A Fantastic Breakfast and super sandwich at the Village Cafe and Bistro in Keyworth

The Village Café and Bistro in Keyworth is a super spot for a quiet relaxed brunch if you are over this way passing through the South Notts village.

They are usually open from 9am until 3pm every day except for Saturday and they serve a mix of breakfast, brunch, and lunch specials.

I last wrote about this place back in 2013, which seems so long ago now, many meals have passed since then and I really cannot fathom why it has been so long for the blog to revisit

Read more about that visit here

Back then I had my eye on one of their Breakfast plates, so it seemed to be a good idea to come over and try one, OK 4 years late!, but never too late to munch? 🙂

Breakfast Menu

The Village Breakfast for £6 is described as “Egg, toast, 2 rashers of bacon, sausage, beans, mushrooms, grilled tomato, hash browns & black pudding”

Please note there is no ‘beans or tomatoes’ and there is no ‘hashbrowns and black pudding available for an extra x pence’.

No! here at the Village Café you get everything that you actually really wanted on your full English breakfast plate without question! 🙂

Just as it should be!

So let me tell you just how good this was!

Village Breakfast

There is so much to like about this plateful!

For a start they know how to fry a sunny side egg properly, the yolk is golden and about to burst forth, the egg white is soft and delicate, nothing is crisped and nothing over done. It was most excellent!

The bacon is nice and crispy, no uncooked fat to be seen and the flavour of the meat was nice and smoky. The sausage was a solid affair, nice meaty texture, enough fat to keep it moist and a little bit herby to keep it interesting.

The Black pudding was good, tomato was grilled to perfection, even the beans looked like they had been cooked in a pan with care.

Mushrooms, Toast, and Hash brown also came to the party, I was so glad that I came in for this meal! I could eat one right now just thinking about it!

Lunch Menu

When I checked out the lunch menu it was a close call as I had almost forgone the chance of that Village Breakfast in deference to the “3 egg omelette“, I was in an ‘egg’ mood.

I think my problem was that the menu said “with a choice of 2 fillings: smoked bacon, cheese, tomato or mushroom” and I just could not choose ‘I wanted it all!’

I think that it was more likely though that I would have been sucked into sampling the Eggs Benedict, but I had my plan.

Lunch wise the sandwiches all sounded good and it was lucky that Alison, a partner in crime, was here to lend her appetite and her hunger, to the cause of  the business of sampling the fare of the Village Café 🙂

Cheese & Pear Ploughman’s

Alison picked out the “Cheese and Pear Ploughman’s” on granary bread with a delightful little side salad. This sounded like a strange combination but it proved to be a total winner.

If I am honest I wasn’t surprised as I have always been impressed with the food here, but it was not something to expect on a menu, and these days that is actually a pretty fantastic kind of thing.

I really did like the look of that salad as well, a proper salad that you might actually enjoy eating. Oh and that bread? looked amazing and don’t get me started on the fillings 🙂


I have  just noticed that they do a sandwich of  “Fish finger: breaded plaice & tartare sauce served with chips” for £6.75.

I am now thinking that I could squeeze that in under the “Fish and Chips Friday” banner if I used a smidgeon of artistic license. I think I might just do that 🙂

But I think I will use a ruse and ask Alison if she fancies popping back for another one of those ‘Cheese and Pear Ploughman’s’ sandwiches 🙂 How could she possibly rumble me? erm 🙂




The Village Café and Bistro is located at 4 Main St in Keyworth, Nottingham NG12 5AD within sight of the St Mary Magdalene Church. You can follow them via their website, on facebook and on twitter.

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