Lady Bay Fish and Chips Shop – Now we are talking about Fish and Chips Friday!

Lady Bay Fish and Chips

Lady Bay Fish and Chips on Trent Boulevard is a little bit of a hidden gem. Over the past weekend they came up in a conversation about Fish and Chips south of the river

We were talking about the line outside Georges on Melton Road almost every night, and discussing what the newly reopened …. was like,

Then someone said

“Have you tried the one in Lady Bay?”

“They cook everything to order”

“The chips don’t stick together”

Well I hadn’t, but after listening to their tales, well I was kind of intrigued.

So I mentally added it to the list for #FishandChipsFriday


I popped over for a little bit of a “Fish and Chips on Friday” myfoodhunt to find out if all of the hype was true. The first story was true, as I walked through the door one of the Chinese couple running the counter asked what Fish I wanted, and my small haddock was slipped into the fryer as I pondered what else I wanted with it.

I stuck to my usual

“a small Haddock, small Chips, and a small pot of Mushy Peas please”

 which was to set me back just under a fiver, £4.70 to be exact (£2.80 + £1.20 + 70p).


Then it was just a case of waiting 10 minutes or so for my small bit of Haddock to cook

Small Haddock Chips and Peas

I am impressed! I have spent quite a few weeks trying out different places for local Fish and Chips and when I drove into Lady Bay to try them out, I did not expect to find somewhere this good.

Not sure why I was so sceptical Everyone I had spoken to had told me that they were ‘better than Georges’ but I was not going to take that on face value until I had tried them out for myself.

In the end though, it was all good, all elements of my Fish and Chips plate were very good and worked in harmony.

The freshly cooked haddock fillet was presented inside a super crunchy and crispy light batter. The fish inside was moist and flaky and just tasted of nice fresh white haddock meat. The taste of the fryer was not a feature at all. It was interesting that the skin had been taken off so this was essentially a Yorkshire Style piece of chip shop fish which is kind of how I like it as I find that  a skinless haddock fillet cooked in light batter sticks to the fish and cooks all the way through the fish fillet, whereas the skin on fillet can make for a soggy inside to the batter as it tends to ‘steam’ inside as it cooks. Yeh this is good fish!

The chips were also great, even though I had taken my meal away all wrapped up in paper, they were still crisp and crunchy. They had not stuck together and there was no sign of any nasty fryer grease. These were so good that I would actually come here just to buy a portion of chips, they are some of the best I had had for quite a while.

The mushy peas were pretty good too, nice and green and creamy, almost sauce like and well cooked. I do like a portion of ‘good’ mushy peas with my chips, and these were a pretty good addition to my plate.

Yes all in all very good indeed and I most certainly recommend this place. You have to try them!


The Lady Bay Fish and Chip Shop is Located at

108 Trent Blvd, West Bridgford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire County NG2 5BL


Inside my Fillet

Haddock Flakes at Lady Bay Fish and Chips

I just included this close up picture of the Haddock so that you could see that ‘glistening’ firm white flesh of the fillet.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    i love your fish and chips

  2. Jules says:

    Agree with the author of the article totally!!

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