Gourmet Kitchen at Nottingham Station Tram Hub

Nottingham Train Station

A couple of months back the central Hub for the Tram moved into Nottingham Station, and now that two new tram lines to Clifton South and Toton have opened, it is a good place to jump off the tram and switch lines. If like me you find yourself needing to get a quick snack in the 7 minutes or so between changes, you might want to explore what there is to eat in the Stations itself.

Nottingham Tram Station

That was what happened to me this week when I rode in on the Clifton South Tram and had to wait to switch onto the Toton line. After waiting for the photo opportunity of the next Tram arriving into the Station, I headed through those glass doors, down the stairs and into the Station to see what I could grab.


Gourmet Cafe

The best options seemed to be the Gourmet Kitchen and Bar where they were selling hot and cold snacks, nice coffees, and even bottles of locally produced ales from Blue Monkey and Castle Rock

Gourmet Kitchen Selection

I ended up with a Cheese and Caramelised Onion Toasted sandwich which they grilled for me while I waited, I quite enjoyed that and ate it on the platform waiting for the next tram. It may have cost me a longer wait as I was probably another 5 minutes getting it toasted, but it was worth it. The Cheese was nice and gooey and the caramelised onion was nice and sweet but not to intusive on my pleasing cheese.

Smoked Red and Chutney sandwich

I also picked up a rather posh sounding Cheese Sandwich for later. When I say posh all I am saying that in my mind a ‘Smoked Dorset Red with Fig & Apple Chutney’ sandwich is basically just ‘Cheese and Pickle’, or am I wrong?  All jesting to one side, it was a rather nice Cheese sandwich and even though I paid at least 2 quid more for the faux poshness, I would probably buy another one.

The Gourmet Coffee bar & Kitchen had a pretty good selection of food that was, well as the name suggests, somewhat gourmet in nature. A toasted sandwich, cheese sandwich and can of fancy orangeade set me back just under a tenner. A little steep in price but I didn’t mind too much as it was all good stuff. It is a chain but it seemed to me to be one of the more preferable options.

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  2. Tracey says:

    Terrible food! Bought a cheese and onion toasted sandwich or should I say “ microwaved” the women literally tossed it in the microwave in front of me then put it in a grill for a minute. End product was as flat as a pancake. Left half of it. Women was not happy when I asked her if she could give me some coins in my change . I wouldn’t go back.

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      If you want a really good Grilled Cheese in Nottingham try Blend in Sneinton Market

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