Tasty Thali from Tasty Tiffin – Delivered straight to the Office

Tasty Tiffin in Nottingham are a food delivery service providing Punjabi food for office workers (and other hungry people) at lunch time.

We tried them out last week and found them to be really good, sending us as promised a whole lot of ‘fresh, healthy, delicious food’ right to our desks.

You need at least a minimum of 4 people to place and order, or I suppose the ability to eat 4 meals?

They have a simple menu to choose from with three options, veg thali, meat thali, or a chaat meal. There is a different selection each day as well.

We ordered the Veg Thali which was £3.99 each and that was to prove to be great value


Anyway enough of the deets! let looks at the eats!

Veg Thali

I ordered the Veggie Thali which on this day comprised of a Tharka Dal, Seasonal vegetables, Onion Rice, and Naan.

The Tharka dal was described as “yellow split lentils cooked with onions, green chillies, ginger, garlic, fresh tomatoes topped with cumin seeds with coriander’ No Otters!

It was quite nice, perhaps a little bit watery, but it had a good gentle level of spice and taste.

The seasonal vegetables were described as being ‘cooked with onions, ginger, fresh green chillies, fenugreek seeds and mild spices’ essentially it was a pot filled mostly with potatoes which were also pretty tasty, slightly tame, but perhaps that is the best thing to eat at lunchtime.

It also had carrot and green bean in it as well. The fenugreek seeds gave the whole dish a little bit of that tangy aniseed taste, just a hint though.

The Onion rice was described as being a ‘fluffy basmati rice with mild spices and onions’ which to be honest was not that much of a revelation if you think about it 🙂
My pot of rice had some thinly sliced cooked onion mixed into it as well, which I think was deliberate and not just an accident, they added a nice little bit of crunch.

The basic plan and strategy used to eat this was to basically mop up as much of the watery dal as I could with the little slices of naan bread, then to mix some of the rice into
the dal as well to make it a bit thicker. Basically then just spooning bits from each pot together (I don’t really need to tell you how to eat though)

I really liked it and would most certainly try then again


To get your hands on your own platter of  Tasty Tiffin

They say

Call us on 07842 558654 Or if you don’t fancy giving us a call, send us a message on Facebook!

I do not know where they live, they are out there on the web, but a real person turned up to feed us, so it wasn’t like a virtual pixel chef.

Check out their Facebook and Twitter Feeds if you want to see more of their food and what they are up to

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