Mr Tea Too – Breakfast Butty on Queens Industrial Estate

Mr Teas Van

Mr Teas Too Van is located over on the Queens Drive Industrial Estate just off  Longwall Avenue.

You may have seen a white board on the junction of Queens Drive, Crossgate Drive, and Robin Hoods way pointing down Crossgate Drive towards this van?

No? well I did and I needed a cup of tea and a bacon butty so I pulled off and parked up to see what they had.

Bacon and Egg Cob from Mt Teas

The Egg and Bacon from Mr Teas Too Van

It is your most typical van serving all manner of cobs filled with the usual suspects such as this Bacon and Egg effort. Not too bad at all, not trying to be gourmet, just trying to be tasty

Sausage Bap from Mr Teas Too Van

They also do a big sausage sandwich filled with three herby cheap sausages, that are pretty much what you expect from a van.

It’s not big and it is not that clever, but they do a decent breakfast and a tea for a few quid.

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