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Bills in Nottingham

Bill’s in Nottingham has been open since July 2014, I first came in just after it had opened and looking back I am not sure why I didn’t end up writing a post on the blog about my meal. I think it was because I was not that enamoured with my choice, which was kind of really my fault as I had gambled on one of their ‘posh’ salads; a ‘Smoked Salmon Salad’. So it never made it onto the blog, and the post was lost in the moment.

Specials Menu

Bill's Special Salad

Now though in 2015 I was back and so glad that I was.

This Sunday we were walking through town looking for something tasty to eat, something to warm us up, and also for something comforting. In my head I was  stuck in a place between something like Shepherd Pie and something like Fish and Chips. I wasn’t sure what I needed to satisfy my soul until I reached the window at Bill’s Restaurant where we paused for a moment to read the menu board.

Fish Pie Menu at Bills

As we scanned through the menu in the window of Bills, I was sold in my food heart when I saw those magical words on the paper

“Bill’s fish pie”

 This was the perfect compromise, and fitted the bill perfectly, so we were in through those doors quick smart for a table!

Fish Pie at Bills in Nottingham

The pie was in a shallow bowl so as you ate it felt like it was also a light meal, but it has everything that I needed as a plate of comfort food.


Bills Fish Pie

Although I had read the words Fish Pie outside on the menu in the window, I had only really scanned  the highlights, and the menu words ‘scallops’, ‘cod’, ‘salmon‘, and ‘prawns’ had won my eyes and mind, I never registered ‘baby onions’ or ‘mustard mash’. If I am honest I didn’t even find out that there were baby onions in there until I was on about my third mouthful and I had been trying to work out what that sweet onion flavour was. I suppose that the ‘flavour of an onion’ should have given it away. But I did have to check on my phone to look at the picture I took of the menu to see what in the pie. I have never put peas or onions in any Fish Pie I have cooked, but they actually made it a little more interesting

Overall apart from that unique taste, the pie was a really lovely dish filled with plentiful chunks of juicy flaky fish, small scallops and tiny prawns. The sauce was quite creamy, but it was not too rich and it was a deceptively filling meal, even though it was an even fish sauce to potato topping ratio. The menu said that the mash was a mustard mash, but it was quite lightly flavoured so did not overpower the fish, a very well balanced combination.

Other Menu Items at Bills

I did enjoy my Fish Pie, but if I was here again I would probably be looking elsewhere on the menu for something a little different. I have heard that the duck pie is something to try. I have heard it was quite a rich dish, which is just how I like my duck dishes. This is quite tempting!

Mac and Cheese

I sort of wanted to try the Mac ‘n’ Cheese but I just don’t know that this particular mixture with butternut squash is for me. If I had a spare £8.95 then I might be tempted to try it, but it does sound slightly off base to me. I am willing to be proven wrong though, so maybe I will come back and try it.

Bills Specials Jan 2015

When I looked around the tables that Sunday lunch, it did seem though that a lot of people were ordering either Steak or the Chicken Skewers from the daily specials menu. having seen their plates I can understand why as well, as they looked to be a couple of pretty competent and straightforward dishes.

Bills in Nottingham enttrance

Bills in Nottingham is located up at 15 Queen Street in Nottingham, only a short walk from the Old Market Square. There is a lot of choice now around here to spend you daily dollar and hard earned pound on. So Bills has quite some competition I guess. It’s up to you if to give them a whirl. 
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