Korean Bibimbap at Pan Asian BBQ

Pan Asian BBQ Nottingham

Pan Asian BBQ in Nottingham lies up on Upper Parliament street alongside a number of those buffet style eating establishments. Don’t be fooled though into thinking that this is just another one in the same ilk, it is a far different beast in itself.

Primarily it appears to be serving up Korean fare, but the theme is extended to Pan Asian with the addition of dishes from Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Korean Speciality section of Menu

Once I had opened the menu  it was going to be Korean all the away for me as I was loving the look of the Bibimbap options, a Korean speciality. Typically this dish is served with mixed rice and that is actually the literal translation of the name.

Perhaps I should have gone traditional, but you know? It was an option and I  just wanted some noodles!

Chicken Bibimbap with Udon Noodles

Chicken Bibimbap with Noodles at Asian BBQ

I ordered the Chicken Bibimbap with Udon Noodles mainly as it was to be topped with a fried egg. It is no secret that I am a total fried egg slut, you can put one onto anything I eat and I am a happy camper. It also just looks so pretty on the plate, well it does for just that brief moment before the chopsticks slice it up to mix it into the broth and noodles.

The clay potbowl was very hot, dangerously hot and was kept away from my wandering fingers by a wooden holder. I dug into it with my quick witted chopsticks plucking chunks of braised chicken, mushroom, segments of egg and beansprouts randomly and rapidly. As I worked my way in I found the thick udon noodles that I pulled out in threads pulling them up to my mouth and sucking them in greedily.

It may not have been a pretty sight watching myself or the other diners slurping at their bowls, but when you have a bowlful such as this before you, well there is only one way to go. As the bowl was emptied of its contents it was time to spoon up the soupy broth, it was a lightly spicy affair that could be enhanced by stirring in some of the hot pepper paste that came on the side. This was called Gochujang and it was spicy but not burning spicy. You could control the heat in the broth easily by adding it little by little and stirring it in.

Towards the base of the bowl as the broth was slurped away you found the remnants of the noodles, a few bits of chicken and then all of the seasoned vegetables that were chucked into the bowl as it was made, daikon, zucchini, cucumber, beansprouts, and something green probably spinach. It was a uncomplicated yet complex bowl of food. Traditionally I believe it was eaten by farmers but it was also one of those dishes designed to make use of the leftovers. Either way it was a pretty good idea by whomsoever first started making it.

Asian BBQ sign

So overall I liked my first visit to the Pan Asian BBQ restaurant in Nottingham. I liked my Bibimbap dish immensely, and while I would be tempted to try that again, I also have my eyes on a couple of other dishes from the menu to sample.

In particular I fancy a go at the Beef Rendang from the Malaysian section, and the Gyoza from the Japanese Starters. Located at 100-102 Upper Parliament Street, Pan Asian BBQ is about 3 minutes walk from the Royal Centre Tram Stop and on the route of plenty of buses.

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  1. alecfrusher says:

    Glad you enjoyed Pan Asia, I’m a fan of their Korean stuff. For a Rendang I prefer Nada Budaya underneath Brew Dog in Hockley

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Yeh I hear that Nada Budaya is pretty good. I almost never managed to go down the stair though that Punk IPA at Brew Dog always draws me upstairs

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