Jo’s Pancake House – Bacon and Maple Syrup? On Pancakes? don’t mind if I do!

Jo's Pancake Hosue

Jo’s Pancake House on Ilkeston Road is another great find for me as a place to indulge and fuel my search for American themed food in Nottingham. It was also quite a random find as I was just driving around the city over in the general direction of Canning Circus to see what I could find for lunch. Sometimes that is the joy of myfoodhunt and a good reminder to look for something different amd not to just follow the blogger crowd in the city centre where pickings are easy.

American Style Breakfast Menu

American Menu at Jo's Pancake House

Four Amazing Words called out to me from the top of the Chalkboard; “American Style Pancake Breakfast”. Oh my this could be just what I am looking for? Now I am a recent convert to the mix of sweet and savoury, salty bacon with sweet maple syrup.

Before it all seemed so wrong?

But then I tried it and found out why so many of those folks over the pond find this to be a breakfast staple, “so wrong and yet so right” I believe is what they say.

The Traditional

Bacon Egg and Maple Syrup pancakes at Jo's Pancake House

I pondered my options here at Jo’s Pancake House and figured that I really was in the mood for both Bacon and Egg. That led me to choose the “Traditional” from the chalkboard, a somewhat simple classic from the American Diner, for a moment I wondered if I was reading the menu from Denny’s.

So the Traditional is essentially a small stack of pancakes (supposedly just two but I was given three! bonus), topped with a Sunny Side Up Fried Egg, Four Slices of Streaky Bacon, butter, and a pot of runny sweet Maple syrup. Lovely Jubbly!

The Bacon was crisp and salty just as I like it, the fried egg was just right with the egg yolk nice and soft. I found myself pouring more and more syrup onto the stack, surprising myself at the needs of my tastebuds. It was really quite a pleasure.

The only downside was that I could not eat the whole stack of the pancakes, it was just too much!

But at just £4 for the whole 5 yards on a plate, Oh my gosh, that worked for me!

Full English Breakfast Menu Chalkboard

Breakfast Chalkboard at Jo's pancake House

On another day and in another mindset I would have probably just stayed with the food of my island and stuck to a traditional English ‘All Day Breakfast’ option.

As with all good cafés you could explore the whole gamut of breakfast emotions veering  from the modest Number 1; humble plate of bacon, sausage, egg and bean with toast for a modest £2.80

All the way up to the mammoth Number 5 , which is a plate piled with 3 slices of bacon, 3 sausages, 2 eggs, 2 hash brown, 2 slices of black pudding, beans, tomato and mushroom with toast

AND a cup of tea for a princely sum of £7.

Gosh I feel full just reading that!

That will have to wait though for another lunchtime and another trip out with MyFoodHunt.

Jo’s Pancake House is located at 149 Ilkeston Road just near the junction with Rothesay Avenue (at least that was what the bus stop said)

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