Wok and Go – A Carton of Tasty Noodles near the tram

Wok and Go noodle bar

WOK&GO noodle bar on Pelham Street in Nottingham is one of those joints where you can get your quick fix of noodles. It is all quite no frills inside, If you choose to eat in; stark benches and communal tables await you. I think that they really do want you to ‘Wok and Go!’

A board of specials and standard offerings are listed up on the wall alongside a small counter where you order. Behind that in the back you can see the line of cooks in front of their woks.

You cannot quite see what they are doing, but the clank of metal spatula on wok and the steam rising up and all around them gives it away.

On their website they describe it a little more generously; “Our kitchens are open so you can have a front row seat to the theatrics of sizzling woks and your tossed, flipped food unfolding in front of your eyes.”


Prawn Noodles

I think that I ordered the Sing-a Box which they describe online as “Roast pork, shrimp, egg, broccoli and market fresh Asian vegetables all stir-fried in our mild original master recipe curry sauce”.

I say think because I don’t remember the broccoli, so maybe I just ordered some thin noodles with shrimp?

The paper menu that I tucked away in my pocket for future reference described it as; “Thin rice noodles, roast pork, shrimp, Asian veggies and egg all simmered in our mild fragrant curry sauce”

OK I’ll be honest I am not sure what I ordered now? All I an say is that yes it looks a mess in that carton, but it was pretty tasty and you get one big pile of noodles for your money!

If you are after a quick fix of noodles on the run, then Wok & Go may well just hit the spot.

It is really well situated up on Pelham street just a couple of 100 yards from the Lace Market Tram stop, which for me means that I can take a quick trip on the train from Wilford to pick up my lunch and be back in the office inside an hour. Tram, Wok, Tram & Go

Wok & Go Pelham is located at 35-37 Pelham Street in Nottingham at NG1 2EA

You can find them and spot their special offers on Twitter and on Facebook as well

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