A Fish and Chip Friday at the Frame Breakers


It was Another Friday, another trip to the lovely Framebreakers in Ruddington, and another MyFoodHunt for a plate of Fish and Chips down the Pub.

When it comes to the fish options at the Framebreakers, you get the two pub classics, fish and chips, and scampi and chips, and then the somewhat more substantial “Fishermans Basket”

I have already tried out the “Fishermans Basket” on a different visit and I quite enjoyed my “Beer battered cod goujons, calamari & tempura prawns with chunky chips and homemade tartare sauce”.

It was good, but to be honest, when it comes to fish in a basket, just give me classic pub fish and chips everyday! So that was what I ordered ūüôā

Large Fish and Chips


I ordered the ‘Large’ Fish and Chips for ¬£7.95 with a Pint of Framebreakers Beer. As always it turned out to be¬†very decent pub lunch and another good entry onto the Fish and Chips Friday in Nottingham must eat list.

Even though I am sure you can see this in the photo! ūüôā I was¬†presented with¬†a¬†plate of “Beer battered cod¬†served with minted peas, homemade tartare sauce and chunky chips”

I am happy to say that both the Fish and the Chips are both really good in this pub classic, just as one hopes you really need them both to step up on the plate. I like the cod here, nice juicy white flesh inside a soft beer batter. The fish is big but thin, perhaps it swam around a lot before being caught. I normally like a crispy batter, but this one that was a bit softer was just as good a treat.

The chips I like as they seem to be cut in a rustic manner that doesn’t¬†ruin them, they¬†have a¬†decent solid crisp bite with a soft yet moist fluffy filling inside the casing. You get some big fat ones, some thin once and some crispy almost burnt¬†bits, I like that.

The mushy peas are great, green and vibrant with a really super minty sauce that made the whole dish sing a little tiny bit. I could eat them all day long.

That tartare sauce was pretty good too, simple and effective.  I know not everyone likes it but for me it is almost a must have addition to any plate of Fish and Chips.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips Friday is becoming a rather habit forming weekly activity, a jolly good one to boot, and one well worth the effort.

I really like everything that the Framebreakers have to offer on their pub food menu and so perhaps I am becoming too much of a regular to be objective.

Nah I know good pub food, I know value for money, and I know what I like and I hope what you will like ūüôā

Their Fish and Chips is well worth a go!


The Frame Breakers pub is located on the High Street in Ruddington at the cross roads with Kirk Lane and Church Street. NG11 6DT

Check them out too on their Facebook page and also on their Twitter Feed   



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