Notts Food Blog meets Sid Little in Fleetwood on tour with the Pies

MyFoodHunt meets Sid Little

Sid Little and Me in Fleetwood 

It is something of a Football Supporting Tradition that we look out for the fixture list and hope that we get to play at least one match away near to the seaside when the sun is shining. This year most fans of Notts County would have been looking at the Fleetwood fixture as that match would be held just a few miles away and 20 minutes away from the pier, the pleasure beach and the tower at Blackpool.

Normally I would not write about a meal outside of our lovely city but on this particular weekend a little bit of Nottingham travelled en-masse up and over to the seaside town of Fleetwood to watch our only City based team Notts County play a match.

Strawberry Gardens in Fleetwood Strawberry Gardens

We parked up and headed over to find Strawberry Gardens, a recommended real ale pub, but we had no idea what fate was about to deal us. We just hoped that we might get a nice beer and perhaps some food, a bar snack of some sort maybe?

Welcome notice

The first nice moment came as we entered and saw the signs welcoming those of us who had made the journey up here from Nottingham.

Chalkboard at Strawberry Gardens

Just inside the bar we thought we had found our meal when we saw the chalkboard offering Bacon and Sausage sandwiches, or Barm Cakes as they call there baps and cobs up here.

We were tempted but then we saw a back room with a pub food menu called the Little Resturant.

No we had not caught on yet. We were too busy deciding whether to have the Fish and Chips that we came to Fleetwood for, or the Hot Pot which just seemed too good to turn down.

Some Menu options

Menu at Sids in Fleetwood

So I sat there as the waiter busied himself around the tables, having a chat with me about the weather, why I was here, little bits and pieces about the town. “Take your time, no rush” he said, suddenly it started to click, he looks a bit like Sid Little I thought. Then I looked at the walls and saw all the posters and pictures of Little and Large, then I re-read the name of the restaurant “Sids “. I still wasn’t sure so I google it, and yes this was the real Sid Little.

It was confirmed when Les asked about the posters on the wall as one showed Sid and Eddie with one of his former managers, he casually threw into the conversation that he had played for him and Sid said it was him in the poster lol

Eventually we finally decided on a plate of Fish and Chips. I don’t know why it took so long? We were at the seaside and you have to eat Fish and Chips when you go there! Do you not?

After we ordered we watched him work the room, a legend at work, and not even on the stage. There were no airs or graces, just a lovely humble chap looking after us all with plates of food

Fish and Chips

Fish Chips and Mushy Peas

OK so meeting Sid Little was quite exciting, but also having a really great plate of Fish and Chips was  pretty much the main event. Here at the Little Restaurant in Strawberry Gardens they serve up a really excellent plate as well! The haddock was fresh, juicy and packed full of flavour. The batter was light and crisp, no soggy bits, not burnt bits. It was just perfect. The Mushy peas were fresh and so green it was like St Patricks Day on my plate. The chips were made freshly cut and were just about perfect, no grease, no after taste, just a lot of crispy skinned potato awesomeness.

It might be a long way to come for a plate of Fish and Chips, but if I was up this way again then I would most certainly pop in. I might even give the Football a miss next time and have a pudding!

You can find the pub about 5minutes away from the Fleetwood Town Football Ground

The Strawberry Gardens, Poulton Road, Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 6TF



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