The Kitchen at NottCutts (Wheatcroft Garden Centre) – some occasional lunching

Pulled Pork Baguette at NottCutts

The last week or so I have been partaking of quite a few lunches at The Kitchen at Notcutts. This is also known as The Street Kitchen and is formerly know as the café at Harry Wheatcrofts’ Garden Centre. I first came here to their new café back in November when I wrote about “Fish and Chips at The Street Kitchen Restaurant“. I recall that I said that they were really good if a tad on the pricey side. Since then I have been back and eaten here quite a bit, but often fail to get that camera out to take a picture to show you what else they have on offer.

Cheese and Onion Pie

Cheese and Onion Pie at NotCutts Garden Centre

I have on more than one occasion been tempted by and drawn in by their Pie. They often have this on the counter in a great big cast iron skillet sitting there screaming out ‘Eat me!’ It is a darn pretty goddam beauty of a pie as well. I have had the Cheese and Onion pie which is a jolly solid and comforting plateful. The pastry is great all buttery, flaky and crisp. The cheese and potato filling sticks to your ribs in a good way. I find that it goes pretty well with a side of chips and gravy (more on that in a moment). The only sad thing is that you just get a slice not the whole pie, but then I suppose that if you did that would be some sort of Man vs Food Challenge that I probably would not be able to complete during a steady luncheon sitting.

Chips and Gravy

Chips and Gravy at NottCutts

Alongside that Pie or even on its own I can recommend a plate of their lovely chips smothered in gravy. This might not be the healthiest lunch on the planet or even in the city, but you know what? it is so nice and comforting. You know you want it!? The chips are nice and crispy in the outside with lovely pillowy soft potato on the inside. Just how I like them.

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry at NotCutts

I know that this next suggestion is not being served up at one of our excellent local Indian Restaurants, and it is only a garden centre café and so you might not be expecting too much?

But if you fancy something a little spicier or a with a bit more zing on your plate or on your bowl then might I suggest that you try the Chicken Curry? I had a bowlful and I was pleasantly surprised at how much flavour they had packed into the dish. Plenty of chicken breast, fresh tomatoes, onion, and coriander seemed to be the basis of the curry. The gravy was thick and tangy, not too spicy but spicy enough to make me blow my nose. It is certainly one up from a standard pub curry, but not quite at the level that you would be looking for up Maid Marian Way.

Pulled Pork in Onion Gravy Baguette

Pulled Pork Baguette at NottCutts

Last time out at the NotCutts Kitchen I had one of their pulled pork in onion gravy baguettes from the big red van in the Street Kitchen section of the café. I enjoyed the flavour of the meat in the gravy and I quite like the big side salad that accompanied it. The baguette itself was a bit disappointing the bread was a bit soft and a bity sweet, but hey you cannot win every time. Overall I have had some pretty nice things to eat at the garden centre café formerly known as Harry Wheatcrofts.

Just as it used to be in the old café the general consensus from my friends and I is that the food is good, wholesome, but a little bit on the expensive side for what it is.

If I have one thing to recommend? Well that would still be the Fish and Chips that I ate here when it first reopened.

The Wheatcroft Garden Centre, or The NotCuts Garden Centre as it is now known, is located at Landmere Lane in Edwalton just off the roundabout on the A52

Check out the site and direction here

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