Chunky Chicken – A Box of Fried Chicken one Friday Night

Chunky Chicken

This last Friday evening as I exited the Orange Tree pub, the shining illuminated beacon of Chunky Chicken two or three doors down on Shakespeare Street called out to me as I passed by. Perhaps this wasn’t going to be my finest hour in the search for some culinary delights, or perhaps it would be, I just didn’t know, but all I did know was that I kind of really fancied a piece of fried chicken. The ‘lights were on’ and people seemed to be at home, so I figured why not see what this ‘Chunky Chicken’ joint had to offer?

Chuncky Chicken Graphics

The Chunky Chicken graphics gave hope and I was feeling brave as I approached the counter to boldly order a 2 piece combo box with an additional side of spicy hot wings.

Chunky Chicken Box

The bold patterns on the Box was still giving me ‘everything is going to be just fine’ vibe and I reached down to unfold the lid and peer inside hopefully.

Chunky Chicken Combo Box

The ‘Combo’ Box was packed out with Chicken and Fries. To be detailed there were Two pieces of the Southern Coated Chicken, a Leg and a Breast piece on the bone, plus three spicy coated chicken wings. I didn’t count the fries but there were a lot, way too many to eat, but enough to hide the chicken and stop it rolling around the box, a kind of ‘chip nest’ if you like.

So I thought that the chicken was pretty well cooked, the meat was juicy and fell off the bone, the southern style coating also fell off the meat, perhaps too easily. It had a good taste although perhaps would have been assisted with a little more seasoning. The ‘spicy’ wings were lightly spiced not quite spiced enough to called ‘hot’ but better than the flavouring of the combo chicken. I liked it well enough and can forgive the breading slippage. The fries were a bit too greasy and although they were plentiful to the nth degree and good value I suppose bulkwise I didn’t feel the need or desire to empty the box.

I had played it safe when I ordered, but on reflection I think that the thing that I should have ordered was the Peri-Peri chicken plate. I could see the guys at the back of the kitchen grilling the chicken on the broiler and quite a few of these plates chicken, salad and rice were continually coming out over the pass. Maybe another day.

When I walked in I had just thought that Chunky Chicken was a ‘fried chicken chancer’, a ‘KFC wannabee’ but I had been pleasantly surprised. They were OK and with decent prices (I paid 4 quid for a big box of fried chicken) they are worth considering if you are walking by. It certainly helped to soak up a little of that beer that I had just consumed.

Chunky Chicken Window


You can find them here in our fair city at 1a 24-30 Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, NG1 4FQ and soon (apparently) in places afar such as Toronto Canada and Andra Pradesh in India.

Check out their website and see them on Facebook and  Twitter

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