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Inferno Pizza Nottingjam

Inferno Pizza, selling quick and fast pizza, is a relatively new concept to the city claiming to serve you your pizza from their oven in 180 seconds. Sounded good and sounded fast and just what you need of you haven’t got long to spare. The reality might be though that you have to stand in line for about 5-10 minutes before your pizza gets anywhere near that oven and then you have to wait for it to be cooked and cut up into slices before you get your hands on it.. Or was that just what I was thinking in my head as I waited in the virtually empty restaurant to get my pizza pie in my hands? OK I was hungry and a little bit grumpy 🙂

The Inferno Pizza Assembly Line

Its a great concept, choose your own toppings or choose one of the Inferno Pizza teams’ suggested combinations, and watch it get assembled in front of you, before it goes into the pizza oven to be fired with gas flames from what appeared to be a whole load of bunsen burners. It is very similar to a place that I frequent back in Chicago called Blaze Pizza which you can read about on my Chicago Blog – The El Stop Food Hunt Project.

I didn’t have the time or the inclination to make up my own pizza topping, even though I had understood that I was just a ‘blink of an eye (or 180 seconds)’ away from my pizza. I knew that if I had it would have just ended up being ham, mushroom, and pepperoni.

Inferno menu

At Inferno Pizza I decided to take a chance on one of their ‘white pizzas’ called the “Sunny Side Erupt” for two reasons which together actually make no sense when I finally write it down. The toppings contained bacon, egg, and mushroom which made me think that it was a kind of breakfast pizza, it also contained cheese, egg, pepper and a white sauce which sounded kind of like a carbonara sort of deal. I like both but not at the same time, so what ‘was’ I thinking?

Sunny Side Erupt Pizza

Sunny Side Erupt Pizza at Inferno

It looked a lot better than it tasted. It was a bit of a weird one as it was close to being good but perhaps needed a lot more seasoning. It was a really mild taste and I like a powerful punch in the tastebuds when I put something into my mouth. Concept wise it is all good, it just needed better or more bacon, saltier cheese, more pepper and a lot of (or some) salt to bring that flavour out.

Sunny Sided Erupt with Egg at Inferno

I did like my soft runny egg yolk in the middle of my pizza that arrived covered with a large scattering of rocket leaves. It made for a nice easy eat and combined with the crisp base gave a nice bite too. The murals on the walls asked if you were going to fold your pizza slice? I did and it made quite a nice little pizza sandwich. It was my own fault that I did not go hunting for that salt as I think that could have just made the bite right. Maybe though I was just thinking about that pepperoni that I usually have, and after all, I did have that chance to add it when it was on the assembly line.

Slice of Pizza at Inferno

All in all it was a fair pizza for the price, £7.95 for a great big 11 inch pizza was not bad at all. If you use your own mind and judgement, and choose toppings and a combination that ‘you’ like, then you will probably come away feeling pretty happy with your lot. I should have gone with my gut and ordered something more in my pizza profile like the “Errm Pepperoni” which is basically topped with errm pepperoni duh! salami, and cheese on a tomato sauce.

I have heard some people say that Inferno Pizza it is like Subway meets Pizza Hut, which I think is a bit cruel to be honest, it is much better than either of those and the trays of ingredients that were being put on the pizza actually looked nice. I liked the friendly staff and they were really well organised, the only failing was mine by not choosing a pizza that had toppings on it that I ‘know’ I will like. Having said that I would hope to like their expertly chosen combination as well.

Inferno say on their website that they have ‘a team of experts who are at the top of the toppings, put the ‘oh’ in dough, and create the tastiest pizzas in town

I have to hand it to them, they are enthusiastic

You can find Inferno Pizza at 37 MILTON STREET, NOTTINGHAM, NG1 3EN

It is right opposite the back of the Victoria Centre on the same side at TK max and PC world

They are on Twitter and Facebook  too


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