanying elements were just that, little side notes that didn’t try to upstage the burger. They were there to add that little bit extra to elevate the flavours of the meats and they did that very well.

Do I have any complaints or suggestions? Well to be honest no I don’t and that is a pretty good thing these days. My only request would be that I would have liked a larger burger, but that is just me being greedy and has nothing to do with the fairly sized portion on my tray.

I think I will be back (for another one)

Wildwood in Nottingham is located at 18 King Street and if you want to see a little more before you walk in through the doors you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter


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    That burger looks fantastic!

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