Pub Lunch at The Framebreakers in Ruddington – Today’s Special was Homemade Lasagne

I always have to check out the Daily Specials board when we pop into The Frame Breakers for lunch, just to see if there are any ‘food nuggets of joy’ to be scoffed.

Today we were in luck as they had one of my favourite pub lunches the classic lasagne on offer, I was having some of that!

They said that their Homemade Beef Lasagne contained some ‘not so’ secret ingredients of Chorizo and Cottage Cheese, er ok, well I am still game for a try. It was listed as being served with a simple side salad all for just £5.95. I added in a side of ‘chunky chips’ for another £1.95,

Well why not it was a Friday and I like to treat myself on occasion (well quite a lot to be honest)

Homemade Lasagne

Nice and rustic is probably the most favourable description of how the Lasagne looked on my metal camping plate. It certainly looked home made, I mean it was not entering any lasagne beauty contest, and if it was, it was probably entered in the knobbly knees group as opposed to the catwalk swimsuit section 🙂

Having said that, lets be honest we are more interested in how it tasted, are we not?

I liked it a lot, it was all pretty simple and just what you hope for from a lasagne. There was an equal amount of meat sauce to go with the sheets of pasta, the top was nice and crispy but not crunchy. The addition of the cottage cheese was a bit of a weird one, but then it reminded me of the type of lasagne they serve up back in the USA where they add a lot of ricotta cheese. It kind of makes the sauce a bit creamier with just a bit of a tang.

I am not sure that I noticed the chorizo too much, which was probably a good thing as this was billed as a Beef lasagne, you did however get that little bit of spiciness and that hint of garlic. I think it maybe made the meat sauce just a little bit richer. Whatever it did, the sauce was certainly most tasty.

The side salad was a simple affair of chopped up leaf with diced up peppers, tomato, cucumber and ‘other stuff’. I added a load of hellmans onto mine and it worked a treat. The chunky chips also enjoyed bathing in that same mayo, and their joy made my eating of them most pleasurable.


I had a pint of the lovely Frame Breaker beer from the Nottingham Brewery to wash all my lunch down. It was an inspired choice, even if I do say so myself (and I do). I understand that it is brewed just for the pub and it is best described as an easy drinking English bitter with a light malty taste.

It is your basic session ale and a good choice if you are eating something that you don’t want to ruin the flavour of. It sorted me right out.

I really like The Frame Breakers in Ruddington, they have a really well priced menu and you can find some really nice treats at a great value.

Check out one of my other reviews from last year: “The Frame Breakers – Excellent Pub Lunch with Great Food and Beer in Ruddington” where I rave on and on about their burgers 🙂


The Frame Breakers pub is located on the High Street in Ruddington at the cross roads with Kirk Lane and Church Street. NG11 6DT

Check them out too on their Facebook page and also on their Twitter Feed   

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