Fellows, Morton, and Clayton: The FMC Specials Board – Cassoulet? Nice!

Fellows Morton and Clayton

I love eating the food at the Fellows Morton and Clayton Pub on Canal Street and in the past I have related tales of nights when I consumed some of their bar food (in between sampling the beer) including a fantastic Pulled Pork sandwich (before the town was swamped with them) and an always ‘excellent’ Club Sandwich which I have had more than twice.

This night though I was dining from the specials board, a board at FMC that is worthy of it’s name. Tonight I was eating the FMC Cassoulet described as a “French Style sausage casserole with cannellini beans and a rosemary crust served with crusty bread (not shown) for £7.

FMC Cassoulet

FMC Cassoulet

Now I am the first to admit that I cannot take a photograph that justifies how good the food is, but today I think I managed to take one that conveys just how mouth wateringly tasty the plate could be? This plate of FMC style Cassoulet was to turn out to be one of the stand out meals that I have eaten this year.

It might ‘just’ be a pub meal in principle, but don’t let that fool you, they serve up some seriously good food here.

Often the special’s board is a place to use up the weeks leftovers, but here at FMC I have found that it is a place that it is a board to highlight the chefs food.

This was a tremendously eatable dish; thick, solid, and warming would be the view of the common man who exists in half of my writing mind, delicate, full of depth, and desirable, are words that I should not be using but that spring to mind, squeezing their way from the other part of my mind to my typing fingers without hurdle. I am just a home cook so do not really have the chef words to describe this dish, but I know enough (mostly from cooking this dish badly, and eating it is places where it was done well) to appreciate that this was a good dish done well.

Part way through my dinner

Now I don’t usually show a partially consumed plate, but on this occasion I am doing so just to add the ‘depth’ of the bowl that you cannot see from the first picture. At this point I have been eating for 15 minutes or so and I have already eaten at least (I think anyway) 3 large sausages, and still as you can see there are more to eat. Such excellent value, if this plate was served somewhere fancier they would be raving about it, so it is a good job that I was here with my ‘imaginary glow sticks’ to light up just how good this plateful was.

Yeh I did really like it! 🙂

Fellows, Morton & Clayton is located at 54 Canal Street in Nottingham just down by the canal. I cannot guarantee that you will find a bowl of Cassoulet on your visit. I would suggest though that you will find something equally delicious.

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