Sunday Lunch at The Roundhouse – Roast Beef with all the trimmings! Mum’s 70th Birthday? no pressure then!


This weekend we were out in Nottingham on St George’s Day looking for a ‘proper’ Sunday Lunch, an English Sunday Lunch, one hopefully featuring Roast Beef, Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Puddings and lots of veg with copious gravy!

It was hard work to find a decent one, harder than you would think, but finally we found one at The Round House, no surprise as I find that they do excellent food.

Before I start the review or rather the story (as you know I don’t do reviews I just eat stuff), I just have to say that when it comes to Sunday Lunch we all know how it is no-one cooks a better Sunday Lunch than your Mum does!

As it happens 🙂 I was here with my Mum, AND it was her 70th Birthday, we were celebrating her youth, So it had to be a good one! (No pressure then to the Roundhouse )

Sunday Lunch Menu at Round House

There were a good selection of options on offer, we had it in mind to get Roast Beef and we had been all over the city hunting for a plate of said dish. It was good to see a wide selection that included all options; beef, lamb, pork and chicken, and even some veggie thing (I have friends who will love that and slaughter me for commenting)

You have no idea how hard it was to find Roast Beef to eat, we trawled all over and maybe that should be a MyFoodHunt story all of it’s own

Anyhow the lovely lady at the Round House walked over and asked gently if we had had a chance to look at the menu and if we were ready to order.

I am not sure if she had a chance to draw breath before we proclaimed “We want Roast Beef please!” (*and some beer and prosecco)

Roast Beef at the Round House

This is one ‘proper Roast Sunday Dinner’ and one fitting of the occasion. [editorial note 🙂 its not as good as Mum’s (I have to say that) but still great]

I love that I, or rather, we had a proper dinner, a proper plate packed with everything that you expect when you order a Sunday Lunch of Roast Beef.

I have to say that there is no messing around at The Round House when you get a meal. It is a real meat and two gravy place, but, with added decorum and plenty of class, and substance!

So you get plenty of thinly sliced and rolled beef, enough beef for a normal man I guess, if you are greedy like me, well you want more. We would get more at home 🙂

The meat was good, pretty tasty and pretty well cooked, except I personally would like mine thicker cut and a bit more pink. It was so thin though I think that the pink would have fallen out

Veg wise it was all the classics and almost everything that I wanted on my Sunday Lunchtime plate. Potato wise there were a handful of small but nicely done Roasties, and buried deep beneath is all there was a small pile of creamy mash too.

There were two roasted parsnips that I really liked and I am not usually a fan. the carrots and cauliflower were cooked just perfectly for my liking. They are cooked to be still pretty firm without being raw, and you did need to use the gravy to help with the eating. Even the cabbage was good and I normally feel sad when I have to eat it. 🙂

I am usually a peas, carrots, and broccoli man, but I was happy enough with my vegetable lot on this plate.

The two huge Yorkshire puddings did their best to take over as they dwarfed everything else on the plate, but as good as they were they couldn’t beat that tasty beef.



It was a most enjoyable afternoon in the Round House, as well as Sunday Lunch, I had two pints of Shipstones Bitter and Mum had a glass of Prosecco, all dispatched swiftly.

At the beginning I mentioned that no-one does a better Sunday Lunch that your Mum does and when you are taking your Mum out for Sunday lunch on her 70th Birthday! It is a tough call.

They did a great job and they didn’t even know that there was a job to be had, we were just two more punters looking for dinner, and we were treated really well, just as we would hope.

“Can we have more gravy?”…” no problem at all!”

I would have liked to ask for more meat, but as I wasn’t at home I figured it was best not to chance my arm.


The Round House is located at


You can check them out on Facebook and on Twitter

Check out the last review I wrote back in 2013. “The Roundhouse in Nottingham – Excellent Food and Beer”

Time has passed by but happy to say that the place is just as good now as it was then!





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