Pub Lunch at the Meadow Covert in Edwalton – Gammon Steak, Egg and Chips

The Meadow Covert in Edwalton is these day’s run by Greene King and so has the same menu as the Grosvenor on Mansfield road that I visited recently.

Alison and I popped in for a MyFoodHunt chain pub visit last week for The Nottingham Food Blog, partly because we were hungry and partly because it was the first place we saw as we drove back toward the office after a trip to the gas station, sorry I mean the petrol station 🙂

I tried to persuade that we should try the Pub Classics 2 Meals for £9.99 deal but my powers of suggestion fell flat so I got one of the classics for £7.99 while my partner in crime just had a ‘boring old sandwich’ 🙂 for £3.29

Gammon, Egg, and Chips (and peas)

I ordered the Gammon, Egg and Chips, one of your pub classics, and one of my favourite ‘old school’ meals. They describe it as “A thick-cut gammon steak served with seasoned chips, peas and two free-range fried eggs. Swap your eggs for pineapple rings”

There was no way on earth that I was swapping my eggs for pineapple! although why could I not have one of each?

As pub lunches go this was fairly decent, the gammon steak was pretty big, it was as expected a great big bit of thick grilled bacon, and was cooked pretty well. It had all that saltiness, baconesque, and meatiness that you kind of like to get from a bit of gammon.

I really liked that the whole chop was covered with two perfectly cooked runny yolk fried eggs, that made me really happy in that moment.

The chips and the peas were as expected, unexciting, but par for the course at a chain pub. Nothing that some ketchup, vinegar, salt and pepper cannot fix.

Thinking about it, if I am honest just give me the meat and eggs! 🙂

Yes this is a classic, and a chain pub classic, and it worked for me on the day and you know what if I was in a Greene King pub somewhere else I would not be adverse to ordering it again 🙂

Cheese and Pickle Sandwich

Alison had the Cheese and Pickle sandwich which came with a reasonably decent little side salad garnish. I liked the look of this sandwich and it certainly seemed to be well received by the chomper 🙂

It did look good though, you could probably have got away with calling it a vegetarian ploughman’s and upselling it a bit 🙂


I often get snobby and filled with despair when I end up at a pub that is part of a chain, just because the menu is the same and I fear that the food just gets shipped in from some central site on a big truck. So when I do find myself pondering the menu, I just try and choose something that I think someone has to actually cook and not just heat up.

Luckily today I hit the spot with my Gammon steak and eggs :-), I was a bit sad though that we didn’t get it as part of the Pub Classics 2 Meals for £9.99 deal 🙁

Maybe I should have a got a ‘Mac n Cheese’ as an extra side 🙂


The Meadow Covert is located in Edwalton at

Alford Road
NG12 4AT
It is not far from Edwalton Golf Course and just off the roundabout




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