Marmaris an All Day Breakfast with a Turkish twist

Marmaris on Lower Parliment Street in Nottingham is a Turkish Restaurant that is a busy late night selling kebabs, fried chicken and fish and chips to the people dropping by on their way home.

In the day it is very different with a small dining area where you can get some more traditional Turkish fare as well as their classic kebab, chicken, and chippy type of options.

The day I popped by there was a board outside with a very clear statement of intent “All Day Breakfast”. Music to my ears and a prompt to my eyes and belly that it was time to eat.

I checked inside, they had tables free and I had coin in my pocket , it seemed to be fate

Marmaris Breakfast

The bacon was decent, I would have liked a little bit more though and perhaps a bit crispier. the Sausage was somewhere on the gradient between cheap catering and fairground hot dog so I was not quite sure what to make of it. I ate it, I liked it, but I wasn’t sure that it had not taken a wrong turn somewhere switching places with a greasy spoon banger.

The two fried eggs cooked inside a couple of metal rings were still runny inside. the hash brown, and beans were doing there best to join in and the grilled tomatoes had lined themselves across the center of the plate cosied up to the sausage

I would happily have another one if I was passing by.

Most of the stuff offered up on the Turkish breakfast plate was pretty familiar fare. The main thing that was a bit of an outlier from my normal all day breakfast effort was that small pile of chopped green pepper mixed up with sauteed mushrooms. It was different yet actually quite enjoyable and a nice change.

Instead of a bit of toast or a slice of bread I had a small basket of warm pitta type bread and it was most welcome. It is the sort of thing that I could get down with in the future, and that I might try at home. I always seem to be making a breakfast cob alongside my full english so why not a pita wrap? 🙂

Marmaris is located at 34 Lower Parliment Street in Nottingham. Depending on what you read it is a Fish and Chip shop, a Kebab Shop, and a Turkish BBQ restaurant.

Apart from this sortie to dine in on one of their Turkish breakfasts, I have to confess the odd stumble inside late night at pub closing time when I have tried their fried chicken (as you do)

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